Finding the Soul

Look at it; it cannot be seen
It is called colorless
Listen to it; it cannot be heard
It is called noiseless
Reach for it; it cannot be held
It is called formless (Tao Te Ching)

Just behind the meaningful realm of spirituality and religion lies the field of the Soul. This makes the Soul an utterly unknown area because what is behind religion? How far does spirituality delve into the unknown? Many spiritually awakened individuals seek meaningful spiritual and religious connections, but is this the same as being in connection with the Soul? Are religious and spiritual activities aligned with our original ideas and sincere and deeply felt calling? Is there a heartfelt desire for reconnection with our most profound and purest Soul essence?

The Soul itself cannot be seen, heard, or held. So, how can one find the Soul? By leaving the world behind and delving into the emptiness and silence of the inner universe, one can find the Soul.

Parts 1 and 2 of this series on archetypes describe their origins and how they influence our consciousness. This third part focuses on Archetypes and the other side, the afterlife. On its way to the Soul, consciousness passes through various layers of consciousness, including the other side.

The afterlife is present within the human system, and we are connected to this realm in two ways. Our existence is a link in a long series of incarnations, and within our family, we serve as a connection between our ancestors, parents, and descendants. Our ancestors continue to exist within our system, and our current life is built upon the lives of previous incarnations. It’s not surprising, then, for us to feel as though we can communicate with our deceased loved ones and for mediums or psychics to perceive their presence within our beings’ realm.

Our ancestors are part of our subconscious psyche, enabling us to encounter them on our spiritual journey, much like archetypes. At times, they even provide us with valuable guidance through intuition. Typically, communication with these afterlife entities is only achievable through intuition. Nevertheless, our ancestors may appear through inherited appearance and character traits, while archetypes manifest through our beliefs and spiritual and religious backgrounds.

Man is a product of his incarnation, family tree, and the world. The inner world holds various spiritual, religious, and worldly beliefs about the afterlife. We can discover the Soul only by clearing our inner world of all spiritual, religious, and worldly distractions and convictions. It is then that we will have a heart free from worldly and Archetypal sympathies, focused solely on liberating the Soul.


Archetypal Channeling and Mediumship

In this second part about archetypes, we explore our complicated relationship with these fascinating elements deeply rooted within the human psyche. Despite originating from the distant past, they possess charismatic qualities. They can still evoke feelings of inadequacy or superiority in us today, as well as the belief that they exist independently and hold authority over us. We will examine how they influence and challenge us as we search for the Path of the Soul.

Our personal development is rooted in our evolution from early humans, exhibiting parallels with the stages of development from infancy to adulthood. We start as closely connected and entirely reliant on our mother, and over a few decades, we gradually transform into independent individuals.

If we start recognizing the influence of archetypes on our personality, it feels like undergoing a spiritual coming-of-age. We have grand ideals, aspire to make a difference in the world, and are receptive to conspiracy theories. We believe we possess all the answers and aim to unravel things independently. We perceive no threat in anything and pay little heed to authority, yet the viewpoints of other spiritual group members significantly impact us. We continually seek affirmation from one another.

In general, personal development focuses externally on functioning in society, but we are hardly aware of what is happening in our subconscious mind. In the spiritual sense, we are still insecure, needy, and dependent individuals yearning for connection, spiritual intimacy, and guidance. However, we prefer to safely follow the masses rather than delve into our being and seek connection internally. This demands courage.

We ground ourselves as we explore what exists in our subconscious mind, what drives us, our needs, and what we truly and deeply long for. Meditative activities are more inward-focused (Yin-loaded) and are forms of spiritual self-care. We may be spiritually focused or slowly but indeed growing towards this. We will undoubtedly come into contact with Archetypal energy on our way in.

The inner confrontation

We can be deeply touched or confronted by someone else’s spiritual radiance without probably being aware. Our inner archetype is touched and resonates with that input. We become aware of ‘something’ in ourselves, a quality or ability that we quietly or excessively compliment in someone else; ambition arises; we also want what they have.

