World Peace

The process of remembrance is today being hastened by those who hear, recognize, and subsequently follow their Soul-call. RemembranceServers of the Divine Plan

Many feel deeply involved in spiritual and religiously inspired peace projects. People ‘join hands’ in solidarity. However, some sense and see that the unity of their group members is limited to their own spiritual or religious signature. The aspiring students of esoteric wisdom realize that world peace comes from the universality of spirituality and faith, a difficult task in a world where appearance and essence are challenging to distinguish from each other and where form dominates. This website was set up and written for them.

In this article, some things, such as Spiritual and Transcendent, have been contrasted to distinguish them more clearly. In addition, the text approaches spirituality and religion from an energetic perspective.

In a subtle energetic sense, humanity is ONE; all people have a physical body with a hormonal gland system with its subtle energetic appearance, the objective chakra system. This is what connects all people -in an energetic sense- Telepathy, among other things, works through this intuitive fact.

What separates people from each other are the outer boundaries of the physical body and the complex personality, the subjective chakra system, and an I-consciousness with its conscious and subconscious thoughts, judgments, and beliefs.

Reflective observations

The fact that the chakra system is sometimes objective and sometimes subjective depends on perception.

Every sensory and intuitive perception is based on complex inner reflections, and we judge or translate these depending on conscious and subconscious thoughts, judgments, and beliefs. Due to the reflective nature of observations, universal, transcendent world peace work is world group work. The aspiring disciple needs a reflective, energetic sounding board a matching vibrational frequency to learn to distinguish the essential from the illusionary.

What can contribute to a pure translation of sensory and intuitive observations, symbolism, and coinciding events (synchronicity) is an integrated knowledge of esoteric wisdom and the development of a meditative presence and attention in the here and now because through this the extra sensitive perceptiveness (intuition) and self-knowledge develop. A meditative presence is the most important.

Charged and uncharged subtle energy; prana

The chakras in the energetic chakra system each have a specific charge with a corresponding vibration frequency. The energy of the chakras expresses itself at the different levels of life: the physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual levels. This immaterial and, therefore, spiritual energy -consciousness- is charged with the complex personality and its subconscious thoughts, judgments, and beliefs about all kinds of disembodied gods, masters, or entities from the Other Side, and thus fills the entire spiritual field (Aura) of a person. One radiates what one thinks and believes, which is what one intuitively perceives and considers as truth. So, one perceives the spiritual content of one’s (own) aura. Like a self-fulfilling prophecy, a trick of the inner convictions of the mind.

Transcendental subtle energy is uncharged prana, an uncharged neutral consciousness that supplies all inner life (physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual) with life force. This is the Cosmic Soul, the universal world group field, the world peace group field.

The Cosmic Soul provides the entire creation with an objective, neutral life force – neutral consciousness.

The ego-consciousness of man charges the objective prana with its own specific personal subjective contents in the form of thoughts, judgments, and beliefs. He shares some contents of consciousness with other people and then forms a group consciousness field.

Fields of Consciousness

Fields of consciousness are subjective embodied spiritual group fields; they cannot exist independently from humans. In other words, fields of consciousness exist because they find themselves in our subconscious. A meditative, intuitively focused ego-consciousness can perceive them.

Vibration frequency

The increase in vibrational frequency results from the spiritual practice of maintaining steady meditative attention in the here and now and of the inner work of balancing the energy of the chakras themselves and each other through the proper action, right rest, and right timing. If all goes well, the intuitive perceptiveness can sense the steps to be taken.

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Forget Yourself

Can one forget oneself by neutralizing the ego?

Neutralize the ego? Who should do that then? The ego itself?
The ego can be compared to a king or president, the ruler of the personality. Have you ever seen a ruler voluntarily give up his power? No way!

The ego wants to maintain its power and position unless it voluntarily and spiritually consciously decides to step back in favor of a whisper-quiet voice of intuition. The ego consciousness then chooses an observing role in the background. Only an individualistic and robust ego can let go of control with confidence and surrender to the guidance of intuition.

There is no elimination of the ego in spiritual development!

“Forget yourself” seems impossible; how can one forget oneself?
Yet self-forgetfulness is also a (logical) consequence of spiritual exercises. Meditation, concentration, and shifting focus enable you to develop meditative attention in the now and to hold it longer through practice.

