Cyclic Incarnation Processes

The development of the spirituality of the Soul gets inspired by the cycle of the great eras. The Aquarius energetic frequencies inspire the development of transcendent Soul collaboration within a global encompassing group field.

With every transition of eras, such as now, there is a window of opportunity for the reincarnation of a free Soul to create constructive energetic changes in the spirituality of the Soul. These free Souls are drawn to the energetic frequencies of the new era, now to the era of Aquarius.

Energy forms matter and matter attracts energy, this is gravity. Gravity is the fundamental factor in the energetic mechanisms of incarnation and reincarnation. Once the attracting energy in a Soul is dissolved, the mechanism stops. This is Soul Liberation. The Soul can remain in the Cosmic Soul, free from incarnations.

Incarnations on the individual personal level as well as on the Soul and Cosmic Soul level are of a cyclical nature and related to each other.

Every incarnation process begins with metaphysical interactions between masculine and feminine charged subtle energies in the most transcendent realms of the Soul.

The re-incarnation of an individual Soul begins in the metaphysical realms of two closely related partners. The two interacting energies of both partners eventually generate a conception of a whole new field of Soul life.

The ongoing individuation of the soul, through the development of the awareness field of the Soul, spans many lifetimes. It is a holistic process characterized by the realization of the Oneness of existence, the Unification of the individual Soul, and ultimately the Unification of all Souls.

The individuation of the Soul and the incarnation of its qualities shows synchronicity with the energetic vibrations of the eras of the great cosmic year. The incarnation of a whole new Group Soul Life Field, an energetic Ark, begins with a subtle energetic merging of masculine and feminine charged transcendent Soul energies and takes place within the transcendent sphere of the Cosmic Soul.

In the most transcendent realms, the Soul is identical to the cosmic Soul.

The individual reincarnation Process