We have lived in different times and other spiritual cultures where we may have had highly profiled spiritual or religious functions that brought us power over circumstances and people. This secret wisdom was not widespread but instead assigned to a small, selected group of people who could resonate with it. The exclusivity may have led to receiving a supernatural status or a spiritual teacher or leader position. We can easily imagine that this could also have caused all sorts of complex spiritual mystifying thoughts and feelings of jealousy or desire in people excluded from the ancient teachings. Remains of the once heavily charged mystifying thoughts and ideas can still be found in the most profound primal areas of the human psychological system and play a distinctive role here in subconscious feelings of inadequacy or, on the contrary, overcompensation, feelings of superiority! These complex and deep feelings are primarily unconscious, yet they significantly impact our attitudes and actions.

Depending on our character and personal views on spirituality and belief, we may link an archetype as a symbol of spiritual superiority and power to our personality. This could involve a sense of obligation to perform ‘good works,’ known as the ‘helper’ syndrome, or the misuse of any attained spiritual or religious position to fulfill our needs, a more common occurrence than one might realize. We may also portray ourselves as spiritual initiates (Esoterists) highly developed in religious, spiritual, and intuitive aspects when, in reality, these traits are primarily manifested in our thinking.

Or we will project from ignorance and feelings of dependence and modesty, an inner archetype explicit on an external source; this can be a form of false modesty and a means of empowering and ratifying ourselves through that ‘source.’ We may be under the assumption that we are in contact with God, Jesus, (arch)angels, or other immaterial beings, guides, and possibly with other galaxies. An archetype brings excellent feelings of solidarity and can entail unique ESP qualities, such as mediumship, communication with the ‘beyond,’ and channeling. This form of automatic writing would be telepathically ‘passed on’ or ‘received from’ an immaterial spiritual master or saint ‘from the spirit,’ but that seems rather far-fetched. Is there an explanation for these phenomena that is much more obvious?

We may assume that a respected spiritual pastor knows what lies between heaven and earth and can provide an answer. But is this assumption correct? We may safely assume that pastors of any religious denomination have an excellent knowledge of sacred traditions. However, their insights about our immaterial reality will be based on ancient texts and traditions rather than their direct intuitive experience.

Spirituality is their field of activity, but traditional spiritual and religious institutions need more insight into our energetic immaterial reality and the phenomena that this immaterial field evokes. In New Age spirituality, they are given their own and new meanings that also arise from written traditions, ‘secret teachings,’ from the (far) East. The immaterial is an unknown territory for most people, making it mysteriously attractive or, on the contrary, demonically scary, and thus becomes a valuable means of manipulation.

Mediumship and channeling

Mediumship and channeling are very sophisticated forms of mental manipulation and deception. They mislead by suggesting the existence of a spiritual hierarchy by ‘borrowing’ the status of a saint to validate and reinforce their message. They manipulate by creating signals of mental dependence, and these forms of intuitive communication are certainly not harmless. These New Age forms of spiritual manipulation are simply a continuation of the same tactics that religions have been using for centuries. It is just the same message with a new look.

Astonishingly, people want to receive information from a non-verifiable, immaterial guide of a Medium or Channeler rather than someone of flesh and blood who says they perceive the information intuitively. Due to spiritual-religious ignorance and feelings of dependence and inadequacy, we seem to prefer fairy tales over sober perceptions and mediumship, and channeling reinforces these self-undermining emotions.

Every individual harbors archetypes, which form the basis of our spiritual identity and status, providing us with the necessary meaning. These archetypes are deeply rooted in our primal survival instincts. However, we can only truly grasp the ‘presence’ of archetypes within ourselves through the ‘resonance and confrontation’ with the reflection in someone else’s archetype. This realization often occurs when we immerse ourselves in religious and spiritual circles, prompting us to introspect.

We know almost nothing about the ‘beyond’ or that there is ‘life’ after death. We know almost nothing about our immaterial reality and are unaware of our aura! What we ‘think’ to learn are nothing more than assumptions we have distilled from all sorts of stories about experiences that touch the immaterial or go beyond the boundaries of ‘life and death,’ and these assumptions are given a name and meaning corresponding to the spiritual conviction of the one who has experienced. (An almost-dead experience is precisely what it is: an almost-dead experience.) Awareness of our aura can be an impressive and unforgettable experience of immaterial contact and meaning for someone. Without being aware of this, Mediums and Channelers are in inner telepathic contact with their own inner Archetype or with an Archetype of their clients; they ‘read’ the immaterial information contained in their client’s aura.

