Cosmic Practice

Where we come from,
That place is forever.
Where we come from,
There is no water, no air,
No land and no sky.
There is no moon and no sun.
No night and no day.

Hindi song

Each new creation goes through stages of development, from immaterial to material. It first exists as an idea. In thoughts, the notion develops into a concept. From concept to design on paper or model and then to concrete implementation and manifesting the original vision.

Without exception, we all come from the Cosmic Inspiration Field. In this field of Cosmic Consciousness lies the origin of the Soul, the cause of the existence of every human being.
There comes the point in the development of each Soul when the memory of that lineage comes to Consciousness, and a longing for a return to that cosmic state of Being awakens.

Extend beyond time and space. Stretch beyond the illusions of the values of the tangible world. Grow beyond the illusion of the subjective perception of the (physical) senses and the illusion of comparing and valuing each other’s success, happiness, and short-term pleasures.

The veils of illusions divide the world and humanity, create distance and hierarchy in our minds, and tempt us to rise above others instead of ourselves.

Every person is unique and has an individual perception of the world. Regardless of who or what we are, we find each other in the Cosmic Field; herein lies our collective universality and Cosmic Fellowship and Cooperation.