Inherent Characteristics of Servers

NOW THAT A GENERAL OUTLINE OF THE SERVERS’ ORIGINS, motivations and collective purpose upon Earth has been ascertained, we may venture forth to explore in greater detail their unique characteristics, qualities, challenges, opportunities and other associated phenomena.

In order to really be in service to the Divine Plan, a person’s sympathetic understanding and regard for the Greater Life must have transcended their preoccupation with personal issues to a degree where they are naturally able to align their ideals, thoughts, actions and their life’s purpose with a higher cause than that of their own progress and welfare. Essentially, a Server may be defined as any earnest individual who attempts to live a righteous life, and who, therefore, abides in unselfish service and dedication to the greatest good of which they have become aware. They may be distinguished by their natural tendencies to selflessly seek the Truth, and by their inherent and genuine desire to be of some spiritual help to their fellows. Anyone, therefore, at any time may qualify to join the ranks of the Servers, from whatever cosmic origins they may spring, and regardless of what they may have done in the past. The mark of a real servant of life is their present purity of motive, sincerity and unconditionally loving attitude.

However, we are here principally concerned with those Servers who have voluntarily incarnated upon this planet in order to contribute specifically toward furthering the Divine Plan for Earth in its present phase. These strategically-incarnating souls may be classified together as a distinctive group to which certain unique and identifying attributes apply, often even from their early childhood. Such characteristics are numerous indeed; some of them are quite subtle and cannot be fully comprehended by the intellect. However, in order to help the reader to conclude for themselves whether they may belong to a group of Servers, some of their idiosyncrasies are here summarised.

1. A distinguishing mark of Servers in physical embodiment upon Earth is that at some time during their lives they will find that they possess a genuine, urgent and growing sense that they have some important duty to perform and that they are here to help, even if the details of their vaguely-remembered task remain unclear. They may be prompted from within to begin a search in the world for answers to certain naturally-arising questions which, once resolved, may lead them onto the succeeding question and the next stage of their necessary quest to understand and to remember who they are.

Many Servers are today recalling an inner soul-memory that hints at the fact that they were once a member of a larger group of souls who, at some time prior to their present incarnation, collaborated together for a worthy cause. The Server’s natural impulse to investigate the meaning of these particular inner senses is actually a reminder from within that they might do well to begin seeking both the purpose of their incarnation as well as members of their soul-group who are also currently in embodiment upon the physical plane. Inevitably, all Servers must eventually embark upon the path of seeking in order to prepare themselves to resume what is for them a familiar work upon this present and highest turn of the evolutionary spiral for planet Earth.

2. Servers incarnating from higher, more rarefied spheres than those of Earth (especially for the first time) will have become most accustomed to a much more pure and refined environment. Therefore, they may experience certain congenital difficulties in dealing with and adapting to third-density realities upon this planet. Servers generally have a sense, however dim, that the great travesty of the divine nature of life that is pervasively demonstrated here on Earth is not only undesirable, but is also entirely unnecessary. They perceive on some level that the gross distortion of Truth and the resultant suffering that is everywhere apparent is certainly not normal within the peaceful realms which they feel to be their true home, and to which, not surprisingly, they so often yearn to return. 

However, Servers will generally find that they are propelled in two directions at once. While an irresistible magnetic pull draws them forward, onward and upward, ever seeking to avail them of that emancipation from suffering which they have known before, yet in moments of poignant recall of their ancient promise to humanity and planet Earth they are simultaneously compelled to turn away from the spiritual Sun in order to reach out and to share its light with the world.

Awakening Servers will at some stage recall living in other physical loci or within more subtle worlds where harmonious rapport with all beings, telepathic openness, spiritual fellowship and spontaneous, unbridled loving are the natural conditions of life. They often, therefore, bear some form of affliction which is due to their reaction to the Earth’s psychic climate, and this may manifest in various ways. Personality disorders born of estrangement in a hostile world, physical ailments such as allergies, insomnia and hypersensitivity are just a few symptoms of the typical Server’s malaise, and are indications of difficulties in adjusting to a far more dense and antagonistic environment than that of their native density. These problems may provoke certain individuals to turn toward such ‘sedative measures’ as alcohol, drugs, excessive eating, etc. in order to alleviate the depression of their homesickness.