The simple truth is that we may need a lot of courage to acknowledge that we want to worship a ‘higher power’ or that our status of spiritual leadership needs to be worshipped. For most people, it can be a genuinely frightening or even blasphemous thought that there is no spiritual hierarchy, an idea that makes us feel abandoned and orphaned. There are no ‘chosen ones’; this would be against our free will. Out of free will, we dive deep into the unconscious to expose our inner idols and seek inner Surrender to the Soul.


Archetypes in Ancient Times and the Over-Soul

Welcome to the first part of our three-part series on archetypes. These intriguing concepts shape our consciousness and create artificial boundaries and statuses that influence our perception of the world.

Spirituality, a realm between ‘heaven and earth,’ ‘life and death,’ and the conscious and the unconscious, holds a unique allure for many. It’s a domain of deepening in spiritual and esoteric themes, the science of the unseen, the mysterious, and the mystical. When we delve into spirituality, we absorb some of its ‘aura,’ which can be quite exhilarating. Traits like intuition or extra sensitivity can even become a sort of status. We’re often fascinated by both the internal and external manifestations of these spiritual statuses, which are illusory but serve as the basis for humanity’s social and spiritual divisions.

Our spiritual journey is guided by inner archetypes that have evolved within the human psyche over countless generations. While these archetypes serve as important markers in our quest for spiritual unity, they can also create illusionary statuses that hinder our progress.

How could our status sensitivity have arisen?

Power – Powerlessness

We are daughters and sons of daughters and sons… we ultimately originate from the primordial man; our original psyche is deeply hidden and still contains primal contents like strong instincts of survival and reproduction and deep feelings of dependence on both status and family (tribe or clan) that are present in us as social and spiritual survival instincts.

When the first people with four legs on two legs started walking, they took the first step into the field of awareness (consciousness realm) of the human kingdom. In the deepest layers of our subconscious, we are still standing with one foot in the animal kingdom and one foot in the human kingdom, but we are on our way to take the next step and then stand with 2 feet in the field of awareness (consciousness realm) of the human kingdom; we are on our way to pass through the artificial ceiling of consciousness, Archetypes, but that does not happen automatically.

The first conscious people began to give ‘names’ to people, objects, and natural phenomena such as dangerous animals or weather conditions such as ‘lion’ or ‘thunder’ or ‘water,’ which is essential and even of vital importance for all life. By giving someone or something a name, you acknowledge it and indicate your relationship with it. The ‘naming’ process is a form of ‘appropriation’ and an attempt to control our lives and the circumstances in which we live. We started differentiating and naming the physical universe. This ‘naming’ is the foundation of our psychology; naming is done from within; we can assume that all names were made through intuitive inner reflection of actual events.

The physical reality, Creation, exists for us thanks to the acquisition of consciousness. Without this, there was, and there is nothing or no one who acknowledges Creation, and we would not have existed; we would not have known that we exist because we had not been aware of it. The animal kingdom acts and responds purely to instincts.

For primordial people, naming would have been an almost magical act that gave them the feeling of gaining authority over their circumstances, the birth (awareness) of feelings of power and powerlessness. Naming is appropriation, assessment, and appreciation; by assigning a name, we create something meaningful to us that radiates a certain meaningful vibration. A name consists of a composition of sounds (the individual characters) in a particular order, and this composition receives a specific charge with associated meanings linked to each other; we are gradually becoming aware of the possibilities to manipulate our circumstances. However, initially, people would probably have been instinctively intuitive, and rationality is still far away, a breeding ground for ‘magical thinking,’ assigning supernatural qualities to people, animals, or objects.

In these early human societies, some individuals displayed unique qualities that naturally set them apart as spiritual leaders. These leaders, either self-proclaimed or chosen by the group (tribe), marked the beginning of status differences and hierarchy, laying the foundations of Archetypes.

The spiritual leader would gather assistants, forming a subgroup within the tribe. This exclusivity would create ideal circumstances for the emergence of complex feelings of insecurity and dependence and possibly jealousy, competition, and ambition. The threat of exclusion from the group or the subgroup was not just a social issue but a matter of life and death. Being excluded from the group meant losing status, and losing status meant losing our ‘ existence’ in the subgroup. In other words, we would lose our existential reason for life there, which virtually meant death; the instinctual feelings of ‘spiritual urge to survive’ and ‘physical urge to survive’ became equal in terms of intensity.

