A New Way

IN ORDER THAT THE AFOREMENTIONED NEW RACE MAY FLOURISH UPON EARTH and for the promise of the New World Consciousness to be realised, it may be observed that humanity is presently in need of some drastic changes from its existing and long-established selfish and separative tendencies. A new way of living must be found; a true spirit of unconditional love must be nurtured. It is, however, no longer anticipated that mankind will, by itself, make these necessary adjustments, and today extremely potent forces are poised in readiness to effect the salvation and complete restoration of our planet. For the unprepared and resistant to that which is new, these forces will necessarily present much difficulty, while those who possess a selfless attitude will be stimulated and exceptionally blessed by the incoming streams of energy, and they will naturally gravitate toward the new way of life in the Aquarian age.

Due to the radical subtle and physical alchemy that is currently transpiring upon planet Earth, a new and genuine spirituality is naturally dawning within the expanding consciousness of a portion of humanity. Never before has there been such marvellous potential for spiritual unfoldment for those with unselfish motives. A new way of being is possible for each and every person today who seeks to attain or who already possesses right understanding and a virtuous disposition, and all those who would take maximum benefit from the divine forces made available in these times will find themselves expediently treading the right road that will guarantee their safe passage into the New World. Thus so, they will be embarking upon a sure method of preparation and they will be ready to receive the impending descent of the Aquarian grace which they will be naturally motivated to share with others.

The new way of relating to others and the world in the Aquarian age is hinted at in the following excerpt from an unnamed ancient scripture: “When the Sun progresses into the mansion of the serving man, the way of life takes the place of the way of work. Then the tree of life grows until its branches shelter all the sons of men. The building of the Temple and the carrying of the stones cease. The growing trees are seen; the buildings disappear. Let the Sun pass into its appointed place and in this day and generation attend ye to the roots of growth”.

Today’s aspiring individual ever lives the life of serviceful activity and of intense and simultaneous spiritual seeking, reflection and inner work. Such an example is characteristic of the person who is in alignment with the new world-paradigm in contradistinction to the old world aspirant, who escapes from life into the silent places and away from the pressures of daily living and constant contact with others. The task of those who will usher in the New World by demonstrating the new way is much more difficult, but their achievements and rewards will be still greater, and this is to be expected as a necessary part of world-progress under the auspices of the Divine Plan.

Those who find it difficult to accept that there can be a new way of spiritual growth for the world are reasonably justified. Many quite rightfully ask themselves: how is it that ancient tried and tested spiritual techniques, doctrines, philosophies, etc. can become suddenly outmoded? Well, the Truth itself never changes, but world-consciousness, perception, understanding and therefore the application of that Truth are ever being modified and adapted to the present-day requirements. A new consciousness requires a new presentation and implementation of the Truth, and hence a new way. This does not mean that established spiritual practises like prayer, meditation, yoga, etc. suddenly become ineffectual; to the contrary, the expanding inflow of divine grace may bless the solitary practitioner also, if only to a limited degree when compared to the new way of spiritual group-activity, and only if one’s practise is selflessly motivated.

It is ever the motive behind a thought or an act that influences one’s vibratory rate and, therefore, affects the purity of consciousness, and this is especially applicable amidst today’s intensifying psychic climate. Mantras chanted for personal gain, prayers made in selfish appeal, spiritual practises exercised not for others but for oneself alone, and even rituals performed for self-protection will all attract negative energies to the individual, both from the surrounding environment and from within. This is because the energies that have in past been successfully utilised by aspirants seeking self-improvement are now being withdrawn as the whole planet enters its next and highest level of expression. During the coming years a continuing decline in levels of well-being will be experienced by both patients and practitioners who harbour self-regard, no matter how advanced they may be in their practise, for like attracts like, and the Law of Attraction is today much enhanced in its tangible effects.

It should be understood, then, that at this time having personal motives for self-advancement is not only antagonistic to the true spiritual goal of the aspirant but is also neglectful of the bountiful advantages made available today through righteous invocation in earnest groups. Selfish spirituality is imitation spirituality and spells exclusion from the emancipating joy of the way to new light through spiritual group-activity, altruism and service: the distinctive keynote of the new way in the Aquarian age, and if this is insufficient to firmly encourage the religious hopeful to reconsider his self-oriented inclinations, then he may wish to bear in mind also that in the years ahead any self-seeking will draw the old and unwholesome energies to him.

Conversely, group spiritual progress is a virtually failsafe protection against many kinds of religious delusion. If two or more people are working together earnestly for the benefit of all, the pitfalls, illusions and egotistic impulses that are so often found upon the path of self-liberation may be seen and uprooted by another sincere member of the group as they arise. Each new seed of delusion is thus given little chance to take root in the fertile soil of the ego, while simultaneously, spiritual merit is at hand as one group member helps another.

