One for all, all for One

The Cosmic Egg; The Origin of the Human Soul

Sometimes you see things better from a distance. A simple truth that everyone will recognize is that each (new) creation goes through stages of development, from immaterial to material. It first exists as an idea that develops into a concept in thoughts. From concept to design on paper or scale model and then to concrete implementation and manifestation of the original idea.

If you reverse this statement, it means that everything we can perceive sensually must have been initially metaphysical (invisible) before it came to concrete manifestation.

Inherently this means that behind all biological and physical forms lies an ethereal, spiritual, or transcendent reality that one can see as the designer of natural life.

And it means that the human Soul is approaching or already present before physical conception. For the (re) incarnation, the metaphysical human being descends in the form of composite subtle energy to the human spheres of consciousness.

It also means that the Soul, the essence of all living human beings that ever existed and still exist today, is of metaphysical origin and descends from the beginning from the subtle energetic transcendental realms.


Movement as the essence of being

The essence of being is cyclical movement, eternal cycles of birth, development, and death, to experience all facets of the inner man, including those of the spiritual and transcendent realms.
Like our solar system, all physical and metaphysical life moves in repetitive cycles. Unto the most profound spiritual depths, Humankind is tuned to the energetic frequencies of repetitive revolutions until the farthest and most distant planet in the solar system, showing the esoteric law: as above so below, as inner so outer.

Physical and metaphysical life on all levels of existence gets influenced by the repetitive development cycles.

The specific behavior and movements of objects in the universe, like the Sun, Moon, and planets, display the law of Karma, the law of cause and effect, and indirectly this indicates a specific mechanism: Reincarnation. The individual personality originated under the universal law of Karma.

Reincarnation is a rebirth and means a re-connection between the Soul and a new physical body, a newborn baby.
The Soul is a composed metaphysical and transcendental unity, an individual universe or microcosm. Reincarnation is a sheer, subtle energetic mechanism based on universal energy laws.


Energy shapes matter, and matter attracts energy (Gravity). Reincarnation is a cyclic energetic mechanism and is a highly complicated and dynamic process.

The entire incarnation process begins with subtle energetic metaphysical interactions in the most transcendent realms of two closely connecting souls. The two interacting energies of both partners eventually generate a conception.

The newborn baby inherits physical DNA from both parents; however, the energetic life field of this newly born Soul is a brand new combination of different charged energies in which one can recognize some aspects of both parents.

The bigger picture; Scaling up towards incarnation cycles

Reincarnation is a cyclic mechanism, and every new embodiment one can see as a singular bead (a link in a chain) in a sequence of incarnations. In this way, one incarnation is one day or 24 hours in a series of days.

Four stages can be distinguished in these 24 hours: conception (midnight), birth (sunrise), individual development (noon), and departure (sunset).

The personality gradually incarnates between sunrise and sunset. In the succession of incarnations, the merging of the energy fields of the parents can give rise to entirely new characteristics in the child.

Or, conversely, possibilities to bring old aspects to qualities or to round off and bring to completion. The completed sequence of a specific personal quality can be released, and this quality then ceases to be a source of energetic attraction (Karma) and dissolves into the All.

This process of individuation of the Soul advancing through the series of incarnations is holistic and extends over many lifetimes. The character of this process is the realization of Oneness and Unification of the Soul. And ultimately of all Souls.

Every incarnated life field is unique in its energetic composition. However, one may presume that body, personality, and Soul closely fits and belongs together.

Every single embodiment fits energetically closely into the series of incarnations. Both sequence and manifestation harmoniously fit into the Whole, and a specific “influential movement” within the unity of the One field serves. During embodiments, one achieves Personal and spiritual development.

In two ways, each incarnation crosses the borders of life and death.
In a personal way, over familial past and future sequence boundaries. And through the Soul by fitting into the series of past and future incarnations.

Life and death are within the incarnated Soul, which is all the more reason to test extrasensory perceptions for their validity and value.

The process of physical death is a reverse incarnation. The physical body dies when the universal life energy withdraws. The energetic life field is falling apart, and gradually all frequencies of subtle energy release and join their specific energetic frequency until needed for the incarnation of a new Soul composition.


A Cosmic Perspective on Soul Consciousness

A new era, a new Field, a transcendental Ark

Over many millennia, multiple steps in the development of consciousness of the Soul Field, the Soul Ark, can be discerned: (1) One single Soul that maintains contact with the transcendent Field and acts as a spiritual leader for a people. (2) The development of a self-contained Soul as a spiritually autonomous individual in touch with the transcendent Field. And the latest, (3) a group of self-contained Souls functioning as One transcendent spiritual leading entity, a transcendent Master group field.

