The transcendence of the Soul

Imperceptible Transcendence

One perceives worldly reality through the eyes of ego-consciousness. The veil of the personality, one’s character, colors the gaze of the ego-consciousness and is unique because of the complex composition that personalities have.

The Soul has no ego consciousness. The ego-consciousness can become aware of their supersensible Soul. How do you know you are in touch with your Soul?

In retrospect, one can realize having been in resonance with transcendence. The Soul is an impersonal, transcendent life-giving, and life-sustaining part of the individual man. The Soul is always and everywhere present. Where you go is the Soul. Where a person loses himself in their actions in a thoughtless trance-like concentration, you are receptive to the Soul. However, once one becomes aware of the trance-like state, the magic is broken. Only when you once again lose yourself in the action that you come back into Soul Resonance.

Forget yourself, but that’s easier said than done.

Losing yourself is easiest when you do something you love to do. The work is then so lovely that you no longer think about things that otherwise demand attention. Sometimes losing yourself comes naturally, and sometimes that requires meditation practice.


Synthesis of Yang and Yin, and balance in thinking and feeling

Contact with the Soul is through intuitive communication through the awakened heart center. The ego-consciousness through meditation and intuitive development has brought about perfect cooperation between thinking and feeling.

How do you know the difference between the Soul and the ego’s intuitive telepathy with the higher self or Archetype?

The Soul is perfectly impersonal and neuter. The ego, the higher self, and the Archetypes are personal, have a certain Yin/Yang ratio and their plans.

The intuitive receptivity of the ego has a likeness to telepathy. The intuitive perceptions relate to the personal and individual walk of life through the world. The subconscious drives and needs of each individual’s personality define the direction of the walk and the specific involvement with something.

Intuitive impulses hardly ever come from the Soul because the consciousness is focused on the world and must first penetrate the veil of the personality and the subconscious primordial psyche (the Archetype). The culture (world) resides IN each individual down to the deepest subconscious layers of the individual, semi-collective, and collective consciousness.


Transcendental Love Energy

Many layers of culture surround the pure Soul. Spiritual development means an awareness of that inner culture, and the Path means a complete release from it. The Path frees the Soul from the ties to the world.

As above, so below. As inside, so outside. Unlocking expanded consciousness is closely related to unlocking deeper layers of the psyche. To those who dare to face their deepest shadows, transcendent secrets reveal themselves.

What then is the Soul, and what ‘role’ does the Soul play in daily life and the world?

The Soul dwells in transcendence and is unattached to this world. In other words, the frequency of the transcendent Soul is lacking in the world. The Soul is unconditional and without judgment and gives life and movement to the physical body until physical death. Incarnation after incarnation, the Soul enters a ‘covenant’ with man. Incarnation is a process of energetic attraction or karma.

The Soul is transcendent Love energy. It flows through compassion and entirely on its initiative (without the ego’s intention) from an unconditional and judgment-free heart to where one wants and can receive this transforming and initiating frequency.

Kirsten de Groot

Ⓒ Cosmic Soul

Collaboration with the Soul

Overcoming the inner conflict

The individual Soul is equal to the Oversoul. Reconnection with the Soul connects with all humanity, in contrast to the ego and personality that feel (only) at home and can be in harmony with one’s own family or community and can (only) follow the group identity of a specific religion or philosophy.

The human urge is to focus on connecting with and following the group. The ego-consciousness, however, is sensitive to the recognition of, and emphasis on, the uniqueness of the personality. It is in conflict with collectivity and thus divides and limits every emotional unity. Ultimately, the ego becomes aware of its conflicting role and chooses to search to surrender to the universal Unity of the Soul. The first step is the most difficult and will not bring peace but will provoke a new conflict with the group identity of the established collective order.

Impersonal and inclusive

Universalization of the personality, the content of the microcosm, is a twofold process. This process shifts the individual perspective from personal to impersonal and from exclusive to inclusive. This inner work brings a close intimate connection with the life-giving and life-sustaining transcendental Soul and deepens self-knowledge. The ego continues to look after and defend its interests, its raison d’être, until the very last moment before the total surrender to the Soul.

