Causes and Effects – the Birth of a New World

TODAY, MANKIND STANDS WITNESS UPON THE EVE OF A GREAT WORLD TRANSITION. An unprecedented global metamorphosis is now underway which is accelerating all-round human development, bringing major changes to Earthly life and will presently lift humanity into a new era of higher awareness.

Time is measured esoterically in cycles, and on Earth the gateway to every new cycle, or age, represents a momentous milestone upon the onward journey and development of the human race. The old Piscean era has passed and all but concluded. The door leading to the next cycle: the Aquarian age, is now opening in accordance with the cosmic clockwork. As a consequence of such an epochal change, a fresh and vitalising spirituality is dawning for humanity, bringing hitherto unknown, fundamental and positive changes to our world.

Just as planets revolve around their local sun in each solar system, so every solar system revolves around a nucleus within its galaxy and, correspondingly, each galaxy itself as a whole is in constant motion. Our own solar system is presently rotating into a new magnetic field within the galaxy, and as far as our world is concerned this movement is responsible for triggering a previously unparalleled influx of rising frequencies of cosmic energy from the inner, more subtle densities* of space. These energies are engulfing our planet at this time in accordance with a mighty Divine Plan for the Earth, the solar system and beyond; they are radically affecting human consciousness and are precipitating very auspicious spiritual opportunities for mankind as a New World is about to be born.

* The term ‘density’ denotes a vibrational frequency of consciousness or plane of existence. The occult structure of the lower part of the universe in which we reside – the Cosmic Physical Plane – is most often described using a septenary model, i.e., seven ascending levels from the most dense or most material at the bottom level to the least dense or quickest vibration at the top. Each major level, or plane, can then be divided again into seven sub-levels. However, such clear-cut divisions are for conceptual convenience only, for in truth one level cannot really be distinguished from the next since the whole spectrum of vibratory frequencies changes by extremely subtle gradations. The most prevalent level of consciousness amongst the mass of human beings on Earth today, using the septenary model, is that of third-density approaching fourth.

The Earth transformation of greatest consequence will take place most swiftly and will be a tangibly objective result of that which has already transpired within the hidden worlds. The stepping up of the planetary frequency has, up to this time, been gradual and relatively subtle; its effects have even passed unnoticed to date by most people in the world. However, it is the rending of the veil between dimensions that is sudden, and not the developments of the preparatory stages leading up to the Great Shift; a shift which is now very close indeed.

The reader is assured that there is much truth underlying the various disseminations in the world today that pertain to the spiritual renaissance of the New Age, but the exact significance, true perspective and gravity of the times are being much distorted by the grasping minds and excited desires of mankind. There most certainly is a great storm approaching the Earth. This factual statement – the probable events of which were known and foretold by our prophets, saints and mystics thousands of years ago and heretofore – should be regarded as being closer to a euphemism than to an exaggeration. Like a rainstorm, one of the chief and concluding effects of the impending tempest will be that of purification, global purification.

Various purificatory symptoms of the current inflow of new energies are to be observed already in the world, and these will continue to manifest with increasing potency as the planetary vibration is progressively raised in compliance with divine order. This process of global purgation may be likened to that of a fever as it expels toxins from a sick body, and no one today can deny that the body of our planet is indeed ailing. However, for those who have prepared themselves due to their understanding of the present world crisis and opportunity, the new inflowing energies are and will continue to be responsible for many positive spiritual awakenings as they help to transmute human consciousness in readiness to receive new light. Consequently, and more than ever before, Love will be experienced and so given in the momentous times ahead by those who are able, and this is the goal of the transition into the age of Aquarius because since Love has ever been the harmonising and unifying principle of Creation, it is Love alone that will heal our planet and ensure the successful building of the New World.