Increasingly today Servers are experiencing various symptoms of the unfolding planetary cleansing*. Their subtle energy fields (auras) are presently undergoing refinement and expansion in order to receive the finer energies that are being released from the higher worlds. However, due to their rising sensitivity, Servers may also become affected (and infected) by the etheric effluvia that is such a widespread problem upon our detoxifying planet. In fact, awakening Servers generally reflect and express symptoms of the planet’s purging process before the rest of mankind. As Earth frequencies rise, Servers are becoming particularly sensitive to psychic influences of all kinds; they will find that they are easily influenced by the thoughts and feelings of those around them. As tensions and impurities arise within the minds and emotions of humanity in accord with the scheduled and necessary purification of the Earth, the auras of most individuals are prone to become inflamed, as it were, and are much more inclined to impinge detrimentally upon the auras and, therefore, the consciousness of others. This often causes much stress for Servers, for example, in the form of anxiety, paranoia, depression, neurosis and even psychosis, and may at worst lead eventually to some kind of physical infirmity. Indeed, such are common afflictions experienced by anyone who is susceptible to the auric encroachment from adverse vibratory influences that abound today in an ailing world.

* This currently ongoing process, which has been much prophesied throughout the ages and up to date, is described in detail in a volume entitled The New Call, and is available on our site.

Apprehension, fear and nervous agitation are presently escalating in the world as the polarities of good and evil, Truth and falsehood are being magnified in accord with the inflowing frequencies of Aquarian energy, and this is a normal pattern on Earth at the close of a major cycle. Auric bombardment is especially intensified in cities and other highly populated areas for obvious reasons. Additionally, as sensitivity heightens for all humanity in accord with the unfolding world changes, toxic emanations such as harmful electromagnetic frequencies, air and noise pollution, unnatural and noxious additives in foodstuffs, etc. will tend to cause progressively greater adversity for the reactive majority. One’s environment necessarily affects one’s consciousness, and this is decidedly and profoundly so for awakening Servers. However, should the pertinent occult dynamics of such phenomena be understood well, and should one’s life be adjusted accordingly, then negative reactions may be minimised and largely avoided. There is a very effective way to rise above all the adverse conditions that will be known by virtually everyone in the immediate future, a solution that is surprisingly simple indeed and which is herein discussed in detail.

It may seem quite ironic that while sensitivity is almost always troublesome for Servers in the earlier stages, it is actually beneficial to their overall task. This is because it allows them to procure a first-hand empathic comprehension of the crisis in which humanity is presently immersed. Therefore, an opportunity to discover and so pioneer new ways to effectively overcome today’s unique and challenging circumstances is provided. Insight into how best to serve mankind is gained from personal experience, and this is a part of the duty that all Servers have accepted in order to assist in the important and necessary transformations upon planet Earth.

3. As natural psychic empaths, then, Servers readily and often unconsciously absorb the surrounding energies of their environment. As previously stated, such inherent sensitivity may sometimes result in rather chronic conditions for the Server at large, and those with a more fragile disposition who find themselves living and working in more densely-populated areas may at times become quite overwhelmed as they take on the negative psycho-emotional vibrations of those around them. However, this phenomenon represents only the first stage of a potential and critically important transmutation process of which all Servers are intrinsically capable whereby gross energies may be purified through them.

Awakening Servers are, by nature, energy transmuters, and this function is a very significant part of their overall task upon Earth. However, in identifying their own personality with the character of those energies around them which they so easily soak up, Servers who have not yet fully restored their higher awareness often allow themselves to lapse into the undesirable conditions that are triggered by local negative influences. In order to remain themselves untainted by deleterious external vibrations, while simultaneously performing their duty of transmutation for the world, Servers must recall their innate ability to sublimate gross energies. Such vital remembrance will be established once again only by awakening their natural and active disposition toward a selfless concern for the well-being of others. Love – never fear or selfish orientation – is the key to spiritual success for Servers (as well, of course, as humanity).