Following the Path is a pure transcendental Soul matter; the ego-consciousness learns to cooperate with the Soul. The usually outward focus needs to turn inward. An inward focus activates the intuitive senses and opens an inner communicative telepathic channel. A meditative consciousness makes it possible to maintain an aware, centered, serene, and focused consciousness, to perceive the most subtle intuitive impulses of the Soul.


Restoring energetic balance is always a restoration between Yin and Yang charges in the chakra system. This system is the subtle expression of our personality and is our karma. By choosing the right charged energy at the right time, dharma, you create a movement within the chakra system. First, the more superficial character traits come into balance and then deeper psychological layers.

Thoughts are charged energy and have an impact. You may have a plan and purpose, but are they aligned with your profound intent? What is the program embedded in your Soul?

The two-fold process of universalization is initiated and propelled by inner intentions and motives and supported by meditative attention and presence. The intent directs, and the attention connects. Intention and attention combine to form a powerful call to create an inner sanctuary to develop an intimate relationship with the Soul. Intuitive impulses are expressions and guidance from this relationship.

Kirsten de Groot, (updated) October 2021

Archetypes, an archaic legacy of eminence?

Have you ever had that wonderful feeling of deep recognition or even “homecoming” when you first entered a spiritual or religious community unknown to you? This is the recognition of your Archetype with the Archetype of the group, there is a match. You can feel excitement and happiness!

Archetypes are semi-collective personality parts; they are shared with groups of people. They lie in the subconscious mind and most people are not aware of these parts, but they are familiar with the phenomena that Archetypes bring with them.

Personality traits

Suppose you have joined such a spiritual group and feel complete agreement. It feels nice until it starts to chafe a bit here and there. Maybe you have a more nuanced idea about their spiritual assumptions? Or do you think slightly different? Or you may now see that person who used to be so nice in a different light.

Maybe you put that other person on a pedestal and worship him or her? You believe that you can do it much better than the other person. Ambition for status and money plays an important role; what he / she can do, I can also and then that honor and appreciation is due to me. Do you recognize this yourself, or have you seen this in others? All these thoughts and feelings of comparison and inequality come from the inner Archetype!

Spiritual characteristics

The ancient Holy Scriptures are actually study and instructional materials. They were once created specifically for spiritual adepts. In addition, the spiritual life was and still is highly hierarchical, it is good that you realize this.

The spiritual knowledge that used to be secret (!) Many can now freely dispose of and experiment with it, but without having the necessary spiritual insights!

Without any understanding of the human life field and how it relates to God, the All, and to the (macro) cosmos, mediums, psychics and the like, have placed the origin of various spiritual manifestations they experienced outside of themselves. They probably did this mainly because they did not understand where all that “knowledge” came from, out of a form of misplaced humility, avoiding responsibility and as a means of reinforcing their spiritual message.

As a spiritual manifestation you can think of all immaterial phenomena, inexplicable to tangible reality, such as spiritualism, channeling and spiritual guide entities and vampirism. In reality, these are not newly discovered spiritual phenomena, but psychic archetypal phenomena seen in the light of a polarizing vision and dualistic reality.

Archetypal is hierarchical. Spiritual ignorance of the existence and behavior of Archetypes has designed and theoretically established an outer spiritual hierarchy, but how does that reconcile with the holistic view?

It is not the intention to convince you. You are meant to ask yourself whether spiritual or religious claims have any validity and right to exist?

In fact, science has no knowledge of universal life energy, Kundalini and the working of the inner intuitive perception.

The power of the masses

In groups, feelings of initial excitement and joy can turn into anger and mass hysteria. There are deeply ambivalent feelings in the subconscious mind of all people. In some group situations, these can come out explosively as one collective anger and make all norms and values ​​forgotten in one fell swoop.

Archetypes are group phenomena. They once originated in our distant ancestors through religious and spiritual situations involving subordinate dependence vs superior power. The main cause, however, is the underlying imbalance between the universal masculine and the universal feminine, the imbalance between Yang and Yin in all humanity.

Every imbalance is amplified under the influence of Kundalini! Under the influence of the force of the masses, they become explosive! Archetypes now come to light an-masse through reflection in groups. Apparently, the time is now right to face the archetypal inheritance of imbalance in subordination or impotence, and in supremacy or power.