Today, as the expanding frequencies of Love continue to exert tension from within the inner worlds – like a new germ-seed preparing for emergence from its pod buried in the darkness of the soil in springtime – a growing pressure is inevitably being felt by mankind all around the planet. This tension gives the impression that conflict and enmity is growing in the world, that greed and iniquity are escalating. While this is certainly true in an empirical sense, everything is in order, and only an appreciation of the larger picture is able to reveal the perfection of current and impending world events. For the husk that surrounds the pregnant seed is breaking apart in order to make way for new life.

It is an immutable fact that in a dualistic universe the bright, positive and appreciably beautiful part of the Cosmos necessitates the existence of its opposite, its contrast, and this has always been and ever will be essential to the movement and development of consciousness. However, there has been an unbalanced and growing shadow looming over the Earth for millennia now, and our world has today become near-saturated by ignorance and evil. Yet such a distressing global condition was never intended for our planet, which was once known as the Jewel of the Solar System. The Earth is today reluctantly referred to as the dark planet by various benevolent entities with whom we share our universe. Fortunately, however, and by divine decree, this will presently be remedied in the Aquarian age, yet prior to the inevitable transmutation of all gross energies that constitute the plague of the Earth, the effects of untold ignorance and injustice reaching back for ages into the past must first rise up in order to be seen, addressed and healed. The whole planet is currently witnessing the darkest hour before a new dawn as the early stages of its destined and vital cleansing process unfolds.

Due to the infectious nature of the rising darkness upon Earth today, the need for rectitude and for the practise of virtue has never been so critical in the history of mankind, for like attracts like. Those who choose to remain inconsiderate of others and, therefore, of the Greater Life are finding that their selfish attitudes are being uncomfortably exaggerated as a result of the purging nature of the new energies. Should such individuals fail to amend their unfavourable dispositions toward life, this process will culminate for them in some kind of psychological, emotional or even physical malady. New and sometimes clinically-incurable diseases are already appearing today as symptoms of humanity’s ordained and unavoidable detoxification process. Anxiety, stress, depression and a whole host of other disorders are to be observed escalating in the world, especially for those who, having little understanding of the hidden forces and purposes behind today’s global transformations, tend to aggravate their own problems by reacting imprudently. For those lacking in spiritual awareness and who have become so habitually enmeshed in living solely for self that they are unwilling or unable to change, various forms of mental and emotional deterioration will continue to give rise to a pandemic of neurosis, psychosis and occult possession by discarnate entities. Conversely, however, for the selfless and large-hearted, whose lives are naturally disposed toward goodwill and love, such afflictions will be greatly minimised.

Nevertheless, however poised and detached a person may be in terms of their inner life, everyone will necessarily be influenced to some degree by prevailing world conditions, for the effects of the cumulative and harmful thought-currents and attitudes of humanity are pervasive worldwide and are sorely evident today not only in the lives of individuals but also upon the physical planet. We have generally treated the Earth with gross disrespect for far too long. We have regarded our home together with its mineral, vegetable and animal kingdoms most carelessly, and we have repeatedly demonstrated an attitude of negligence that betrays mankind’s erroneous view that the resources of the planet are for its own selfish uses and exploitation alone. Humanity, as a whole, has completely overlooked the fact that Mother Earth – Gaia – is a spiritual being, engaged in her own evolutionary development, and who lovingly endeavours to provide a perfectly balanced environment for the harmonious existence of multifarious life-forms, including human beings.

The subject of impending Earth changes as a corollary of mankind’s negligence and wrongdoing is a well-vented issue around the world today, and the geophysical aspects of the planetary events to come will not be detailed here. However, even though humanity has to some degree apparently understood the immediate crisis with which all life is faced upon the planet, we have clearly indicated that we are either unwilling or incapable of rectifying the extensive global damage that we ourselves have inflicted. So the pollution continues and still the rape of planet Earth and the prostitution of her resources persists. The patient intelligence of Nature will only allow such abuse to persevere up to a certain critical point, enduring mankind’s violations for as long as possible in order that we may be given ample opportunity to learn from our mistakes and therefore change our ways of our own free will. Such is the great compassion of Mother Earth for her children.