These intense and complex feelings that have arisen through the ‘linking’ of spiritual status to survival are still profoundly hidden in our human psyche. They are at the basis of our personality; our identity is determined by our spiritual and religious archetypal cultural or inherited background and all our experiences with these. This positively or negatively experienced archetypal background is the main driver for our intentions, choices, and actions; we are governed by our sensitivity to and dependence on Archetypes.

The personal development from ‘instinctively intuitive’ towards rationality is guided by a progressing overall imbalance between Yin and Yang; the shortage of Yin results in upcoming needs for dependence and guidance of supreme beings or leaders.

The Artificial ceiling within the Over-Soul, the power of the masses

What is deeply embedded within our individual being is deeply embedded within the Over-Soul. The intense psychological dependence on archetypal statuses lies at the core of our being. It is a significant part of the subconscious mind, and we share this ‘root of division’ with everyone. This dependence is at the basis of the current global spiritual state of polarization and schism and may be recognized as group Karma.

An archetypal group field is an energetic field loaded with all specific information and data about a religion or spiritual belief. Such a field contains all the dogmas, rituals, and prescriptions in subtle, energetic form or data. You can compare this with the energetic radiance of an ‘Aura.’ Religions can contain very different details, and the atmosphere in the various religious group fields, the Aura, is just as diverse.

Our inner archetypal ‘part’ resonates with a like-minded overarching archetype of a particular religion and, in this way, appeals to tribally sensitive parts in our primordial psyche. This can give someone a vague feeling or a strong resonance of familiarity with that specific religion. There is no resonance or interest if our inner Archetype does not match the overarching type.

The most important properties of the energy of an Archetypal field are group bonding, conditionality, and controlling. The field is held together by ‘loyal’ followers who have earned the ‘love’ of the field; their vibrational frequency has become identical to the field! They are the eyes and ears of the overarching Archetype. They observe whether everyone, like themselves, respects and follows all dogmas, rituals, and rules of life to maintain the ‘power’ of the field.

The more people who share the Archetype, the greater the charged energetic field. Like the subconscious part, the overarching Archetype has charismatic properties, great appeal, and hypnotic and seductive effects on our consciousness.

The characteristics of the field are strengthened in groups; we can easily fall under the spell of an Archetype and be driven into mass hysteria or develop intense polarizing feelings toward an Archetypal field of another religion. Once we get in the ‘grip’ of an Archetype, it’s hard to get away from it. It is not the power of the Archetype that has a grip on our consciousness; our inability comes from a lack of awareness, clear spiritual insights, and remaining feelings of dependence on the archetypal field; in our emotional life, we are back in prehistoric times and respond instinctively. The group field strengthens our feelings of power, righteousness, and superiority. However, if we are dedicated to becoming aware, the veils will be taken from our eyes.

Let’s not forget: The world’s most influential religious and spiritual institutions are not just physical entities but immense archetypal fields. These fields, charged by the devotion of millions of followers, can imbue pilgrimage sites, church buildings, and temples with the energy of their specific Archetype. Psychologically, the sheer number of believers, the age, and the global reach of these religions validate and justify the ‘data content ‘ of the archetypal field. If such a multitude of people place their faith in it, then indeed, all spiritual beliefs, rules of life, and dogmas must hold some truth.

We may believe that we consciously choose what we think is good or evil and what we believe in, but this may not be entirely true, especially when it comes to the subconscious. The subconscious mind is the most powerful but least understood factor that influences our choices in life.

Understanding how the personality and subconscious mind respond to Archetypal Fields is essential. In part 2, we will examine the various spiritual phenomena evoked by archetypes.


Collaboration with the Soul

Collaboration with the Soul involves finding energetic balance in increasingly more profound layers of our being, within which all the answers we need lie.

Natural life always strives for balance, but inner blockages in man prevent him from effortlessly finding balance. Frankly, this is an understatement. People generally have difficulty achieving balance, let alone energetic balance, so why?

First, the central illusion is the tangible reality, the Form. All illusions are derivatives of this and arise from an emotional and mental attachment to any manifestation of the Form, Mara.

