A cosmic perspective on Soul consciousness

A new era a new Field, a transcendental Ark

Over many millennia, multiple steps in the development of consciousness of the Soul Field, the Soul Ark, can be discerned: One single Soul that maintains contact with the transcendent Field and acts as a spiritual leader for a people. The development of a self-contained Soul as a spiritually autonomous individual who is in contact with the transcendent Field. And the latest development, a group of self-contained Souls functioning as One transcendent spiritual leading entity, a transcendent Master group field.

Leading up to the Age of Aquarius, some free souls incarnated to induce a completely new level of Soul development, a transcendental Ark. With this initiating shift in Soul consciousness, all areas of consciousness are undergoing a shift within the Oversoul, the group soul of humanity. There have been shifts in Soul consciousness before. They are related to scaling-up and have an impact on humanity and the Earth in several ways.

NB: The Cosmic Soul has always existed. What is evolving in Man and in Humanity is the awareness of Soul consciousness of human beings. That development proceeds from individual subconscious awareness, to individual aware Soul consciousness and aware Soul Group consciousness.

The Akashic field contains archetypal memory developing from primeval times on. The Cosmic Soul contains Soul Memory of transcendent Unity.

The formation of the Akashic field: Initially, spirituality was regional and linked to a tribe or a people through guidance of shamans, medicine people or the leader himself assumed divine status.

The formation of the Soul Field: The big difference was made when the consciousness was linked to an awakened heart center (transition Taurus-Aries). With this step spiritual development became encompassing the entire individual human being (transition Aries-Pisces). The final step, Pisces-Aquarius, has an impact on all of Humanity and the Earth.

Today the Akashic Field forms the glass ceiling in the Over-Soul. A buffer that prevents direct contact with the Cosmic Soul, the Source of remembrance of transcendent Unity. It is through the remembrance and application of the Divine Plan that the Soul is transfigured (transformed), receives Soul Liberation and be absorbed within the Field of the Cosmic Soul.


Free and Old Souls and their Challenges

The development of the Soul is guided by the energetic frequencies of the ages of the great cosmic year. In the transition period from one era to the next era you then have to deal with the influx of two different charges of energy, a combination of old familiar and entirely new frequencies. In such a period a Free Soul, or now in the transition to Aquarius, incarnates some Free Souls to bring in a new step in soul development that is in resonance with the new Era, spiritual group work.

Aquarius frequencies are frequencies that have to do with Aquarius qualities. Frequencies that inspire Soul group work based on completely voluntary willingness, equality, and friendship between male and female Souls. From its transcendent nature and essence, Soul group work is for all souls and planet encompassing.

A free Soul is a Soul that was able to complete its development in previous lives and could be released from the circle of life and death, Samsara. A Soul free from energetic attractions that bring the Soul to reincarnation.

Free Souls incarnate for a specific purpose. That “life-assignment” is located in the DNA of the Soul, a source of inner knowing that reveals itself more and more fully step by step.

A free Soul also comes into the world as a baby and must find his or her way into it. For such a Soul who has also acquired highly sensitive qualities for the fulfillment of the life assignment, the world appears to be a “sea” full of strange, incomprehensible, and sometimes downright hostile energies. High-sensitivity is a very challenging state in which the Soul constantly tests all intuitions and extra-sensory perceptions for itself against reality.

During their incarnation, these Souls have all the personal and spiritual qualities they need for the attainment of the goal, that is if they are in synchronicity with the cosmic clock of the solar system. Living in resonance and synchronicity with the energetic influx of cosmic frequencies is beneficial for all people and not just for a free Soul.

Completing incarnation cycles is a service to humanity.

Old Souls are souls who can almost complete their incarnation cycles. Deep down they long for liberation from the earthly attractions and they often experience the same challenges as those of the free Soul. They get their life motivation from the desire for the satisfaction of earth-bound spiritual service. However, the illusionary nature of spirituality and religion in the earth plane is precisely their greatest hindrance to Soul liberation.


Cyclic Incarnation Processes

The development of the spirituality of the Soul gets inspired by the cycle of the great eras. The Aquarius energetic frequencies inspire the development of transcendent Soul collaboration within a global encompassing group field.

With every transition of eras, such as now, there is a window of opportunity for the reincarnation of a free Soul to create constructive energetic changes in the spirituality of the Soul. These free Souls are drawn to the energetic frequencies of the new era, now to the era of Aquarius.

Energy forms matter and matter attracts energy, this is gravity. Gravity is the fundamental factor in the energetic mechanisms of incarnation and reincarnation. Once the attracting energy in a Soul is dissolved, the mechanism stops. This is Soul Liberation. The Soul can remain in the Cosmic Soul, free from incarnations.