You always have a choice in the focus of your attention.
Either you focus on the action and liveliness of your surroundings, or you adopt a more observant attitude. You then observe all actions but only intervene when necessary. When that is, you learn to estimate better and better through insights into self-awareness: Wu Wei, The Art of Acting Without ego-intention.

An observing meditative focus is done for yourself and indirectly for others. You are already a unit and will experience that through this exercise! It makes you aware of the intuitive senses. It sharpens intuition and gives an intimate relationship with yourself that allows you to function as a unit and thus be an inspiring example to others.


Synchronicity and Resonance

Service to self or others

Do you experience synchronicity in the work environment, the family circle, the spiritual community, or religious church circles? Synchronicity is resonance with the relevant group field, and focus, dedication, and commitment are the inner attitudes that ensure this.

The Martha or Mary attitude?

“Martha, Martha, thou art careful and troubled about many things: But one thing is needful: and Mary hath chosen that good part, which shall not be taken away from her.” – Jesus (Luke 10:41-42)

Each group field has its specific frequency, which depends on the common properties, values, and norms. The personal tuning determines the resonance. In other words, the inner attitude determines what one resonates with and with which one can experience synchronicities. The above examples show synchronicity and resonance in the personal (Martha) group field.

The inner focus and devotion to the highest immaterial, but what is the ‘highest’ transcendent? In the world of known, visible, and tangible phenomena, you (first) depend on meditation, esoteric insights, and intention. Thoughts are energy, and the immaterial is unreasonable; you don’t know. You can only think of what you know or can imagine, which is derivative of the tangible world.

Learn to focus on nothingness

Everything that demands attention has something to tell you; it indicates what you focus on and where your heart is (at that moment). Learning to focus on nothing is a (conscious) choice. You do this from love and exclusively for yourself and without any future profit for yourself.

Why would one want this?

Because you go off the beaten spiritual and religious paths, you may notice that the meditative exercises make you more and more intuitively sensitive, or you realize that you are open to the thoughts of the people around you. You are on your way to thoughtlessness and nothingness! Your concentration and consciousness move to a universal (Mary) field, a transcendental field just outside the personal human group field.

The transcendental Field is the universal Field of resonance in Initiation, Intuition, and Inspiration and is a Field without spiritual or religious meaning and purpose. Here Love is the Way, and finding resonance and synchronicity with the Field is the goal.


Unity Consciousness in the Group Soul Field

The Soul = Oversoul = Cosmic Soul; that seems like a mystery, but it isn’t. The Soul is omnipresent, but your consciousness is not. What needs to be awakened is the awareness of the Presence of the Soul, and meditation is a suitable tool for that.

Keep one’s meditative attention in the here and now. The principle is simple, but the implementation requires practice. Everything that you practice with love, concentration, and care multiplies. Consciousness first learns to adopt a meditative attitude and then to hold it longer and longer.

The Soul is the universal life-giving part of all physical reality. In this sense, one can say that our individuality is ours personally, but we receive life and all other possibilities that our physical being have from the Soul. The Soul = Oversoul = Cosmic Soul; we live and move thanks to the Cosmic Soul.

The self, ego, and psyche consist of individualized psychically charged energy. Psychic energy is distinguished from universal energy by the charge of ‘meaning.’ In an emotional and mental sense, our individuality needs meaning; we derive our existence from it. Meaning is vital.

From ‘meaning’ to gratitude for Being

We don’t have to “earn” Consciousness; we must let go of meaning. The Soul has and gives no meaning, purpose, or sense, but we feel we do not exist without meaning and purpose. The Path of the Soul means becoming aware and letting go of all meaning individuality created and finding Surrender to the universality of the Soul.

Experiencing Unity Consciousness in the group field is a matter of resonance.

The individuality, you and me, finds many meanings within the experience of oneness in the frequency resonance of the various religious and spiritual group fields.
The experience of the resonant frequency of Unity Consciousness in the group Soul Field only takes place within (like-minded) Soul frequency, the group Soul.