It is an immutable universal law that in dedicated and unselfish service, the vibratory rate of consciousness is raised. Like attracts like, and so the sincere, benevolent and active Servers will discover that they are able to rise above most exterior harmful vibrations, subsisting happily almost as if these energies did not exist at all. Protected by the positive orientation of a truly loving attitude, nothing of the grosser side of life can affect them, and they remain free to render that effective service to humanity for which they incarnated.

Servers who have reattained their ability to transmute energies may sometimes suddenly and unexpectedly manifest psycho-emotional states that are not at all related to their own present condition or past experiences. They would do well to understand the dynamic of this process of absorption and transmutation of the auric impurities of others, which is actually quite harmless and may even be a joyful experience if done correctly with spiritual understanding, detached compassion and righteous dedication to helping the world.

4. The aforementioned circumstances with which awakening Servers are confronted during the early stages of their unfolding mission will impel them toward adopting a loving yet ever dispassionate concern for the spiritual well-being of others. Consequently, and due to their necessary detachment and broader vision, Servers are frequently misunderstood, for the love which they express differs widely from the sentimental, affectionate and personal interest of the average person. They are necessarily occupied mainly with the spiritual prosperity of all humanity as a race, as well, of course, as all life. They are not primarily concerned with the petty interests of individuals who are predominantly occupied with their own little problems and concerns. Such impersonality regularly brings Servers under the criticism of others, and with this they must learn to live, and to it they need pay no attention. True, unconditional love for all is of far greater importance upon the journey of life than are personal relationships, yet while living in a world of desirous, reactive egos, Servers may find that they possess very few true friends. However, they will always know who their real friends are, for genuine Servers of the Divine Plan will stand as One in group formation, looking out (of the personal) and upwards in the same direction. 

Today, it is still not generally understood how love sees with perfect clarity the deficiencies of any form or expression – human or otherwise – and how it then proceeds to bend every effort toward aiding the indwelling life – the soul – to liberate it from the trammels of self-deception. Love wisely recognises those who require guidance, and why; it hears with precision, perceiving that which resides within the heart of a person, and it ever seeks to unite and co-operate with all those truly compassionate members of humanity in the world for a meaningful cause. This it achieves not by blindness born of euphemistic politeness or personality sensitivities, but by discrimination and wisdom. Such is perfect love, which must include wisdom, and which is ever purposeful and intelligent as it strives to do what is best with regard always for the greatest spiritual good of all. To date, much emphasis has been laid upon that which is interpreted by most as ‘love’, and not enough has been placed upon wisdom, which is love expressing itself in service. In order to be effective today, such service must recognise universal law, the significance of the period in which we live, and its adjusted and contemporary requirements for success during the times ahead.

Servers have already attained the spiritual goal of unconditional love and spontaneity of service prior to their present-day incarnation, and it is this achievement that has earned them the right and privilege to embark upon their assignment on Earth. However, due to the necessarily-imposed forgetfulness of their current human expression, it is the restoration and, therefore, present embodiment of the virtue of perfect love to which all awakening Servers today again aspire, whether they are consciously aware of it yet or not. The quest for the Holy Grail is again on worldwide, and its reward represents a magnificent trophy for every Server who would remember the sacred purpose of their incarnation.

Something of the prime spiritual impulse that guides the Servers’ motives should here be understood. They will almost always offer others the choice to serve with them, to raise their own vibratory rate of consciousness, and so qualify for entrance into the New World. However, still today very few people in the world realise that real spiritual service is often destructive. This is necessarily so because old attachments, erroneous belief systems and false securities must be effaced in order that the light of the new and the true may illuminate the awareness. Those who are waiting to recognise their own preconditioned idea of the ideal and perfect spiritual teacher – as exemplified perhaps by the serene and graceful saints of past religions and biographies – are likely to miss the opportunities offered by the typical and necessarily more assiduous and demanding Server who is compelled to meet the planetary deadline having contributed to as large a harvest as possible.