In past the unseen Guides of the race (commonly known as the planetary or spiritual Hierarchy of Great Souls) have recognised the necessity of standing by while the forces set up by our own ignorance proceeded to react upon us, thus demonstrating the consequences of our thoughtlessness and foolish actions. In such compensating circumstances it was anticipated that we might readjust our lives appropriately and change our ways of subsistence and leisure by ceasing to ravage and to pollute the Earth, thus saving both our planet and ourselves from unnecessary and traumatic results. Therefore, humanity was given adequate occasion to discover that disengagement from selfishness, greed and materialism carries its own reward, and it was hoped that we would have liberated ourselves due to our education of suffering and hence that we would have begun to live an intelligent life in harmony with natural law.

To the contrary, however, as a race we have demonstrated our extreme failure to react positively and appropriately to the warning signs afforded us by Nature, and so today humanity and planet Earth are uncomfortably close to a red-alert condition. Symptoms of today’s crisis are numerous. For example, new strains of malignant viruses are emerging in a world overladen with evil karma, for the world-ego is catharting as it has never done before. The escalating human distress is also due to a quickening of the Law of Cause and Effect upon the planet, for as the planetary vibration rises the power of thought and emotion is magnified, affecting all of life much more tangibly and swiftly than heretofore. Esotericists down the long corridors of mankind’s history have always been aware that negative and self-centred thinking and emotion are responsible for all disease; it is ever thought and feeling which are the essential cause of physical-plane effects, for action always follows these.

Now, it is not the intention of this text to instill or encourage fearful reactions by presenting information that the average reader may prefer not to know about. In fact fear would only compound the aforementioned adversities. Indeed, it is world-fear that must be transmuted by love and understanding before the New World can be born. Mankind fears only that which is not understood. Fear is, therefore, a synonym for ignorance. Ignorance, in turn, is responsible for the creation of all disharmony, and thus it is ignorance that must be dissipated by the light of Truth before freedom from suffering may be known. The fearful and unintelligent denial or disregard of impending planetary developments is not helpful and will certainly not diminish them or prevent them from occurring. However, in the light of true knowledge, by the acquisition of right understanding, in the enlightened change of our thinking and attitudes, and in our consequent expedient action, the undesirable side-effects of the global purification may, by and for each individual, be alleviated and, in exceptional cases, even be transcended altogether.

To give an example of the positive advantages of an informed awareness: mainstream science has not ascertained why killer-viruses are fatal to some but not all. The reason is clear, however, to anyone who possesses elementary occult knowledge. Everything in the universe consists of energy at varying frequencies of vibration. Viruses arise due to the low and deleterious vibrations of our own negative thinking and emotion; viruses thrive at low vibratory rates. Those with an altogether higher vibration of consciousness who are positively oriented toward selflessness and love are generally immune from the so-called killer-diseases, and without the need for harmful inoculations!

‘Miracle cures’ have been repeatedly recorded throughout history, and all such remedies were made possible by raising the patient’s vibratory rate of consciousness so that healing forces could flow unimpeded from within the ailing person themselves. This has been the case whether the cure was labelled faith-healing, white magic, God’s blessing or whatever else; the true reasons are always the same, and it is ever the frequency of one’s consciousness that is the key to success.

The easiest and quickest way to raise the vibration of consciousness – and certainly the safest for most people – is to make contact with the Divine in oneself, and this may be done by focussing out of and away from the personal self  and upon some higher and worthy purpose. In fact, if in aligning with universal law mankind were to adopt and maintain such an inclusive and expanded focus, perfect healing on all levels would eventually ensue in the world, and in most cases without the need for intermediaries like doctors or drugs etc. For the majority of the planetary population this is a vitally needed education today, and it is this lesson which the impending inner and outer upheavals prior to the birth of the New World will endeavour to impart to all who attempt to continue living within the shadows of selfishness and fear.

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