How do you best deal with the Archetypal energy within spiritual and religious groups? In a dispassionate yet empathic way. Realize that archetypal energy is very powerful energy.

If you go for purity and are determined to find out what is true and what is not true in spirituality and religion, then you can really only be convinced by spiritual, transcendent, or intuitive experiences that you can actually test against reality. Whether you really allow yourself to be convinced depends on your willingness to look honestly into yourself and to receive the uncomfortable truth that whatever you condemn in another is also within you.


The artificial ceiling in consciousness; the illusionary status

About spiritual survival instincts, deeply hidden personality parts in humans; the main cause of segregation.

Spirituality is in the areas between ‘heaven and earth’, ‘life and death’, and between the conscious and the unconscious, and this makes spirituality so attractive to many people and surrounds it with an aura of deepening in spiritual and esoteric themes; the science of the unseen, the mysterious and the mystical. When one engages in spirituality, something of this aura also radiates on you and gives you an interesting status. Being intuitive or extra sensitive perceptive (ESP) can even be a status in itself.

People often are deeply impressed by both inner and outer reflections of spiritual statuses. From a universal spiritual perspective, however, spiritual and religious statuses are illusionary but they form the root of the social and spiritual schism between peoples and are at the root of the inequality between man and woman.

One derives a spiritual status from inner Archetypes that have formed in the human psyche over the course of many millennia. In spiritual development and our desire for unification with God, the ‘Source’, illusionary statuses of Archetypes form an important barrier.

How could this status sensitivity have arisen?

The origin of feelings of Power or Powerlessness

We are daughters and sons of daughters and sons… we ultimately originate from the primordial man; our original psyche is deeply hidden and still contains primal contents like strong instincts of survival and reproduction, and deep feelings of dependence on both status and family (tribe or clan) that are present in us as social, religious and spiritual survival instincts.

When the first people of 4 legs on 2 legs started walking, they took the first step in the field of awareness (consciousness realm) of the human kingdom. In the deepest layers of our subconscious, we are still standing with one foot in the animal kingdom and one foot in the human kingdom, but we are on our way to take the next step and then stand with 2 feet in the field of awareness (consciousness realm) of the human kingdom; we are on our way to pass through the artificial Archetype ceiling of consciousness, but that does not happen automatically.

The first conscious people began to give ‘names’ to people, objects, and natural phenomena such as dangerous animals or weather conditions such as ‘lion’ or ‘thunder’, or ‘water’ which is essential and even of vital importance for all life. By giving someone or something a name, you acknowledge it and indicate that you have a certain relationship with it. The ‘naming’ process is a form of ‘appropriation’ and an attempt to control our lives and the circumstances in which we lived. We started differentiating and naming the physical universe. This ‘naming’ is the foundation of our psychology; naming is done from within; we can assume that all names were made through the intuitive inner reflection of events in reality.

The physical reality, Creation, exists for us thanks to the acquisition of consciousness. Without this there was and there is nothing or no one who acknowledges Creation and we would not have existed; we would not have known that we exist because we had not been aware of it. The animal kingdom acts and responds purely from instincts.

For primordial people, naming would have been an almost magical act that gave them the feeling of gaining authority over their circumstances; the birth of the awareness of feelings of power and powerlessness. Naming is appropriation, assessment, and appreciation. By assigning a name we create something that is meaningful to us and that radiates a certain meaningful vibration. A name consists of a composition of sounds (the individual characters) that are in a certain order and this composition receives a certain charge with associated meaning that is linked to each other; Man is gradually becoming aware of the possibilities to manipulate their circumstances. However, initially, people would probably have been very instinctively intuitive and rationality still far away; a breeding ground for ‘magical thinking’, assigning supernatural qualities to people, animals, or objects.

Some individuals would have shown special qualities with which they naturally profile themselves as spiritual leaders, or they are selected for this by the group (tribe) with which status differences and hierarchy arise; here are the foundations of Archetypes.