Self-Initiation and the Body

Head and heart

The body is the Temple of the Soul, and the -forged- connection of head and heart means harmonious cooperation of the upper three chakras with the lower three chakras, of which the heart center represents the last (lower) three.

The ‘harts’ representation of the lower three does not mean that these are of minor importance! The heart center can be seen as the wisdom center for the base chakra, the sacral chakra, and the solar plexus.

The essence of “Being” is movement. The heart center is at a ‘crossroads.’ It is located vertically in the body’s center and the center between the other chakras. In the heart, we also make contact with the people around us in a horizontal sense. Connections with the people around us and our actions generate energetic currents that go through the body horizontally and vertically, a weaving movement.

What makes self-perfection into self-initiation is intention, motivation, and focus.

The desire to be of service to others (and not just to the self) is sometimes buried under old layers of social dust that one has allowed years to settle; it sometimes takes self-knowledge, the remembrance of an old insight or feeling to get the real motivation clear before the focus gets a clear direction.

The body is the Temple of the Soul, and body and mind are closely intertwined. The weaving movement is closely involved in the construction of the Anthakarana.


The Works of Self-Initiation

Self-Initiation through Self-perfection to the deepest level of one’s personality and psyche is a form of dedicated self-care, self-love, and a deep understanding of what exactly lies at the root of the inner process of spiritual ascension.

What’s ascending? This is not just one’s vibrational frequency. The increase in the frequency of the vibration is just a by-product. What ascends is the Anthakarana, an energetic ‘candle’ rising in the spine; this only happens through inner work. Inner work of undoing or sacrificing.

Society is the leading cause of the widespread assumption that all spiritual phases work automatically. In addition, many launch their spiritual ideas and theories prematurely or develop courses on them. The creativity in spiritual nonsense is often boundless.

Self-Initiation is inner work and leads to ascension. Does striving for self-perfection means choosing between good and evil? No. The Anthakarana can rise by working on the energetic balance in and between the chakras in all circumstances. The seven chakras are the energetic emanation of the main glands in the body, and these glands are the seat of the personality and psyche. Balance in and between the chakras means balance in the personality.

Spiritual searching changes into a clear spiritual direction. The motivation to continue on this path grows with the experience you gain, and when ‘belief’ turns into knowing, seeing, and realizing, it generates tremendous joy!

The descending realization that man’s worst enemy, the ego, AND spiritual salvation live side by side within every individual generates unspeakable joy, love, and devotion to continue one’s path.

Love, Devotion, and Awareness enable Sacrifice and Surrender. It is not ourselves -our egos- putting something substantial into operation. We must set all the beacons green, and divine grace does the actual work.


Intuition (and instinct)

There is a difference between Intuition and Instinct. An instinct is an immediate automatic response to a specific external stimulus. Instinct prompts the immediate fight or flight action. Intuition is of a different order.

Intuition is inner ‘knowing’ without involving logical thinking. Intuition works immediately in realizing or seeing through something or someone. Whether the intuitive insight is correct depends on the ‘purity’ of the intuitive reception.

What is ‘purity’ of intuitive reception?

Every perception is based on inner resonance and reflection, and so an intuitive perception has everything to do with profound self-knowledge and especially with understanding one’s pitfalls, hidden issues, and translations of internally used symbolism.

With one’s inner doors opening, the internal view and perception expand. The more the inner universe is stripped of noise from the outside world AND of all inner convictions and beliefs, the purer the perception.


Intuitive perception involves subtle sensing through feeling.

Intuitive perception has little to do with the brain and the mental air principle of the (logical) mind.


Test, test, test

Sharpening intuition requires constant testing against reality. Testing intuitive perceptions can be difficult and tedious; it comes down to intuitive multitasking, where one is both intuitively open to subtle hunches, maintains concentration in the here and now, and can also observe whether the inner translation has turned out to be correct! This internal training works best if you can enjoy the performance and see it as a challenge to perform under increasingly complex circumstances. Ambition, urge to achieve, or coercion is counterproductive!

The value of intention and motivation – you push your own limits

The value of intention and motivation is everything. Everything that you practice with love, attention, and care has the potential to multiply. When the self takes a step back, the intuition widens one step. Thus, Selfish motives come to light naturally, and it is up to you whether you recognize and sacrifice them to make another significant intuitive step forward.

