Consciousness and Dimensions

The greatest challenge in spiritual development is becoming aware of and letting go of the attachment to the outer appearances of matter and the inner urge for control, an internal expression of form that arises from attachment to it. Spiritual and religious dogmas and rules of life are forms of gaining power.

The word dimension is a physical word; it conjures up thoughts of length, width, and height. Our focus on the world is material and performance-oriented. However, spirituality is about consciousness flowing through that matter, and spiritual practices serve to become aware of that and gain greater receptivity to it.

By describing consciousness with the word -dimension- one gives consciousness physical, material, AND limited properties, which consciousness does not have.

Consciousness can be divided into energetic fields of charged subtle energy or realms of consciousness.

The 4th consciousness field is the human perception field of the I-consciousness and is an ‘astral’ disposition; it includes day or I-consciousness and dream consciousness, the imagination of, among other things, the daydream, and the Other Side.

Man is aware of his existence because of his self-consciousness. Without self-consciousness, man is a purely instinctive being in the 3rd animal consciousness field in the 3rd dimension.

The 4th field of consciousness includes the first three fields of consciousness. These are the animal (3), vegetable (2), and mineral (1) fields of consciousness.

The 5th field of consciousness comprises the 4th field of consciousness and has a mental disposition. People are unaware of the group consciousness field and its workings, but this field does influence the daily lives of all people. This realm contains idols, Archetypes, and associated complex and meaningful beliefs. All spiritual and religious systems and institutions have emerged from this field.

The 6th field of consciousness is the field of the Soul and includes all other realms. Its disposition is universal and ‘feeds’ all lower realms with universal life energy. The 6th field of consciousness is the goal or destination for the spiritual disciple.