THIS WORK IS NOT THE RESULT OF CHANNELLING (mediumship), but is the product of a continuing and natural process of remembrance which has been expedited by our own uncompromising and full-time search across four continents from 1990 to 1999. During that period we left not one stone unturned in our ardent quest to uncover the genuine truth of the times and to solve the enigma of our growing and peculiar inner senses and spiritual experiences.

The information revealed in this book will be of interest and especial benefit to certain individuals who are beginning to penetrate the veil of forgetfulness, which has been necessarily imposed upon them by their own divine intelligence and by the laws pertaining to incarnation on Earth. Specifically addressed are those individuals who are presently undergoing the foreordained process of remembrance themselves, and who, in being stimulated by the rising frequencies of Aquarian energy, are becoming aware of the duty and service that they came to render at this time upon Earth and which, in turn, is the purpose of their incarnation.

However, the message contained within these pages is not exclusive. This book may benefit everyone alike because the process of transformation and awakening that is being exemplified by certain unique groups of souls in physical embodiment today parallels that which all humanity must undergo in order to be eligible to enter the New World, the birth of which is now very close.

The truth revealed herein contains catalytic seeds which, when recognised by those who are able, may serve to rekindle vague soul-memories and so contribute toward spiritual reorientation and awakening. Such awakening is both timely and necessary today, for we have arrived at a most critical juncture in the onward journey of both our planet and mankind. The planetary deadline for the advent of an unprecedented spiritual consciousness on Earth is imminent, and all who would gain access to the Portal leading into the New World are now being called to awaken and to arise in readiness to assist those amongst humanity who will accompany them.

A growing percentage of the human population are today remembering something of the intelligent design and infallibility of the Divine Plan for Earth at this time and their role to play in it. It is in such remembrance that we wish to fulfil our duty to all people in every part of the world, and we are especially devoted to helping in the recalling process for those who came specifically to aid humanity and the planet through the impending Great Transition.

Our long, dark night is almost over. Very soon, all awakened souls will unite again as one to greet the New Dawn, and to finally release that Grand Song which has been composed within their hearts during the course of many incarnations of personal sacrifice. It is our prayer that all servants of the race may now step forward to faithfully and confidently pool energies and resources so that together we may make haste toward the fulfilment of prophecy by consciously assisting in the predestined emergence of the New World Consciousness upon Earth.

*  *  *

When preparing a volume of this nature there are more unusual and unpredictable influences to contend with than is normally so. Similarly, the reader may experience certain difficulties in clearly grasping some of the fundamental verities revealed within this text. For example, drowsiness may be experienced by some, an inexplicable aversion to certain ideas may be observed by others, or perhaps a curious inability to assimilate new yet simple concepts. There may be three distinct reasons for this.

Firstly, certain truths conveyed in this book will present a significant moral challenge to some people, and so may evoke strong psycho-emotional reactions. Upon the spiritual path, old habit patterns, redundant belief systems and erroneous ideas that no longer serve the aspirant must first rise to the surface and present themselves to the conscious mind in order to be acknowledged, processed, resolved and upgraded so that a new and brighter life-perspective may be adopted. For the average person this necessary process of spiritual growth may trigger a degree of perplexity on various levels, and the reader may wish to bear in mind that bewilderment is often a natural symptom of inner purification. A very wise man once averred that: “. . . the truth shall set you free”. However, challenge and struggle will always arise preceding greater spiritual freedom; such is a basic fact of life.

Secondly, certain concepts herein will undoubtedly compel some readers to think in a very different way to which they may be accustomed. This will have a similar effect upon one’s mental faculty as that of exerting the physical body when it is not used to rigorous exercise: the muscles will easily tire. As is the case with physical training, perseverance is required if progress is to be made, and the dedicated student will find that his efforts pay commensurate dividends.

Thirdly, there exist antagonistic minds in the unseen worlds who definitely do not wish the contents of this volume to be revealed to anyone, anywhere, under any circumstances, at any time. Such intelligences work surreptitiously and, from hidden quarters, they may easily interfere with a person’s perception and ability to comprehend. To the intelligent and tenacious, these discarnate souls can be at worst a trifle irksome, and the undesirable effects of all efforts made by such uninvited guests may be minimised and even nullified altogether by the steadfast application of one’s will, against which they are impotent.

It is not uncommon for all three of the above complications to affect the reader to some degree and simultaneously, thereby inhibiting the light of new understanding. Nevertheless, should persistence be applied upon this important voyage of discovery, the rewards will far outweigh any difficulties that may be experienced throughout the venture. It is our earnest wish that all humanity may discover the whole truth with regard to the very unique spiritual opportunity that is available today to every sane and thinking person in the world, and may that truth liberate mankind once and for all from the illusion of separation and from suffering.

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