Q: What do you think about ‘creating’ or the attraction of money? Does that also fall under the use of intuition?

If someone wants to attract money, a partner, property, or something like that, ask yourself the underlying need. Unfulfilled needs cloud the inner mirror; they influence and impure your intuitive reception.


Having or Being Consciousness?

DOES one HAVE, or IS one consciousness? Where is consciousness located? In the brain? Or does consciousness have no specific place in the body and may even extend into the aura?

The brain is the most important part of the body. It controls most of the body’s activities, processing, integrating, and coordinating the information it receives from the (physical) sense organs and making decisions as to the instructions sent to the rest of the body.

A description of consciousness one HAS:
The state of being awake and aware of one’s surroundings.

A description of consciousness as a state of “Being”:
The state of being awake and aware of one’s surroundings, in the here and now and down to the subtle spiritual and transcendent energetic levels.

As long as one still identifies with a name, body, and title, one can assume that one HAS a consciousness. Spiritual exercises and meditation can expand consciousness until automatic identification no longer occurs and one BECOMES consciousness.

With consciousness expansion, the consciousness develops from egocentric consciousness in which the person is only interested in himself and his concerns to consciousness with interest in his immediate environment, expanding further to groups with specific spiritual interests to eventually universal interest in all people regardless of their color or religious background.


The Overshadowing of the Soul

The Soul is the transcendent energy that gives life to body and mind, but the Soul is also an unknown and misunderstood part of man. Ego’s ambition overshadows the innate desire to develop an intimate intuitive contact with one’s Soul.

The art of Wu Wei is the art of acting from intuition in a state of self-forgetfulness where the ego has the role of observer. Wu Wei, thus is acting without ambition-driven intention.

The ego has a well-defined framework, a composite of conscious and subconscious intentions, motives, and goals. The ego has ambition and generally predominates. It overshadows those personality parts that search for the ultimate intimate intuitive contact with the Soul. These more receptive parts are open to the intuitions of the Soul. Our ‘selves’ are our enemy.

The ego thinks and acts from a choice between the extreme opposites’ good and evil.’ However, what is good or bad is determined personally and depends on society’s prevailing social, cultural, and religious values. The Soul has no interests in religion; the ego, on the other hand, does have them. The frequencies of the ego are within the “bandwidth” of the frequencies of society.

The frequency of the Soul is outside the frequency bandwidth of the world.

As you descend deeper into yourself, you travel from the individual to the semi-collective level of consciousness. In the semi-collective layer, there are aspects that you share with several people. You resonate with each other; you are on the same frequency but within the esoteric and religious frequency bandwidth ranges of society and the world.

The semi-collective level of consciousness is often subconscious but still a part of the ego, the personality, and the spiritual and religious identity. Any resonance here has nothing to do with the Soul, but it may feel like an intimate intuitive contact with the Soul.

There may be a moment of deep self-knowledge for ego consciousness in which it unmasks its mechanisms, and the Soul Desire is intuitively perceived and understood. The conscious ego can now choose to be receptive to the Soul’s intuitions and keep the self in the background as an observer.


Beyond Religion and Spirituality

Beyond the well-known world of Spirituality and Religion lies The Great Unknown.

The Tao that can be spoken is not the eternal Tao
The name that can be named is not the eternal name
The nameless is the origin of Heaven and Earth
The named is the mother of myriad things
Thus, constantly without desire, one observes its essence
Constantly with desire, one observes its manifestations
These two emerge together but differ in name
The unity is said to be the mystery
Mystery of mysteries, the door to all wonders*

Everything under the Sun has a beginning and an end. In the known world, everything has a name and, with it, a beginning and an end; it is finite.

The eternal has no name, but it is the origin of heaven and earth. Everything under the Sun has a name.

Transcendence has no name and, therefore, no meaning; a name gives meaning and evokes desire.

Name and nameless are completely different yet emerge together. Their unity is known as the Mystery, the Door to all Wonders.

The Great Unknown in the “world” is not spiritual but Transcendent. The transcendency is beyond the world one knows of. The transcendency offers no meaning, so it remains unknown.

The Path can only be walked intuitively, without desire, yet completely fulfilling.


* Copyright and translation: Derek Lin