The spiritual leader gathers assistants and a subgroup forms within the tribe; exclusivity arises and the chance of being excluded from the group or from the subgroup, these are ideal circumstances for the emergence of complex feelings of insecurity and dependence and possibly also of jealousy, competition, and ambition. Being excluded from the group is life-threatening and being excluded from the subgroup is losing status; one loses their status and then no longer exist in the subgroup or one loses their lives; the instinctual feelings of ‘spiritual survival instincts’ and ‘physical survival instincts’ become equal in terms of intensity.

These very intense and complex feelings that have arisen through the ‘linking’ of spiritual status to survival are still deeply hidden in the human psyche. They are at the basis of the human personality; one’s identity is determined by their spiritual and religious archetypal cultural or inherited background and all their experiences with these. This positively or negatively experienced archetypal background is the main driver for one’s intentions, choices, and actions in one’s life; man is governed by their sensitivity to, and dependence on, Archetypes.

The awareness development from ‘instinctively intuitive’ towards rationality is guided by a progressing overall imbalance between Yin and Yang; the shortage of intuitive Yin results in upcoming needs for dependence and guidance of supreme beings or leaders.

The Artificial ceiling within the Over-Soul; the power of the masses

What is deeply embedded within the individual being is deeply embedded within the Over-Soul. The intense psychological dependence on archetypal statuses lies at the core of our being and is a significant part of the collective subconscious mind. All share this ‘root of division’. This dependence is at the basis of the current global spiritual state of polarization and schism and may be recognized as group Karma.

An archetypal group field is an energetic field that is loaded with all specific information, data, of a religion or spiritual belief. Such a field contains all the dogmas, rituals, and rules of life in energetic form, you can compare this with the energetic radiance of an ‘Aura’. Religions can contain very different details and the atmosphere in the different religious group fields, the Aura, is just as diverse.

One’s inner archetypal ‘part’ resonates with a like-minded overarching archetype of a certain religion and in this way appeals to tribally sensitive parts in our primordial psyche. This can give someone a vague feeling, or a strong resonance of familiarity with that specific religion. If your inner Archetype does not match with the overarching type, then there is no resonance and no interest.

The most important properties of the energy of an Archetypal field are: group bonding, conditionally, and controlling. The field is held together by ‘loyal’ followers who have earned the ‘love’ of the field; their individual vibrational frequency has become identical with the field! They are the eyes and ears of the overarching Archetype. They observe whether everyone, like themselves, respects and follows all dogmas, rituals, and rules of life, to maintain the ‘power’ of the field.

The more people who share in the Archetype, the greater the charged energetic field. Just like the subconscious part, the overarching Archetype has charismatic properties, it has great appeal and hypnotic and seductive effects on one’s consciousness.

The characteristics of the field are strengthened in groups; one can easily fall under the spell of an Archetype and be driven into mass hysteria or develop intense polarizing feelings toward an Archetypal field of another religion. Once someone gets in the ‘grip’ of an Archetype, it’s hard to get away from it. It is not the power of the Archetype that has a grip on the consciousness; the inability comes from a lack of awareness, of clear spiritual insights, and of remaining feelings of dependence to the archetypal field; in your emotional life you are back in prehistoric times and respond instinctively. The group field strengthens inner feelings of power, righteousness, and superiority. However, if you are dedicated to becoming aware, then the veils will be taken from your eyes.

The largest religious and spiritual institutions and organizations in the world are immense archetypal fields with millions of loyal followers who can even ‘load’ pilgrimage sites, church buildings, and temples with the energy of their specific Archetype.

Psychologically, the number of followers, age, and size of world religions can be the validity and justification of all the “data content” of the archetypal field; if so many people believe in it, then all spiritual beliefs, rules of life, and dogmas must be okay somewhere, right? Or else, “If it doesn’t work, it doesn’t harm”. But is that really so?

In the sequel, the various spiritual phenomena evoked by Archetypes.


The All-Spirit, God, does not pat you on the back.

Spiritual awakening is about the awakening of unconditional love for the total creation and that begins with love for and acceptance of yourself, of your incarnation, in this era, and on this planet.

Unconditional means “without conditions”. Conditions such as meeting norms and values ​​or meeting certain personal characteristics.

Unconditional love seems easy, but it isn’t. This is primarily due to our social culture, which is based on barter, for what goes for what, and in itself that is an excellent starting point. However, progressive spiritual development builds on Passion, unconditional devotion, and love without expecting anything in return.

