Collective Cosmic Spiritual Service

Welcome to our collective Cosmic transcendental spiritual service site. Joint transcendental cooperation is the next step in the evolution of the Soul and thus of the spirituality of Humanity.

The Soul is a transcendent element of man and is in the transcendent Field (of the Cosmic Soul).

In the Cosmic Soul, Humanity is ONE. Collective service equals the individual (personal) reconnection with the transcendent Soul, impersonal in itself.

In the early days of the Aquarius Age, spiritual pioneers unlocked the Cosmic Plan for collective transcendent Soul cooperation.

This site is about collective transcendental spiritual service. The Cosmic Soul encompasses Humanity and the planet. Unity cooperation in this Field transforms and initiates the individual participants and makes group initiations possible -at a great distance-.

Here, you will find information about the (collective) transcendent service from the Soul, the Over-Soul, and the Cosmic Soul.