Leading up to the Age of Aquarius, some free souls incarnated to induce an entirely new level of Soul development, a transcendental Ark. With this initiating shift in Soul consciousness, all areas of consciousness are changing within the Oversoul, the group Soul of Humanity. There have been shifts in Soul consciousness before, and they are related to scaling up and have an impact on Humanity and the Earth in several ways.

NB: The Cosmic Soul has always existed. The awareness of the Soul consciousness of human beings is evolving in Man and Humanity. That development proceeds from individual subconscious attention to individual aware Soul consciousness and aware Soul Group consciousness.

The Akashic field contains archetypal memory, all the spiritual and religious knowledge that has arisen in the consciousness of Mankind from prehistoric times. New-Age spirituality continues ancient spiritual wisdom but in a new guise. The Cosmic Soul includes Soul Memory of transcendent Unity.

The formation of the Akashic field: Initially, spirituality was regional and linked to a tribe or a people through the guidance of shamans, medicine people, or the leader himself assumed divine status.

The Soul field’s formation begins with the heart center’s awakening and its link with consciousness, a big step in spiritual awakening and human individuation. With this step, spiritual development encompasses the entire individual (transition Aries-Pisces). The final step, Pisces-Aquarius, impacts all of Humanity and the Earth.

Today the Akashic Field forms a ceiling in personal consciousness. This intoxicating layer distracts consciousness and thus prevents direct contact with the Cosmic Soul, the Source of remembrance of transcendent Unity. Through this remembrance and application of the Divine Plan, the Soul transfigures (transforms), receives Soul Liberation, and gets absorbed within the Field of the Cosmic Soul.



The Path of Kindred Souls

Discipleship, Spiritual service, and freedom

Do spiritual service and freedom go together? They seem contradictory, service also presupposes dedicated involvement and commitment to the cause.

Online intuitive transcendent group work requires dedication, focus and presence in the here and now. Dedicated participants are all connected in the 6th realm of consciousness, so where is the boundless freedom?

In the 4th awareness realm, all spiritual group work is hierarchical, it needs a leader (5th) to guide a group. The 5th consciousness field is purely mental and consists of theoretical esoteric knowledge of specific religious or spiritual signature.

It is the self-contained intuitive spiritual worker who enters the Path. The Path is the 6th field of consciousness, the field of the Soul.

The Path is a purely inner path and can be walked beyond the human 4th and 5th consciousness fields of the world. The internet has not only enabled global transcendent group service. The worldwide web has also led us to understand the planet and all its different planes of consciousness as one coherent entity.

Intuitive group work in the 6th consciousness field is genuine Aquarius work and always has been. Here is Unity in friendship and this resonance raises the frequencies in the field. The 6th field of consciousness is the realm of the Soul and extends across time and space.

Boundless freedom AND Spiritual Service are based on one and the same (Aquarius) principle: “All people are like you”.

All you really need for this work is a loving and awakened heart that feels called to walk “the Path” together. Our working language is English. The Soul needs no language to express itself.

Group contacts take place via the internet. The essential connection to the 6th awareness field is through the heart center and is transcendent energetic in nature. One is then no longer part of the group dynamics in the 4th and 5th awareness realms and that is liberating.

The 6th awareness realm, The Path – Beyond the world guided by the Soul

The 6th awareness field includes all “lower” planes of consciousness, but also lies beyond (outside) the 4th and 5th mundane consciousness fields.

The 6th field of consciousness is the realm of the Soul. So, every incarnated Soul resides outside the worldly realms. The Transcendental Group dynamic takes place within the Soul and is thus of service to all embodied Souls. In addition, the collective of aligned individual Souls can reveal itself as functioning as “ONE Cosmic Soul Entity”. A planet-encompassing transcendent symphonic orchestra in harmony in which each Soul has its own tone. A Soul orchestra that produces more than one Soul tone.

The omnipresent aspect of the Soul (the Cosmic Soul) manifests between cooperating Aquarius Soul Mates.


Online Service in Practice

The online group as an intuitive transcendent entity

There is a big difference between traditional online spiritual group work and intuitive online transcendental group work.

Traditional online spiritual development and group work takes place in the 4th awareness field. The traditional groups are defined by docility. Docility and repetition are service to self and not to the group to which you ‘belong’.

Intuitive transcendental development and group work takes place in the 5th and 6th awareness fields.

In transcendent group work, the aim is to be faithful to one’s own intuitive perceptions. As significant part of the group it is important to let your own intuitive inner voice speak. This is service to the group as an independent unity and to the transcendent growth process towards perfect cooperation.

