Tele (far) pathy (feeling), feeling over a great distance.

When you think of telepathy, you probably think of long-distance communication, brain-to-brain communication. So internally thinking linguistic concrete words and sentences.

For me, telepathy is mostly feeling; subtle receptivity to the inner intuitive senses. There are even forms of clear knowing, smelling, and tasting, in addition to the more familiar clear seeing and hearing. The telepathic understanding is conceptual, feeling not a word or a sentence but a concept and sometimes with a charge. I place the center for intuitive perception in the heart. The intuitive senses are the senses of the Soul.

Telepathy is perceiving by subtle feeling. The perceived concept is translated into meaning by the mind. When the mind attunes to the intuitive and takes on a more observing role, perceiving and translating happen immediately.

Anyone can learn to sense telepathically. Qualities for intuitive sensitivity are; self-forgetfulness and a meditative presence in the here and now. The capacity to forget yourself comes from balance, self-knowledge, individuality, autonomy, and authenticity.

Telepathic/intuitive feeling is reflexive. What you perceive are subtle vibrations that you cannot perceive with the physical senses. They are in the microcosm and are part of the energetic chakra system.

The lower chakras have the lowest frequencies and the upper ones the highest. The lowest vibrational frequencies span a small distance the highest vibrations of the human system can span greater distances.

Telepathy between souls can be global; souls on opposite sides of the planet can be in intuitive communication with each other. The entire energetic field of the Soul is involved in this, here also the heart center/thymus is the communicative center. In the highest frequencies, the Soul is One (with all other Souls).