Awakened Servers act as catalysts in relationships, and interaction with them is often dynamic, explosive and evocative of either the best or the worst in people. Due to their natural and purposeful disposition to focus steadfastly upon essentials and to get straight to the root of relevant issues, Servers often swiftly elicit in others that which needs to be recognised, addressed and resolved in order that the greatest spiritual opportunity may be taken by them at the forthcoming Harvest Time. However, in a world that predominantly demonstrates attitudes of fear, selfishness and resistance to change, the general reception with which Servers must learn to cope is often far from sympathetic, and sometimes even blatantly hostile. Although a great many people may speak of charity and selfless service, when given the opportunity to intelligently demonstrate these virtues, most fail to live up to their own ideals.

Whatever the response to their earnest endeavours, awakening Servers will always find the inspiration to continue to effect their duty to humanity by offering the truth of the times, however extraordinary or unbelievable that truth may appear to some. Indeed, the most valuable service that may generally be effected in the world by anyone today is to spread abroad factual information regarding the impending choice that every human being must make in these times, bearing in mind always that free will is a divine provision, and that individual choice must be honoured. By thus offering others the opportunity to respond positively, Servers provide mankind with important ‘tests’ during these “end times”.

It is a lamentable fact, however, that the majority of human beings have become so blinded, sceptical and fearful during their Earthly experience that they all too often reject the spiritual succour offered them by other loving hearts who may approach them with open arms. Such widespread rejection of genuine concern and benevolence is often difficult for awakening Servers to fully comprehend, and they are regularly coerced to accept such circumstances even as recognised potential fades to futility before their eyes. The poet, Kahlil Gibran, experienced his own fair share of such treatment which he expresses succinctly in the following words: “If I extend an empty hand and in retrieving it and finding it still empty, I feel disappointment, that is foolishness; yet if I extend a hand which is full and yet find no one to receive, then that is hopelessness.”

William Blake understood this element of human character also:

Children of the future Age,

Reading this indignant page,

Know that in a former time,

Love! Sweet Love! was thought a crime.

It is customary still upon this planet that when secular people hear a holy truth, they break into loud laughter. On Earth, perhaps if it were not laughable, it would not be a holy truth! Worldly and self-assured people may appear shrewd and clever, while a meek and humble servant of the race may seem to them to be quite foolish. Servers often learn hard but useful lessons through ridicule, rejection, and even by dint of the unwarranted hostility of others, yet courtesy of such a difficult education they will eventually come to the realisation that intelligent reticence, silent compassion and loving thoughts frequently constitute the greatest service that they may render under certain circumstances. 

A passage from the Hermetic Tradition in the Kybalion testifies to the dilemma which many Servers face during the earlier stages of their reawakening process: 

But a moment’s glance back over the pages of history will show the wisdom of the Masters, who knew the folly of attempting to teach to the world that which it was neither ready or willing to receive. The Hermetists have never sought to be martyrs, and have, instead, sat silently aside with a pitying smile on their closed lips, while the ‘heathens raged noisily about them’ in their customary amusement of putting to death and torture the honest but misguided enthusiasts who imagined that they could force upon a race of barbarians the truth capable of being understood only by the elect who had advanced along the Path; and the spirit of persecution has not as yet died out in the land. There are certain Hermetic teachings which, if publicly promulgated, would bring down upon the teachers a great cry of scorn and revilement from the multitude, who would again raise the cry of “Crucify! Crucify!”

Servers, however, have certainly not incarnated in order to dwell in solitude like the Hermetists of old, nor indeed have they come from so far abroad merely to attain greater self-realisation and mystical ecstasy for themselves alone, like a meditating yogi. In the early stages and before the planetary deadline, awakening Servers constantly live the dual life of seemingly mundane yet serviceful activity, and of intense and simultaneous spiritual seeking, reflection and inner work. This is, in fact, one outstanding characteristic of the true spiritual aspirant of today in contradistinction to the aspirant of the past who typically escaped from life into the silent places and away from the pressures of daily living and constant contact with others. The task of the aspirant in the New World – exemplified today by all awakened Servers – is much more difficult than that of the monk or meditating hermit of the past, but their achievements and rewards will be still greater. This is to be expected as an integral part of world progress, and those Servers who in past centuries excelled in self-realisation, mysticism, transcendentalism and the like are back again today as compassionate servants of the race, happily embracing the more advanced principles and laws that pertain to spiritual service and higher occultism.