Incarnations on the individual personal level as well as on the Soul and Cosmic Soul level are of a cyclical nature and related to each other.

Every incarnation process begins with metaphysical interactions between masculine and feminine charged subtle energies in the most transcendent realms of the Soul.

The re-incarnation of an individual Soul begins in the metaphysical realms of two closely related partners. The two interacting energies of both partners eventually generate a conception of a whole new field of Soul life.

The ongoing individuation of the soul, through the development of the awareness field of the Soul, spans many lifetimes. It is a holistic process characterized by the realization of the Oneness of existence, the Unification of the individual Soul, and ultimately the Unification of all Souls.

The individuation of the Soul and the incarnation of its qualities shows synchronicity with the energetic vibrations of the eras of the great cosmic year. The incarnation of a whole new Group Soul Life Field, an energetic Ark, begins with a subtle energetic merging of masculine and feminine charged transcendent Soul energies and takes place within the transcendent sphere of the Cosmic Soul.

In the most transcendent realms, the Soul is identical to the cosmic Soul.

The individual reincarnation Process


The Essence of Being is Movement

One for all, all for One

The essence of being is cyclical movement; eternal cycles of birth, development, and death, to experience all facets of the inner man including those of the spiritual and transcendent realms.

Like our solar system, all physical and metaphysical life moves in repetitive cycles. Unto the most profound metaphysical depths, Humankind is attuned to the energetic frequencies of repetitive cycles until the farthest and most distant planet in the solar system, showing the esoteric law: ‘as above so below’ and ‘as inner so outer’. Physical and metaphysical life on all levels of existence is under the influence of the repetitive cycles of development.

The specific behavior and movements of objects in the universe like the Sun, Moon, and planets, display the law of Karma, the law of cause and effect, and indirectly this indicates a specific mechanism: reincarnation. The individual personality is originated under the law of Karma.

Reincarnation is a rebirth and means a re-connection between the soul and a new physical body, a newborn baby. The soul is a composed metaphysical and transcendental energetic unity on its own, an individual universe or microcosm. Reincarnation is a sheer energetic mechanism based on universal energetic laws.

Energy shapes matter and matter attracts energy (Gravity). Reincarnation is a cyclic energetic mechanism and is a highly complicated and dynamic process.

This is the second article in a series of three on Re-Incarnation.

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The Origin of the Human Soul

The cosmic “egg” was there before the hen and rooster.

Each (new) creation goes through stages of development from immaterial to material. It first exists as an idea. In thoughts the idea develops into concept. From concept to design on paper or scale model and then to concrete implementation and manifestation of the original idea.

If you reverse this statement, it means that “everything” that we can perceive sensually must have been initially metaphysical (invisible) before it came to concrete manifestation.

Inherently this means that behind all biological physical forms lies a metaphysical, spiritual, or transcendent reality that can be seen as the “designer” of all biological life. And it means that the human soul is approaching or already present before physical conception has taken place. For the (re) incarnation, the metaphysical human being descends in the form of composite subtle energy to the human ‘spheres’ of consciousness.

It also means that the Soul, the essence of all living beings that ever existed and still exist today, is of metaphysical origin and descends from the beginning from the subtle energetic metaphysical realms.

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This is the first article in a series of three on Re-Incarnation.


The Fundamental Energy of Creation.

Chi, Prana, or Universal Life Energy is the ultimate subtle electricity and the fundamental energy of Creation. Without this there would be no Creation; there would be no Life, no Movement, and no Matter. Although we cannot perceive this with our physical senses, Prana is essentially the essence of all that is. Because of its special qualities, it can be called “Love”, “Grace” or “Holy Spirit”.

Universal Life Energy pervades all energetic fields of reality; the awareness realms of the mineral field, the vegetation field, the animal field, and the human field.

The four elements of earth, water, air, and fire are the energetic building blocks of the human-created World.

Thanks to Universal Life Energy, Prana, we are able to live and move. Thanks to the four elements we produce our own creations and thus form (the four corners of) the world. In an energetic sense, we ‘charge’ the world with the energy of our personality that we give to our creations and we charge the world with the meaning we give to all things that exist. Thoughts are energy and contain a certain charge.

Universal Life energy is the basis of our total existence and facilitates our life and movement. Through this differentiation, a distinction is made between Creation itself and the human-created World.

Universal Life Energy has several types of properties:

– Healing properties, energetic medicine uses Prana

– Maintaining and conducting properties, we live and move thanks to Prana and telepathy works through the conducting property of Prana.

– And an Initiating property.