About Intuition as Connecting Love

Have you ever observed a herd of horses? They can show a synchronicity in their reactions and movements as synchronized swimmers in the Olympics. This is the working of animal instinct and serves the conservation of the species. The developed human intuition works as connecting Love and serves the Unity.

Healthy Borders

Body and psyche together are a field of energy that is attuned to other human energetic fields. This is the human herd tendency. At first you don’t notice that energetic connection because you are focused on outer signals. However, this is necessary for the development of individuality.

Awareness of energetic fields and the intuitive attunement to them also requires an awareness of boundaries; where does my energetic field (my personal qualities and pitfalls) end and where does someone else’s field begin? With meditation and intuitive development, you become familiar with your own energies and how to balance them, and with the language of your intuition.

Reality checks

Reality checks are always necessary! Am I interpreting my intuition appropriately with reality? Does what I intuitively perceive correspond to reality? The wish is often the father of the thought, but as a spiritual worker you want a reliable and active intuition, otherwise it is useless in practical reality.

Intuition as the wise mother

The first level, intuition as inner communication for your personal life. The intuitive feeling ability first helps you with the obstacles that you experience in relation to your fellow human beings.

Through practice and reality checks you will notice that the feeling capacity broadens, deepens, and focuses more and more on your deepest drives and motivations in life. This allows you to get to know your personality and its mechanisms better and better.

Find out what essential needs you have. Discover how you can heal yourself. Which (energetic) charges bring you into a greater energetic chakra balance, positively charged fire and air, or negatively charged water and earth elements?

At different depths in the psyche, you can find different motivations that form the basis of your intentions. Motivations and intentions do not have to be aligned but can certainly be related. You just haven’t discovered the link yet.

Intuition as the wisdom of the heart

Love connects, also in your being. Inner communication is that information transfer between the inner perceiver of your sensing ability, and your inner translator. The inner translator is not in the logical mind, but on a deeper level of the heart center where symbolic language is immediately understood, the heart as an intuitive center of wisdom.

The energetic field that forms the body and psyche is more complex and vaster than you can imagine at first. If you do not yet have that much intuitive experience, it is sometimes difficult to distinguish between intuitive inner communication and the inner dialogue between you as an I-observer and one or more sub-personalities such as an inner critic.

The inner communication with sub-personalities sometimes looks deceptively real like telepathic communication with a source outside yourself! However, this communication is in the mind!

Sub-personalities such as inner voices are almost always judgmental, but sometimes they first pose as omniscient spiritual guides or light beings. These inner parts are not against you (astral attacks). They make their presence known and test your ego-awareness for self-knowledge, autonomy, and authenticity. Sub-personality parts belong to you, but you are in charge!

The Tree of Life

Chakras are the energetic radiation of energetic nodes and hormone glands in the body. Chakras lie on either side of the spine, the Tree of Life. The whole endocrine system is the carrier of the personality. The Aura is the radiance of the personality.

In relationships, action evokes response. Maybe that keeps you from acting, but that doesn’t change anything! Actions (Dharma) are needed to balance chakras (imbalance is Karma). The actions prompted by the Intuition are without judgment, neutral and do no harm, they do not create new Karma and that makes them innocent in nature. This is the wisdom of the heart.

Actively using the intuition for an energetic balance in all chakras and therefore in the personality is the equivalent of occupying your space and accepting your incarnation and taking responsibility for it. Self-acceptance activates the intuitive wisdom of the heart. Love your neighbor as yourself and God (the Oneness) above all.

Kirsten – Ⓒ Cosmic Soul

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