Group – not individual – spiritual growth is the new way. The current needs of humanity, the opportunity to contribute, and the inestimable value of intelligent and earnest group-collaboration must be recognised by all those aspirants who wish to enter the New World. The essential questions to be considered in order to gauge whether we shall qualify for group work and, therefore, spiritual opportunity today should be: are we ready to adjust ourselves to the present need and to sacrifice personal desire for something much greater in order to serve the cause of the Divine Plan in this, its present phase? And are we ready to build for a brighter future, together, for the collective good?

The new Aquarian age is upon us, and the integration of mankind warrants definite changes in technique though not, of course, in the most basic and spiritual goals of life. The following adjusted law of the new age should be clearly understood by awakening humanity: upon the understanding response to the collective needs of mankind will depend the rapidity with which each individual will be enabled to achieve the next revelation and expansion of consciousness which is, for him, possible. Each of us has, therefore, to consider our individual response to the demands of our own spirit, and our collective response to the collective need. All candidates for the forthcoming spiritual opportunity are now appealed to by mankind’s invisible Guides for this united service.

Spirited motivation for group collaboration and joint service will naturally follow a realisation of the world’s urgent need, a recognition of the Divine Plan, and an apprehension of the immediate point of world attainment. This in turn will evoke the consequent investment of the total of one’s resources into the furtherance of the One Divine Work upon Earth. When our insistence upon making the transition out of the lower (personal) and into the higher (divine) life has been felt within the inner worlds by those who watch and wait, and when our pledge to our own soul that we shall allow no impediment to deter our resolution for service has been noted, assistance will be given by divine Agents. Under the laws of the Aquarian age, such assistance is given only to those who have transcended selfish aspiration and lost sight of their own progress in the genuine and selfless impulse to be of service to others.

The word goes forth to the spiritual aspirants of today who are bound for success: lose sight of self in joint-endeavour, forget personal desire in group-activity, pass through the portal into new life in group-formation, and let the personality life be lost in the greater Life of spiritual inclusivity. Thus, the New World precept of spiritual progress through collective service will be realised, a principle that has for ages been observed upon the hidden side of life, and under which Earth’s Hierarchy of Elders have happily progressed while aiding and protecting their younger brothers and sisters: humanity.

Today, the appointed emissaries of many different interstellar alliances continue to incarnate upon the physical plane on Earth in merciful answer to the prayers and needs of humanity. They are presently finding their positions, and will soon exemplify that the Law of Service is the governing law of the future for planet Earth. In past ages it has been the service of one’s own soul, with the emphasis upon one’s own individual salvation, that engrossed the attention of the spiritual aspirant; naught else was considered. Then came the period wherein the service of a spiritual master, or guru, and also of one’s own soul, was considered of dominant interest; the master was served and duty to him emphasised, because thereby the salvation of the individual was aided. Now a new note is sounding forth in the world, the note of growth through the service of the race, through cultivated self-forgetfulness and through group-communion with the Divine. Teachers and gurus are not utilised today in the same unthinking and acquiescent way as in past times, for the Truth is now being sought and found directly within while in active group-service.

As we are moving forward into an era of greater intelligence, dogmatic belief and blind faith are becoming redundant in the revealing light of true understanding, direct knowing and spiritual experience. The true and innermost impulse of mankind has ever been to serve and obey the Greater Self – the Spirit – and this is beginning to be more widely appreciated today. In the past, however, this simple truth has been distorted by church authorities, extremists, fundamentalists, scholars, etc., and has produced the multifarious formulas of spiritual philosophy and religious theology. These formulas veil the Truth; they have been presented to the consideration of mankind in terms of personality devotions and of obedience to masters, leaders, deities, religious systems and established organisations instead of fidelity and service to the One Spirit in all. Such false presentations of the Ageless Wisdom must and will change in the Aquarian age, and it will be appreciated that spiritual insight, expanding vision, intelligent and positive control of one’s destiny and the development of consciousness are the results of efforts made by using one’s own initiative; never have they been the outcome of blindly following the recommendations of others or their doctrines.

The grasping nature of many prayers, based as they are upon personal desire, are regarded as disturbing, impractical and inexpedient by a growing proliferation of those who recognise the truth today. The vagueness of meditations taught and practised both in the East and in the West, and their emphatically selfish note, e.g., to gain peace, liberation for oneself, personal healing and empowerment, etc. is likewise causing frustration and revolt for want of something bearing greater wholeness and spiritual substance. The order of the day is not for personal enlightenment, nor even the search for greater personal happiness, but for intelligent preparation for the imminent world-initiation.

Today’s intensifying psychic climate demands united effort, group-understanding, co-operative service, group-contact with the Divine, collective salvation, and integrated relationship with the soul in one another and with the Greater Self in all. Indeed, if group-collaboration is absent; if the true team-spirit is not being demonstrated today, then there is not much that the divine Helpers of the race upon the inner side of life can do for humanity in these unique times.