The step from 4 to 5,.. and 6

The 4th realm is the human field of awareness. This means an awareness of (oneself) and therefore also of the other. This level of awareness is astral focused on both day consciousness and dream consciousness.

In the astral human consciousness field one can become aware of mental planes of the 5th field of awareness. In an individual sense, in this case the 5th field of awareness is the ultimate range. However, in the Oversoul, this level is the lowest level of the 5th consciousness field.

To progress in the individual mental field, consciousness needs to expand further. You need another field of consciousness, another higher energetic frequency mirror to reflect.

Online Intuitive transcendental group work has a positive effect on consciousness expansion and on finding one’s own soul tone (soul resonance).

Once your awareness in tuned on the 5e field of awareness, the step to the 6th realm becomes clear to you.

As participants your freedom in the 4th realm is limitless. We are all connected in the 6th awareness realm which serves the All and is beyond the worldly plane.

Kirsten – Ⓒ Cosmic Soul

About Intuition as Connecting Love; The Holy Spirit

Have you ever observed a herd of horses? They can show synchronicity in their reactions and movements as synchronized Olympic swimmers. Their synchronicity is the working of animal instinct and serves the conservation of the species.
The developed human Intuition works as Connecting Love and serves Unity.

Healthy Borders

The body and psyche are a field of energy, an Aura, attuned to other human Aura, and this attunement is the human herd tendency. At first, you don’t notice that energetic connection because you focus on external signals. However, this is necessary for personal development; the focus must turn inward to spiritual growth.

Awareness of energetic fields and the intuitive attunement to them also requires attention to boundaries; where does my Aura (my personal qualities and pitfalls) end, and where does someone else’s field begin? With meditation and intuitive development, you become familiar with your energies, how to balance them, and with the language of your Intuition.

Reality checks

Reality checks are always necessary! Am I interpreting my intuition appropriately with reality? Does what I intuitively perceive correspond to reality? The wish is often the father of the thought, but as a spiritual worker, you want a reliable and active intuition; otherwise, it is useless in practical reality.

Intuition as ‘the wise mother

The first level of Intuition is internal communication for your personal life. The intuitive feeling ability first helps you with the obstacles you experience concerning your fellow human beings.

Through practice and reality checks, you will notice that the intuitive feeling capacity broadens, deepens, and focuses more and more on your deepest drives and intentions. This deepening allows you to get to know your personality and its mechanisms better and better.

Find out what essential needs you have. Discover how you can heal yourself. Which (energetic) charges bring you into a more excellent energetic chakra balance, positively charged fire and air or negatively charged water and earth elements?

You can find different motivations at different depths in the psyche that form the basis of your intentions. Motivations and intentions do not have to be aligned but can be related; you need to discover the link.

Intuition as ‘the wisdom of the heart

Love connects, also in your being. Inner communication is the information transfer between the inner perceiver of your intuitive sensing ability and your inner translator. The inner translator is not in the logical mind but on a deeper level of the heart center where symbolic language is immediately understood, the heart as an intuitive center of wisdom.

The energetic field that forms the body and psyche is more complex and vaster than you can imagine initially. Suppose you still need to gain that much intuitive experience. In that case, it is sometimes difficult to distinguish between intuitive inner communication, the inner dialogue between you as an I-observer, and one or more sub-personalities, such as an inner critic.

Internal communication with sub-personalities sometimes looks deceptively real, like telepathic communication with a source outside yourself! However, this communication is in one’s mind!

Sub-personalities such as inner voices are almost always judgmental, but sometimes they first pose as omniscient spiritual guides or light beings. These internal parts are not against you (astral attacks); they make their presence known and test your ego-awareness for self-knowledge, autonomy, and authenticity. Sub-personality parts belong to you, but you are in charge!

The Tree of Life

Chakras are the energetic radiation of energetic nodes and hormone glands in the body. Chakras lie on either side of the spine, the Tree of Life. The whole endocrine system is the carrier of the character, and the Aura is the radiance of the personality.

In relationships, action evokes a response. That could keep you from acting, but that doesn’t change anything within you or your circumstances! Actions (Dharma) are needed to balance chakras (imbalance is Karma). The moves prompted by Intuition are neutral, without judgment, and do no harm (new Karma); they do not create new Karma and are innocent. Action executed by purified Intuitive prompting is the wisdom of the heart and the execution of the Grace of the Holy Spirit.

Actively using Intuition for an energetic balance in all chakras, and therefore, in the personality is the equivalent of occupying your space, accepting your incarnation, and taking responsibility for it. Self-acceptance activates the intuitive wisdom of the heart. Love your neighbor as yourself and God (the Unity) above all.