Spiritual awakening takes place in the heart and is a service to yourself. With this, you lay a solid personal foundation for further development. In the heart center, two elements come together: the love for fellow human beings and the love for yourself and the All. If you can completely balance these two love currents, then you take the first step.

How do you balance those two love currents? By always choosing the balance in attention; outward and inward attention. What you pay attention to, multiplies.

With outward-facing communication, you focus on your fellow man. With this, you practice yourself in the subtle balance in the relationship between yourself and your fellow human beings. Subtle, because in that relationship you are always looking for middle roads between extremes, for example between slavishly letting everything come over you versus aggressively standing up for yourself. In society, always look for the communicative middle way in which you and the other “do justice” to each other, win-win situations. “I’m okay, and you’re okay.”

The awakening of the heart can be the beginning of a profound intuitive relationship with the Soul.

Then look for dedication to expanding the inner stillness and emptiness through meditation and focussed attention. With a meditative presence in every moment, you become receptive to the spiritual intuitions – the inner senses – of the Soul. The Soul is the transcendental part of man. Society always gives you feedback on your relationship with other people. God does not give you any feedback on your relationship with the Soul. It is now the Soul that is giving you the intuitive feedback you need to face, acknowledge and let go of any spiritual or non-spiritual illusions you still harbor. It is also the Soul that will point you to the Path to merging with the All-Spirit. It is the Soul returning to Divine Unity.


Spiritual Service through Soul Group Work

Essential changes on the earthly plane have their origin in the metaphysical sphere. Spiritual service is group work from the Cosmic Soul.

The higher self is connected to the ego of individuality.

The artificial ego is connected to the archaic akashic field in the oversoul.

The Soul is (equal to) the Cosmic Soul and in a spiritual-religious sense free from any archaic charge. It is the consciousness that identifies with religion or some form of spirituality. For the ego this identification is “essential”, it constitutes its spiritual identity and the associated meaning of life.

The identification of the ego with the artificial ego is the underlying motivation for that ego to distinguish itself competitively from other egos, and this distinguishes “identification” as the primary cause of segregation within humanity. The ego’s need to distinguish itself dates back to prehistoric times.

The Cosmic Soul is omnipresent and unconditional, actually, there is no meaning to ‘Being’ other than that.

The collective experience of Oneness in the Cosmic Soul enables the group to function as a spiritual group master through energetic frequencies. Hereby is the energetic group field, the Cosmic Soul, the spiritual Master. The functionality is based on the intuitive sensing perception of the energetic vibrations present.

The intuitive perception of the individual Soul and the group Soul extends worldwide.

Individuality in spiritual group work is essential.

The Path of Soul is guided by the intuitions of the Soul in the heart center. The Path of the Group Soul is guided by the intuitions of the Cosmic Soul in the heart centers of the devoted and unconditionally affiliated individual Souls to the Soul group field.

It means that the individual Soul can largely stand on its own in a spiritual sense and realize deeply what the purpose of the group is; function in a transcendent sense as one entity. One solidarity Group Soul in which the vibration of the Field develops higher and higher frequencies until a non-bodily bound flow of catalyzing transformative energy with Kundalini-like properties arises. The “conduction” of the high-frequency subtle energy is done by universal life energy carried by benevolence, compassion, and unconditional acceptance (love).

The self-contained Soul has an intuitive connection with the awakened heart center, the center with which that Soul is also connected to the entire Field. Intuitive contact is always present. Whether it is also perceived, depends on the focus and consciousness of that individual Soul. Most Souls will need to become familiar with the intuitive mechanisms of communication within themselves and within the Field. The “electrical charge” of the Field increases through actual, spiritual-service related group communications between the participants themselves.

The Field is a living Field; every personal charge that is sacrificed and released is absorbed by the Field and dissolves. The transcendent “Hierarchy” is in the Field and in every Soul associated with the Field.

The challenge of each Soul is to find an inner attitude of willingness to sacrifice, these are sacrifices of a purely personal nature and to find surrender to the energies of the group field. Willingness to sacrifice and surrender are closely related.