People do not know energetic balance because they link their unwellness to the negativity they can hear, see, and experience, the outer resonance of their inner state, which is essentially energetic. Turning inward and practicing an overall meditative attitude will provide insights into one’s obstacles and challenges (self-knowledge) and how to achieve more balance.

In addition, people like to be distracted by the tangible reality outside themselves. People generally spend little time on self-reflection through meditation, even though all the answers lie within themselves. Everything we need is within us, and you will also receive these insights if you can ask yourself the right questions and dare to open yourself up to learning to accept them.

Meditation is the beginning of everything. Learn to maintain a meditative attitude for extended periods, even after you have returned to your daily activities. If this works, half the battle will be won, but could you make it smoother? Notice how nice it feels to be relaxed!

Energetic balance

The basis of energetic balance is the balance between Yin and Yang, between feminine and masculine energy.

Self-reflection and meditation are self-care, and they require attention to yourself, patience with yourself, and some discipline to do them regularly. Self-care is Yin energy. Discipline is an expression of form and, therefore, Yang, so regular self-care means a balance in Yin and Yang energies. Thumbs up!

People are in too much of a hurry and want to do all kinds of things, and then there is no time left for inner life, which is precisely our essence. Due to unrest, too much outer and inner movement is a surplus of Yang energy. We suffer from ‘do’ urges to distract ourselves from the inner essentials.

Decelerating energy is Yin. Accelerating energy is Yang.
Our society is suffering from an excess of Yang energy, and the current state of the Earth is also a result of this. Humanity has paid too much attention to economic growth (the outer form) and too little to what it does to Humanity and the Earth (the inner values).

The excess of Yang energy manifests as Patriarchal, paying attention exclusively to laws and rules, dogmas and doctrines, lifestyle, nutrition, and clothing rules. It has penetrated all ranks, peoples, and nations. Yang dominance is present in every fiber of our being. For millennia, Mankind has been out of balance.

Laws in themselves are, of course, acceptable. What matters is that the Patriarchal has turned into a punitive culture by only emphasizing keeping the rules without paying attention to and caring for people who, for whatever reason, cannot keep those rules. The Yang dominance manifests itself in abuse of power, exclusion, and exclusivity in spirituality, religion, and society!

The inner Patriarchal attitude does not only concern the male half of the world’s population. Men and women are equally impressionable and impressed by the patriarchal power. However, intuitive, spiritual, and transcendental development is all about ‘power’ over yourself, profound self-knowledge, and self-acceptance.

The search for energetic balance is a purely internal and individual matter. It is about recognizing and balancing conscious and subconscious inner obstacles and blockages. The psyche has depth, and there are different layers to uncover. You ‘peel off,’ you strip yourself deeper and deeper of obstructive layers.

Beyond the Watcher on the threshold; the Higher Self

Subtle energetic balancing work establishes a balance between Yin and Yang IN the chakras. The chakra system is the subtle energetic expression (radiation) of the endocrine glands in the body and is the carrier of our personality. This ‘work’ is a genuine collaboration with the Soul and surpasses the Higher Self.

Collaboration with the Soul is highly subtle but also intense and intuitive. Thanks to the conductive properties of Prana, cooperation with the Soul is cooperation with the Cosmic Soul, the Group Field. Every movement here has an impact on the Whole Group Field! The chain is as strong as the weakest link.


Self-Initiation & Prana

What is self-initiation? Self-initiation means doing whatever you can to balance the body and mind so that the Holy Spirit or Prana within can do the energetic work of liberating the Soul from the wheel of life and death.


Chi Prana, or Universal Life Energy, is Creation’s ultimate subtle electricity and fundamental energy. Without this, there would be no Creation, life, motion, or matter.

Although we cannot perceive this with our physical senses, Prana is essentially the essence of all that is. Because of its unique properties, it can be called “Love,” “Grace,” or “Holy Spirit,” part of the trinity: Holy Spirit, Cosmic Soul, and God / Spirit.

Universal Life Energy permeates all energetic fields of reality, the realms of the entire physical field: the mineral realm, the vegetation realm, the animal realm, and the human realm.

Universal Life Energy is neutral energy, which means uncharged. Uncharged means it has no meaning in any form. It is everywhere in the universe, but it is invisible. It has no consciousness or intelligence, but it does have several types of properties that operate within our physical system:

Healing properties: energetic medicine uses Prana, but we heal ourselves based on our need for healing in all areas of our existence (physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual). Healing is about finding balance. Energy medicine removes excess energy and adds Prana where it is needed. Natural life always strives for balance, but inner blockages in humans prevent them from effortlessly finding balance.