A New Era, A New Paradigm

Transcendental Connection

The Aquarian spiritual paradigm is transcendent community spirit. The hidden Spirit reveals Itself between initiated Souls. The hidden activity, the fire of transformation, steps out and works in the Field itself as well as in all Souls associated with the Field. This is the specific spirituality of the adept (disciple) in the Age of Aquarius and serves all of humanity.

Devotion and Focus on the Path

Transcendental community spirit can only emerge and be viable through complete spiritual equality and personal freedom. The new spiritual influx brings with it a different energy. Aquarius energy stimulates the exchange of transcendent energy, both telepathic and technological (internet) communication and cooperation through active participation.

Complete spiritual and transcendent equality

The Soul, Over-Soul and Cosmic Soul are equal. Soul interconnectivity is -by definition- equivalent and ubiquitous. Within the Transcendental Community, only that which connects us exists. Transcendence connects and transcends worldly society.

We were created in God’s image, but that doesn’t mean we are God. We are a microcosm in a macrocosm, an ego in a universe of good and evil. As spiritual workers, we should refrain from choosing between these two subjective qualities; Judging good and evil is a secular and social affair and belongs in court.

Personal freedom

That which connects us transcends religion, hierarchy, status, doctrines, and dogmas. The Transcendental Omnipresent Field is in the here and now, independent of place. It doesn’t matter if you live in a busy city or in the countryside, in the West or East, North or South. The connection to the Field only depends on your inner connection to your heart center and how receptive (inner empty and still) you can be in the here and now.


Karma or the law of cause and effect

Why is the personality karmic?

The personality provides the tools with which we walk through the world. Each personality is unique in its complex composition. It is formed by a large number of characteristics that can be traced back to the 4 elements; fire, air, earth, and water that are related to each other in certain percentages.

Where does passion turn into obsession? Inspiration in a psychosis?

You can really only answer that if you are capable of self-reflection and that requires awareness.

Hurting unconsciously

Fun and enjoyment with each other can be beneficial to the development of the personality. Fun at the expense of someone can hurt. Do you know when fun can turn to someone’s disadvantage? Perhaps only if you know what lives in someone’s heart and that requires a developed empathy.

Consciously hurting

If you only have your own spiritual goals in mind and/or see the other as an opponent, you may be tempted to consciously hurt. The underlying goal is to weaken the other in a psychological sense, but in doing so you affect the unity integrity. Consciously hurting can thus create a karmic charge.

In Soul humanity is one and no personality or worldly ruler can change that. Any disturbance in the unity integrity of an entity, an individual, a group, or a country, carries a karmic charge.

One’s own spiritual goals can never be more important than knowingly violating the unity integrity of someone else with whom you disagree spiritually/religiously.

Consciousness leads to choices. Choices can lead to an expansion of the consciousness of the heart or lead to a whole new karmic charge.

Kirsten – Ⓒ Cosmic Soul

Service to self or to others?

The second awakening

The first awakening leads to self-knowledge, the discovery of the conscious, subconscious and superconscious inner culture.

The second awakening leads to the discovery of the inclusive universal Love of the Soul.

The (higher) self and its Archetype or artificial self

Spirituality and religion resonate with the deepest and oldest fields in the psyche. Any resonance (contact) with this semi-collective archaic field is fascinating and enchanting to the ego consciousness. The (higher) I-consciousness can thus become completely under the spell of that resonance and become a loyal follower. Inwardly one feels the religious/spiritual identity, makes it consciously one’s own, and thereby declares oneself loyal to that specific group identity. Religion is both in society and within. Both in the Primal psyche and in the Aura radiance.

Archaic fields are semi-collective. An Archaic field is the group aura of people with a similar religious or spiritual signature.

Each field has its own characteristic vibration that affects a specific spiritual or religious group and is therefore conditional. Archaic fields are limited groups of followers within humanity. Such a group field can consist of millions of followers!

The second awakening comes as a flash of recognition and insight; consciousness has a clear moment of insight into the hypnotic, claiming, and manipulative nature of what was first so fervently professed. The real shocking insight is that through the effect of resonance, one recognizes in a flash those undesirable qualities also in one’s own inner self. This discovery can lead to a moment of reflection and choice.

Where is the loyalty? Is that with the Archaic field of the spiritual/religious family or with all of humanity? Does the higher self choose personal love or universal love? Does the higher self choose to serve itself, or to serve the Divine Plan? Like all addictions, the intense fascination and enchantment fades over time, but one’s own opportunistic motives can be too tempting to maintain the Archaic resonance.

