Free and Old Souls and their Challenges

The development of the Soul is guided by the energetic frequencies of the ages of the great cosmic year. In the transition period from one era to the next era you then have to deal with the influx of two different charges of energy, a combination of old familiar and entirely new frequencies. In such a period a Free Soul, or now in the transition to Aquarius, incarnates some Free Souls to bring in a new step in soul development that is in resonance with the new Era, spiritual group work.

Aquarius frequencies are frequencies that have to do with Aquarius qualities. Frequencies that inspire Soul group work based on completely voluntary willingness, equality, and friendship between male and female Souls. From its transcendent nature and essence, Soul group work is for all souls and planet encompassing.

A free Soul is a Soul that was able to complete its development in previous lives and could be released from the circle of life and death, Samsara. A Soul free from energetic attractions that bring the Soul to reincarnation.

Free Souls incarnate for a specific purpose. That “life-assignment” is located in the DNA of the Soul, a source of inner knowing that reveals itself more and more fully step by step.

A free Soul also comes into the world as a baby and must find his or her way into it. For such a Soul who has also acquired highly sensitive qualities for the fulfillment of the life assignment, the world appears to be a “sea” full of strange, incomprehensible, and sometimes downright hostile energies. High-sensitivity is a very challenging state in which the Soul constantly tests all intuitions and extra-sensory perceptions for itself against reality.

During their incarnation, these Souls have all the personal and spiritual qualities they need for the attainment of the goal, that is if they are in synchronicity with the cosmic clock of the solar system. Living in resonance and synchronicity with the energetic influx of cosmic frequencies is beneficial for all people and not just for a free Soul.

Completing incarnation cycles is a service to humanity.

Old Souls are souls who can almost complete their incarnation cycles. Deep down they long for liberation from the earthly attractions and they often experience the same challenges as those of the free Soul. They get their life motivation from the desire for the satisfaction of earth-bound spiritual service. However, the illusionary nature of spirituality and religion in the earth plane is precisely their greatest hindrance to Soul liberation.


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