Maintaining and conducting properties: We live and move thanks to Prana, and telepathy works through Prana’s conducting property within our system. The Earth and everything that lives on and in her is ONE; However, we do not function (and think) that way. In principle, there is only the here and the now; distance and separation do not exist in reality; they are products of our perception.

– And an initiating quality: Expansion of consciousness and spiritual development occurs exclusively internally and through one’s efforts and dedication to oneself: self-initiation. Self-initiation comes from inner healing, the energetic balance of the total energetic chakra system in all areas of existence.

Energetic balance and self-initiation

One feels hunger when the body needs nourishment; when the personality and psyche need healing, one feels desire. One feels longing if the Soul yearns to escape the Wheel of death and life.

The most essential qualities for self-initiation and that set Prana in motion are:

Love and devotion. To bring and keep yourself in energetic balance. Self-initiation is a labor of love.

Gratitude and reverence. Remove inner blockages, and the Prana will flow.

Inner silence and calmness. Meditation is the beginning of everything.

Energetic imbalance is like a magnet. The imbalance attracts energy to restore balance, but which energy and how? Most of the time, we are under the impression that we need something meaningful to feel better: a partner, money, or some other tangible thing that we hope will fill our inner void. However, the imbalance in the energetic chakra system is resolved through inner and outer movement and action. Using the right action at the right time sets Prana -internally- in motion.

Prana is neutral, subtle electricity without meaning. Prana is not a field of consciousness. Prana is the ‘fuel’ for our life and movement and, therefore, our imagination, located in the (4th-5th) human field of consciousness. That imagination arises from the meaning one gives to something, and that meaning arises from our vision of God, the world, and inner and personal values and norms. Self-initiation means profound self-knowledge.

The 6th field is the consciousness field of the Cosmic Soul. The 4th field is the human field of consciousness. The 6th field of the Cosmic Soul is in the blueprint of the energetic system, but consciousness cannot reach it because access is, as it were, blocked by the apparent meaning of the intermediate 5th field.

Between the 4th and the 6th field lies the 5th field of consciousness. This is where the semi-collective subconscious is located. This 5th field lies more profound than the personal subconscious and works mainly subconsciously. Due to the subconscious and intangible contents of the 5th field, it has magnetic and hypnotic (hallucinatory) effects on consciousness; if someone is physically in a resonating spiritual or religious group field, it gives beautiful feelings of recognition and homecoming, there is resonance, and through the 5th field of consciousness it suddenly takes on an apparent meaningful meaning. However, the enchanting resonance of the 5th field provides limited meaning; it is a halfway house that seduces and veils consciousness. One adopts a docile attitude and ceases self-initiation. But one day, in this life or the next, one awakens from the spell of the 5th field and continues the path of self-initiation.

Love + Dedication = Passion

The 5th field of consciousness must be left behind to transit to the 6th field of consciousness of the Cosmic Soul, the inner blueprint of the Soul. This is the Soul’s Path. This involves fine-tuning the energetic balance and removing the internal blockages of the 5th group consciousness field.

Find inner surrender and forget yourself. Do what you must do, and don’t worry about spiritual development. The internal focus, intention, and motivation indicate the direction in which one moves.


World Peace

The process of remembrance is today being hastened by those who hear, recognize, and subsequently follow their Soul-call. RemembranceServers of the Divine Plan

Many feel deeply involved in spiritual and religiously inspired peace projects. People ‘join hands’ in solidarity. However, some sense and see that the unity of their group members is limited to their own spiritual or religious signature. The aspiring students of esoteric wisdom realize that world peace comes from the universality of spirituality and faith, a difficult task in a world where appearance and essence are challenging to distinguish from each other and where form dominates. This website was set up and written for them.

In this article, some things, such as Spiritual and Transcendent, have been contrasted to distinguish them more clearly. In addition, the text approaches spirituality and religion from an energetic perspective.

In a subtle energetic sense, humanity is ONE; all people have a physical body with a hormonal gland system with its subtle energetic appearance, the objective chakra system. This is what connects all people -in an energetic sense- Telepathy, among other things, works through this intuitive fact.