Raising the frequency towards the universal resonance of the Soul

From spiritual development to spiritual service for the benefit of your Soul and therefore also of the Over-Soul, the Soul field of all humanity.

Spiritual service consists of recognizing and releasing the spiritual hierarchical sensitivity (loyalty) that still resides in the archaic psyche. It is this sensitivity that stands in the way of spiritual individuality, autonomy and authenticity and thus makes unconditionally transcendent Soul group work impossible.

The Soul in resonance with the higher self? That is impossible; the Soul cannot lower the frequency.

To come into resonance with the Soul, the higher self can raise the frequency. In transcendent group work it becomes clear!

Transcendent Soul group work is intuitive energetic work, shared mystical unity experiences that function through the centrally located heart center.

Soul consciousness flows through and from unconditionally loving hearts. Hearts cleared of all conditional sympathies and loyalties, including those of the self for the higher self!

ⒸCosmic Soul

About Astral Attacks

Supposed Astral Hostility

You’ve probably heard about it before; astral attacks. These are energetic (metaphysical) experiences that intuitive and sensitive people experience as very difficult and taxing. Where do these attacks come from? And, by whom or what are you getting attacked?

The relationship between the body’s endocrine glands, the nervous system and the psyche is very complex. How these physical-psychic elements are attuned to each other, how you were raised, where you live and what you believe influences all our perceptions and thus also the astral attack. This makes such an attack a very personal and subjective experience that can only be interpreted by the person concerned.

The astral field, the mental field and the causal field are energetic parts of the human dualistic universe of the personality, the psyche. An intuitive perception becomes an astral attack when that perception activates fear hormones that make you want to fight or flee.

Shared intuitive perceptions are energetic perceptions that take place in the same charged energetic field and have a telepathic element. This can occur in groups with a specific suggestive body of thought. One then intuitively perceives the fantasy/belief of the other and appropriates it. Shared experiences in past lives during group therapy sessions do not have to be proof of authenticity! Telepathic group resonance is more likely.

Why do you perceive something intuitively?

That depends on the person making the observation, what kind of observation it is and what value he or she attaches to it. In general, nice perceptions are embraced and nasty ones are immediately rejected or projected onto someone else.

Some people fantasize contacts (and attacks) with metaphysical entities and invisible tormentors. Perhaps they really believe in their imagination or their fantasies are a symbol of something.

You may assume that in the unity of the Soul, no games are played, and no energy is wasted! You receive intuitive perceptions to heal, grow and develop a ‘working’ relationship with the Soul. Usually, intuitive perceptions indicate deep emotional needs and resistances one may become aware of, and this awareness contributes to more profound and broader self-knowledge.

In any case, you don’t have to be afraid of it, have faith, in an astral sense nothing will happen to you.


Embracing the inner Light

“The Grand Canyon”, you can look at it, you can see it, but the actual measurements and depth of the canyons cannot be estimated by eye. Likewise with clairvoyant, visual, auditory, or emotional perceptions of spirit guides, (arch)angels, or other disembodied entities, you perceive something, but what you perceive may be different than you initially think and have a different meaning.

The ego-consciousness is limited to its reality; it cannot oversee the Whole.

What if in a spiritual sense everything, but really everything incorporeal that one projects outside oneself, is in fact within us and not over there?

For someone who wants to know the truth about the origin of disembodied entities, there is no other option than to investigate them, but why go to all that trouble? Because it can lead to the unconditional and total Self-acceptance you need for further spiritual unfoldment.

Language is an extraordinary medium; by labeling perceived energies as divine individuals, the thinking mind immediately places such energies outside the human system. By doing this, one banishes the Light from Humanity and so from you.

The spiritual way is the way in. An inner way of stillness, humility, and purification that no one can show or explain to you. Maybe one knows the path to the entrance of the inner sanctuary, but how you come to inner humility and purification is up to each one of us.

What and when should you do and/or not do?

This is a difficult issue for the human thinking mind. It thinks in opposites, high-low, good and evil. It believes in the power of distinction and rank (status) and having power in relation to the outside world.

The thinking mind sees only itself and another and distinguishes between good and evil entities. Thought has never been in contact with the immaterial reality before and naturally places the immaterial outside itself and its sphere of influence.

We are completely at the mercy of ourselves in a spiritual sense, and that realization can be intimidating and overwhelming, but also carry a promise of unconditional Self-acceptance and spiritual autonomy.

Initially, the way in is an uncertain and lonely one. You choose this of your own free will, but the I-consciousness discovers in all humility that it is the Soul that awakens the desire, and it is the Soul that leads.


Kirsten de Groot