For many cycles, the spiritual Hierarchy has functioned withdrawn into an apparent silence upon the higher levels of our planetary sphere where contact has had to be made with them by  aspirants who have, by discipline, spiritual development and service, qualified themselves to establish such a relationship. Today, however, circumstances are very different. New inflowing energies and the ongoing thinning of the veil between worlds have made a closer relationship with Divinity possible to a greater number of human beings than in the past.

The spiritual Guides of the race, then, are today much more accessible from within than has generally been the case heretofore upon Earth. Contact with them by the earnest seeker may be made in various ways: it may arise from simply reading a book containing important seeds of truth, which might catalyse a more receptive state of consciousness; it may present itself spontaneously as a synchronicity, a vision, a silent inner sense or an impression relayed via one’s own soul. Contact may be received in symbolic form while in meditation, or in dreams, which can be analysed and comprehended upon due reflection. Guidance might be witnessed as an incentive, a sudden inspiration or dynamic and compelling impulse in the life of the person contacted, or it may be registered as a flash of intuitive understanding revealing a larger part of the nature of Reality. Such a revelation may effect a greater appreciation of future possibilities, potential destiny and the need for service in our times; it may even reveal the overall purpose of a person’s incarnation, and thus stimulate the conscious aspiration toward the successful consummation of one’s life-mission. Whatever form communication with these inner Teachers may take, it will never encourage the individual to become dependent upon anyone or anything, but will always facilitate personal divine contact and will advocate group-collaboration for the good of the whole.

Many are at last hearkening to the New Spirit’s great urge for change. Humanity is being called to awaken and to embrace a new and much better way of life. Conscious groups are today drawing upon divine forces to bring safely into the world much greater light for all. The invocational potency of light and grace in these unified groups is enormously greater than that which may be known individually, as was assured two-thousand years ago when the Christ said, “When two or more people come together in my name, I shall be there with them.” Due to the present influx of cosmic energy in our solar system, group potential is unparalleled today and continues to expand. The principle of synergy that is applicable only in sincere and dedicated group-work shall contribute toward rapid group- and world-awakening like never before upon Earth.

It would be most prudent indeed not to overlook the incredible potential for group spiritual unfoldment in the new age; no traditional spiritual practises are needed (yet may, of course, be helpful). The new energies are utilised for group-awakening by the active application of informed and appropriate attitudes toward that which is relevant today. The why and how of attunement to the new frequencies must be understood by all those who would arise joyously into the New Light. Conscientious attention should be given to the following statement by all serious spiritual aspirants: the portal of initiation leading to the New World may only be traversed in group formation; such is a law of the Aquarian age.

Equipped with true understanding and its corollary: intelligent surrender, dedicated groups are today completely trusting the divine Intelligence within themselves. Thus so, and in accord with universal law, ever present and benign spiritual forces are made available to them. Pledged members of such groups are naturally allowing all personal concerns to effortlessly dissolve in the joy and security of group-communion, while simultaneously activating an invisible channel within the centre of the group through which these forces may flow. Inevitably, grace streams forth from the higher worlds and through such purposefully-constructed conduits of spiritual blessing, thereby illuminating the consciousness and opening the hearts of those present. Such a process catalyses the rapid transmutation of all gross auric energies, thereby releasing psycho-emotional blockages and producing various healing wonders as it leads to emancipation from worldly pain and suffering. The unselfish and intelligent use of such a powerful method of conducting divine energy in these favourable times gives rise to the construction of a potent ethereal circuit that  blazes a stream of electric force through every opened heart and bestows Revelation upon the whole group as each individual’s consciousness fuses and unites with the group-mind and is subsequently lifted into luminous spiritual realms where the experience of unconditional love for everyone and everything is known.

But this is not all; indeed, it is only the beginning, for in activating the Law of Invocation synergetically within the group, the corresponding influx of divine force will not only uplift and sanctify the consciousness of those responsible for its induction, but will proceed to radiate positive, healing and pacifying energy outwards from the centre, simultaneously effecting the transmutation of negative energies in the surrounding environment by purifying, healing and vivifying all the kingdoms of life on Earth: mineral, vegetable, animal and, of course, human. Such auspicious activity is in part responsible for the summoning, anchoring and worldwide distribution of the new Aquarian frequencies of light-energy, and it is this new way that shall be exemplified in the emerging esoteric schools that will be publicly recognised and respected in the New World.

Humanity’s readiness today to step forward onto a higher turn of the spiral – the path of group spiritual development – is a very positive sign indeed, for it reflects an important and inevitable universal process whereby individuality merges back into the Oneness of the Divine. Such unification is the ultimate goal of all sentient beings within every sphere of Creation, and it is this one great objective toward which the driving thrust of the Holy Spirit eternally urges all life.

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