What separates people from each other are the outer boundaries of the physical body and the complex personality, the subjective chakra system, and an I-consciousness with its conscious and subconscious thoughts, judgments, and beliefs.

Reflective observations

The fact that the chakra system is sometimes objective and sometimes subjective depends on perception.

Every sensory and intuitive perception is based on complex inner reflections, and we judge or translate these depending on conscious and subconscious thoughts, judgments, and beliefs. Due to the reflective nature of observations, universal, transcendent world peace work is world group work. The aspiring disciple needs a reflective, energetic sounding board a matching vibrational frequency to learn to distinguish the essential from the illusionary.

What can contribute to a pure translation of sensory and intuitive observations, symbolism, and coinciding events (synchronicity) is an integrated knowledge of esoteric wisdom and the development of a meditative presence and attention in the here and now because through this the extra sensitive perceptiveness (intuition) and self-knowledge develop. A meditative presence is the most important.

Charged and uncharged subtle energy; prana

The chakras in the energetic chakra system each have a specific charge with a corresponding vibration frequency. The energy of the chakras expresses itself at the different levels of life: the physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual levels. This immaterial and, therefore, spiritual energy -consciousness- is charged with the complex personality and its subconscious thoughts, judgments, and beliefs about all kinds of disembodied gods, masters, or entities from the Other Side, and thus fills the entire spiritual field (Aura) of a person. One radiates what one thinks and believes, which is what one intuitively perceives and considers as truth. So, one perceives the spiritual content of one’s (own) aura. Like a self-fulfilling prophecy, a trick of the inner convictions of the mind.

Transcendental subtle energy is uncharged prana, an uncharged neutral consciousness that supplies all inner life (physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual) with life force. This is the Cosmic Soul, the universal world group field, the world peace group field.

The Cosmic Soul provides the entire creation with an objective, neutral life force – neutral consciousness.

The ego-consciousness of man charges the objective prana with its own specific personal subjective contents in the form of thoughts, judgments, and beliefs. He shares some contents of consciousness with other people and then forms a group consciousness field.

Fields of Consciousness

Fields of consciousness are subjective embodied spiritual group fields; they cannot exist independently from humans. In other words, fields of consciousness exist because they find themselves in our subconscious. A meditative, intuitively focused ego-consciousness can perceive them.

Vibration frequency

The increase in vibrational frequency results from the spiritual practice of maintaining steady meditative attention in the here and now and of the inner work of balancing the energy of the chakras themselves and each other through the proper action, right rest, and right timing. If all goes well, the intuitive perceptiveness can sense the steps to be taken.

Do you sense if this information resonates with you? You are welcome to contact us for more details.


Forget Yourself

Can one forget oneself by neutralizing the ego?

Neutralize the ego? Who should do that then? The ego itself?
The ego can be compared to a king or president, the ruler of the personality. Have you ever seen a ruler voluntarily give up his power? No way!

The ego wants to maintain its power and position unless it voluntarily and spiritually consciously decides to step back in favor of a whisper-quiet voice of intuition. The ego consciousness then chooses an observing role in the background. Only an individualistic and robust ego can let go of control with confidence and surrender to the guidance of intuition.

There is no elimination of the ego in spiritual development!

“Forget yourself” seems impossible; how can one forget oneself?
Yet self-forgetfulness is also a (logical) consequence of spiritual exercises. Meditation, concentration, and shifting focus enable you to develop meditative attention in the now and to hold it longer through practice.

You always have a choice in the focus of your attention.
Either you focus on the action and liveliness of your surroundings, or you adopt a more observant attitude. You then observe all actions but only intervene when necessary. When that is, you learn to estimate better and better through insights into self-awareness: Wu Wei, The Art of Acting Without ego-intention.

An observing meditative focus is done for yourself and indirectly for others. You are already a unit and will experience that through this exercise! It makes you aware of the intuitive senses. It sharpens intuition and gives an intimate relationship with yourself that allows you to function as a unit and thus be an inspiring example to others.


Synchronicity and Resonance

Service to self or others

Do you experience synchronicity in the work environment, the family circle, the spiritual community, or religious church circles? Synchronicity is resonance with the relevant group field, and focus, dedication, and commitment are the inner attitudes that ensure this.

The Martha or Mary attitude?