Any attachment to “Form” forms a blockage. “Form” not only has to do with the appearance of matter but also with the emotional and mental “familiarity” with reality, especially that of the inner spiritual “Form,” the artificial Ego. Archaic akashic remnants all kinds of inner beliefs and convictions about the nature of spirituality, God, and the spiritual Hierarchy. “Form” can also be translated with “control”.


Free and Old Souls and their Challenges

The development of the Soul is guided by the energetic frequencies of the ages of the great cosmic year. In the transition period from one era to the next era you then have to deal with the influx of two different charges of energy, a combination of old familiar and entirely new frequencies. In such a period a Free Soul, or now in the transition to Aquarius, incarnates some Free Souls to bring in a new step in soul development that is in resonance with the new Era, spiritual group work.

Aquarius frequencies are frequencies that have to do with Aquarius qualities. Frequencies that inspire Soul group work based on completely voluntary willingness, equality, and friendship between male and female Souls. From its transcendent nature and essence, Soul group work is for all souls and planet encompassing.

A free Soul is a Soul that was able to complete its development in previous lives and could be released from the circle of life and death, Samsara. A Soul free from energetic attractions that bring the Soul to reincarnation.

Free Souls incarnate for a specific purpose. That “life-assignment” is located in the DNA of the Soul, a source of inner knowing that reveals itself more and more fully step by step.

A free Soul also comes into the world as a baby and must find his or her way into it. For such a Soul who has also acquired highly sensitive qualities for the fulfillment of the life assignment, the world appears to be a “sea” full of strange, incomprehensible, and sometimes downright hostile energies. High-sensitivity is a very challenging state in which the Soul constantly tests all intuitions and extra-sensory perceptions for itself against reality.

During their incarnation, these Souls have all the personal and spiritual qualities they need for the attainment of the goal, that is if they are in synchronicity with the cosmic clock of the solar system. Living in resonance and synchronicity with the energetic influx of cosmic frequencies is beneficial for all people and not just for a free Soul.

Completing incarnation cycles is a service to humanity.

Old Souls are souls who can almost complete their incarnation cycles. Deep down they long for liberation from the earthly attractions and they often experience the same challenges as those of the free Soul. They get their life motivation from the desire for the satisfaction of earth-bound spiritual service. However, the illusionary nature of spirituality and religion in the earth plane is precisely their greatest hindrance to Soul liberation.


Cyclic Incarnation Processes

The development of the spirituality of the Soul gets inspired by the cycle of the great eras. The Aquarius energetic frequencies inspire the development of transcendent Soul collaboration within a global encompassing group field.

With every transition of eras, such as now, there is a window of opportunity for the reincarnation of a free Soul to create constructive energetic changes in the spirituality of the Soul. These free Souls are drawn to the energetic frequencies of the new era, now to the era of Aquarius.

Energy forms matter and matter attracts energy, this is gravity. Gravity is the fundamental factor in the energetic mechanisms of incarnation and reincarnation. Once the attracting energy in a Soul is dissolved, the mechanism stops. This is Soul Liberation. The Soul can remain in the Cosmic Soul, free from incarnations.

Incarnations on the individual personal level as well as on the Soul and Cosmic Soul level are of a cyclical nature and related to each other.

Every incarnation process begins with metaphysical interactions between masculine and feminine charged subtle energies in the most transcendent realms of the Soul.

The re-incarnation of an individual Soul begins in the metaphysical realms of two closely related partners. The two interacting energies of both partners eventually generate a conception of a whole new field of Soul life.

The ongoing individuation of the soul, through the development of the awareness field of the Soul, spans many lifetimes. It is a holistic process characterized by the realization of the Oneness of existence, the Unification of the individual Soul, and ultimately the Unification of all Souls.

The individuation of the Soul and the incarnation of its qualities shows synchronicity with the energetic vibrations of the eras of the great cosmic year. The incarnation of a whole new Group Soul Life Field, an energetic Ark, begins with a subtle energetic merging of masculine and feminine charged transcendent Soul energies and takes place within the transcendent sphere of the Cosmic Soul.

In the most transcendent realms, the Soul is identical to the cosmic Soul.

The individual reincarnation Process