Fulfilling needs, a spiritual taboo!

In spiritual or religious ascetic and/or celibate circles, fulfilling needs is often taboo because it distracts from God. Unfulfilled needs however are the basis of magical thinking and illusionary spiritual ideas.

The main illusion is “Form”, the tangible reality. All illusions are derivatives of that tangible reality and arise from an emotional and/or mental attachment to any manifestation of Form! This manifests itself in all kinds of attachments to magical thinking; the idea of ​​control, the idea that rituals and following fixed patterns or algorithms make all the difference. The idea that someone with a title or diploma is more or less than you. The idea that God is coming to save you.

The attachment itself arises from a need, an addiction, or from ignorance. The need is caused by an emotional imbalance. In order to find a new balance, it is therefore important to become aware of your own needs and to fulfill them.

The main need is that of connection and is omnipresent. The need for connection is essentially a need for spiritual intimacy; a deep respectful bond with yourself, but is usually translated as the need for attention from one or more others.

The ‘I’ consciousness is responsible for the fulfillment of the needs present. Ignoring needs that you do realize, for example, the need for meditation to get closer to yourself, is like withholding TLC-food from a baby. You are starving yourself spiritually.