“Martha, Martha, thou art careful and troubled about many things: But one thing is needful: and Mary hath chosen that good part, which shall not be taken away from her.” – Jesus (Luke 10:41-42)

Each group field has its specific frequency, which depends on the common properties, values, and norms. The personal tuning determines the resonance. In other words, the inner attitude determines what one resonates with and with which one can experience synchronicities. The above examples show synchronicity and resonance in the personal (Martha) group field.

The inner focus and devotion to the highest immaterial, but what is the ‘highest’ transcendent? In the world of known, visible, and tangible phenomena, you (first) depend on meditation, esoteric insights, and intention. Thoughts are energy, and the immaterial is unreasonable; you don’t know. You can only think of what you know or can imagine, which is derivative of the tangible world.

Learn to focus on nothingness

Everything that demands attention has something to tell you; it indicates what you focus on and where your heart is (at that moment). Learning to focus on nothing is a (conscious) choice. You do this from love and exclusively for yourself and without any future profit for yourself.

Why would one want this?

Because you go off the beaten spiritual and religious paths, you may notice that the meditative exercises make you more and more intuitively sensitive, or you realize that you are open to the thoughts of the people around you. You are on your way to thoughtlessness and nothingness! Your concentration and consciousness move to a universal (Mary) field, a transcendental field just outside the personal human group field.

The transcendental Field is the universal Field of resonance in Initiation, Intuition, and Inspiration and is a Field without spiritual or religious meaning and purpose. Here Love is the Way, and finding resonance and synchronicity with the Field is the goal.


Unity Consciousness in the Group Soul Field

The Soul = Oversoul = Cosmic Soul; that seems like a mystery, but it isn’t. The Soul is omnipresent, but your consciousness is not. What needs to be awakened is the awareness of the Presence of the Soul, and meditation is a suitable tool for that.

Keep one’s meditative attention in the here and now. The principle is simple, but the implementation requires practice. Everything that you practice with love, concentration, and care multiplies. Consciousness first learns to adopt a meditative attitude and then to hold it longer and longer.

The Soul is the universal life-giving part of all physical reality. In this sense, one can say that our individuality is ours personally, but we receive life and all other possibilities that our physical being have from the Soul. The Soul = Oversoul = Cosmic Soul; we live and move thanks to the Cosmic Soul.

The self, ego, and psyche consist of individualized psychically charged energy. Psychic energy is distinguished from universal energy by the charge of ‘meaning.’ In an emotional and mental sense, our individuality needs meaning; we derive our existence from it. Meaning is vital.

From ‘meaning’ to gratitude for Being

We don’t have to “earn” Consciousness; we must let go of meaning. The Soul has and gives no meaning, purpose, or sense, but we feel we do not exist without meaning and purpose. The Path of the Soul means becoming aware and letting go of all meaning individuality created and finding Surrender to the universality of the Soul.

Experiencing Unity Consciousness in the group field is a matter of resonance.

The individuality, you and me, finds many meanings within the experience of oneness in the frequency resonance of the various religious and spiritual group fields.
The experience of the resonant frequency of Unity Consciousness in the group Soul Field only takes place within (like-minded) Soul frequency, the group Soul.


Self-Initiation and the Body

Head and heart

The body is the Temple of the Soul, and the -forged- connection of head and heart means harmonious cooperation of the upper three chakras with the lower three chakras, of which the heart center represents the last (lower) three.

The ‘harts’ representation of the lower three does not mean that these are of minor importance! The heart center can be seen as the wisdom center for the base chakra, the sacral chakra, and the solar plexus.

The essence of “Being” is movement. The heart center is at a ‘crossroads.’ It is located vertically in the body’s center and the center between the other chakras. In the heart, we also make contact with the people around us in a horizontal sense. Connections with the people around us and our actions generate energetic currents that go through the body horizontally and vertically, a weaving movement.

What makes self-perfection into self-initiation is intention, motivation, and focus.

The desire to be of service to others (and not just to the self) is sometimes buried under old layers of social dust that one has allowed years to settle; it sometimes takes self-knowledge, the remembrance of an old insight or feeling to get the real motivation clear before the focus gets a clear direction.

The body is the Temple of the Soul, and body and mind are closely intertwined. The weaving movement is closely involved in the construction of the Anthakarana.