Archetypes, an archaic legacy of eminence?

Have you ever had that wonderful feeling of deep recognition or even “homecoming” when you first entered a spiritual or religious community unknown to you? This is the recognition of your Archetype with the Archetype of the group, there is a match. You can feel excitement and happiness!

Archetypes are semi-collective personality parts; they are shared with groups of people. They lie in the subconscious mind and most people are not aware of these parts, but they are familiar with the phenomena that Archetypes bring with them.

Personality traits

Suppose you have joined such a spiritual group and feel complete agreement. It feels nice until it starts to chafe a bit here and there. Maybe you have a more nuanced idea about their spiritual assumptions? Or do you think slightly different? Or you may now see that person who used to be so nice in a different light.

Maybe you put that other person on a pedestal and worship him or her? You believe that you can do it much better than the other person. Ambition for status and money plays an important role; what he / she can do, I can also and then that honor and appreciation is due to me. Do you recognize this yourself, or have you seen this in others? All these thoughts and feelings of comparison and inequality come from the inner Archetype!

Spiritual characteristics

The ancient Holy Scriptures are actually study and instructional materials. They were once created specifically for spiritual adepts. In addition, the spiritual life was and still is highly hierarchical, it is good that you realize this.

The spiritual knowledge that used to be secret (!) Many can now freely dispose of and experiment with it, but without having the necessary spiritual insights!

Without any understanding of the human life field and how it relates to God, the All, and to the (macro) cosmos, mediums, psychics and the like, have placed the origin of various spiritual manifestations they experienced outside of themselves. They probably did this mainly because they did not understand where all that “knowledge” came from, out of a form of misplaced humility, avoiding responsibility and as a means of reinforcing their spiritual message.

As a spiritual manifestation you can think of all immaterial phenomena, inexplicable to tangible reality, such as spiritualism, channeling and spiritual guide entities and vampirism. In reality, these are not newly discovered spiritual phenomena, but psychic archetypal phenomena seen in the light of a polarizing vision and dualistic reality.

Archetypal is hierarchical. Spiritual ignorance of the existence and behavior of Archetypes has designed and theoretically established an outer spiritual hierarchy, but how does that reconcile with the holistic view?

It is not the intention to convince you. You are meant to ask yourself whether spiritual or religious claims have any validity and right to exist?

In fact, science has no knowledge of universal life energy, Kundalini and the working of the inner intuitive perception.

The power of the masses

In groups, feelings of initial excitement and joy can turn into anger and mass hysteria. There are deeply ambivalent feelings in the subconscious mind of all people. In some group situations, these can come out explosively as one collective anger and make all norms and values ​​forgotten in one fell swoop.

Archetypes are group phenomena. They once originated in our distant ancestors through religious and spiritual situations involving subordinate dependence vs superior power. The main cause, however, is the underlying imbalance between the universal masculine and the universal feminine, the imbalance between Yang and Yin in all humanity.

Every imbalance is amplified under the influence of Kundalini! Under the influence of the force of the masses, they become explosive! Archetypes now come to light an-masse through reflection in groups. Apparently, the time is now right to face the archetypal inheritance of imbalance in subordination or impotence, and in supremacy or power.

How do you best deal with the Archetypal energy within spiritual and religious groups? In a dispassionate yet empathic way. Realize that archetypal energy is very powerful energy.

If you go for purity and are determined to find out what is true and what is not true in spirituality and religion, then you can really only be convinced by spiritual, transcendent, or intuitive experiences that you can actually test against reality. Whether you really allow yourself to be convinced depends on your willingness to look honestly into yourself and to receive the uncomfortable truth that whatever you condemn in another is also within you.


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