The Latin word ‘Occultus’ means hidden. The occult, then, is the science of that which is hidden from the five physical sense-organs and the intellect. The previous reference to occultism (and the context in which the word is used throughout this book) signifies the attainment of an intelligent understanding of universal laws and esoteric principles, and, driven by unselfish motive, a conscious wielding of the hidden forces of Nature for the good of the whole. It does not imply sorcery, black magic, lower psychism, common mediumship, etc. It is difficult for those who know nothing of the occult to realise how great, how serious and how all-pervading are their own limitations*. The understanding of awakened Servers regarding the inner life and the occult dynamics of the Universe is generally much broader than that which humanity has in past possessed, and Servers will naturally, therefore, carry a much brighter lamp of truth and wisdom into the New World, illuminating the road ahead for everyone to see.

* Limitation and failure are always self-imposed, and the degree of success and the rapidity of awakening for each individual is, today as always, strictly self-determined, and may be expedited only by right attitude, right understanding, right choice and subsequent right action. Spiritual progress and its accompanying expansions of consciousness have ever been available to mankind, and are especially so at this time – the dawning of the Aquarian age – but only if and when the candidate has prepared adequately to receive this grace. Each person’s fate is utterly dependent upon the use of his own free will.

5. Those Servers who have today begun the search for understanding and so initiated their own reawakening process will witness that they are having curious effects upon some of the people with whom they come into contact. This is due to the faster vibratory energies which they attract and radiate by their earnest and spiritually-inquisitive attitudes. As they make their impact upon others, such energies may not always seem to produce favourable results, yet upon a closer and discerning inspection, the surfacing of emotional and psychological impurities may be recognised as both necessary and desirable if auric cleansing, healing and consequent preparation for harvest is to ensue.

Awakened Servers generally possess what might be termed reflective auras. This means that without effort and simply by being natural, they may perform a kind of mirroring function that allows others to become aware of their own psycho-emotional encumbrances. Awakened Servers are entirely free from the desire for personal acknowledgement, reward or the need to impress or control others. Therefore, they do not play into the ego-dramas of those who may themselves habitually enact them. This produces a mirroring effect because by not responding in the usual ways of the personality, and in therefore refraining from feeding and so encouraging the illusions of the separated ego, the latter may see itself, just as if it were looking upon the smooth surface of a perfectly still and reflective body of water. Where there is a lack of reactive validation to the expressions of the deluded ego, and where no identification is made with the volatile personality, the mirroring effect will almost always be experienced by the individual who is seeking such a response. In thus being thrown back on itself, the ego sees its reflection, and this can be a rather unsettling experience for most. Generally, people understand that if they can see themselves so clearly, then so can others, yet most often it is the case that the self-deceiving ego becomes most uncomfortable at having its illusions challenged by the mirror and thus its faults and weaknesses exposed, even in the presence of perfect acceptance and unconditional love, and the most common reaction of the typically embarrassed person in such a situation is blame, denial or both.

And this is not all. The energy fields that compose the subtle bodies of all awakening Servers also have a definite purging effect upon the auras of others, and should there exist a lack of understanding or restraint in some of those with whom Servers come into direct contact, this quality is bound to arouse certain negative reactions from unstable and unprepared egos. Reactions to purification may at worst erupt into irrational antagonism directed toward the Server, either silently in thought and feeling or blatantly by outward expression.

