The Fundamental Energy of Creation.

Chi, Prana, or Universal Life Energy is the ultimate subtle electricity and the fundamental energy of Creation. Without this there would be no Creation; there would be no Life, no Movement, and no Matter. Although we cannot perceive this with our physical senses, Prana is essentially the essence of all that is. Because of its special qualities, it can be called “Love”, “Grace” or “Holy Spirit”.

Universal Life Energy pervades all energetic fields of reality; the awareness realms of the mineral field, the vegetation field, the animal field, and the human field.

The four elements of earth, water, air, and fire are the energetic building blocks of the human-created World.

Thanks to Universal Life Energy, Prana, we are able to live and move. Thanks to the four elements we produce our own creations and thus form (the four corners of) the world. In an energetic sense, we ‘charge’ the world with the energy of our personality that we give to our creations and we charge the world with the meaning we give to all things that exist. Thoughts are energy and contain a certain charge.

Universal Life energy is the basis of our total existence and facilitates our life and movement. Through this differentiation, a distinction is made between Creation itself and the human-created World.

Universal Life Energy has several types of properties:

– Healing properties, energetic medicine uses Prana

– Maintaining and conducting properties, we live and move thanks to Prana and telepathy works through the conducting property of Prana.

– And an Initiating property.