Although on a far lesser scale, the unavoidable persecutions of Servers may be rightfully compared to the crucifixion of Jesus, the Piscean Christ, as well as the executions of the martyrs whose lives lucidly evinced the inevitable result upon planet Earth when the darkness of ignorance is confronted by the light of Truth. As stipulated in all the greatest spiritual teachings, however, one’s mood and state of consciousness are solely one’s own responsibility. While the cowardly and ignorant readily point the finger of blame and condemnation at others, seeking to avoid, deny or change what is, the wise man quietly looks within himself for the root cause of his own reactions to external triggers, knowing that each and every one of life’s circumstances provide valuable experience, opportunity to make prudent choices, and therefore ripe occasion for spiritual progress. As the planetary deadline moves ever closer, however, and as life on Earth becomes progressively more intense for everyone, violent catharsis will become a common reaction around certain awakening individuals and groups, and the more advanced among Servers shall witness their instrumentality in the necessary task of exorcising discarnate spirits from occultly possessed human beings and, indeed, on a much larger scale, planet Earth itself.

Many are those today who minimise or even nullify extremely valuable opportunities offered them by Servers. This they do by choosing to react in fear and ignorance to symptoms of their own potentially positive purification, instead of watching in wise detachment as psycho-emotional debris rises to the surface in order to be released. In thus blocking those impurities that need to be expelled, ignorant reactions serve only to inhibit what might otherwise be a most beneficial process of healing. Additionally, in giving energy to negative impulses by spitefully projecting the corresponding thoughts or emotions toward others, more unfavourable causes will be set up and shall have to be remedied at some future time. The Law of Karma is absolute, and each individual is wholly accountable for the reality which they create for themselves. Furthermore, and to one’s greatest disadvantage, negative reactions may easily serve to attract the attention of unholy incorporeal beings, effectively opening the door to their adverse manipulations, and may ultimately lead to permanent possession by unseen predators. A basic understanding of the occult laws operating behind the subtle energy dynamics experienced in human relationships is much needed today in these times of global cleansing. For now, a brief summary may serve to encourage the reader to investigate further.

Negative (or positive) thoughts and emotions (thought-forms) that are aimed at another person may only make a significant or long-term impression upon the intended recipient if in the aura of that individual there exists matter capable of responding sympathetically to the character of the directed energy. In the case where a thought-form is outside the range within which a person’s consciousness is capable of resonating, the thought-form rebounds from it with a force proportional to the energy with which it was originally projected*. Hence the truism that a pure mind and heart are the best protection against inimical assaults of thought and feeling, for a pure mind and heart will maintain mental and emotional vehicles of fine and subtle matter, and such an aura will not respond to vibrations that require coarse and dense matter in order to find resonance. It is not difficult, then, to understand why all Servers would do well to recall these basic occult facts upon their Earthly mission today.

* It should be understood that a fraction of the potency of a negative thought-form will always be experienced upon impact, even by the purest aura; Servers (especially those acting as energy transmuters) will certainly know that they are being attacked! However, as long as the recipient remains detached and free of conflicting ego reactions, then no lasting detrimental effects will be sustained.

If an evil thought-form (i.e., one projected with malefic intent) strikes a purified body, it will rebound and fly back along the magnetic line of least resistance, returning to and striking its creator. The originator, possessing mental and emotional matter in his aura that is sympathetic to that of the thought-form generated, is thrown into respondent vibrations, and suffers the destructive effects which he had intended to cause another. Thus, curses really do come home to roost, as the old saying goes. It may be clearly recognised, therefore, that to project hostile thoughts and feelings toward a Server (or, indeed, any well-meaning person for that matter) is to invite immediate trouble for oneself in addition to the regular, though perhaps more delayed, karmic repercussions of such imprudent behaviour. The reader is referred to the volume titles at the end of this book for further information regarding the hidden side of human relationships.

Awakened Servers are beginning to demonstrate today a universal principle: namely that when a member of the human race begins to approach the goal of Light and Wisdom (or ‘Enlightenment’ as it has been called by some older spiritual traditions), they automatically gain a field of influence that extends both up and down, which reaches both inwards toward the source of Light and outwards into the ‘realms of darkness’. Once they have thus attained, they become a conscious centre of life-giving force, and are so without effort. Accomplished Servers will thus stimulate the advancement of all life with which they come into contact, and they will vivify that life by inducing in it a fresh evolutionary thrust, be it in human beings, other Servers, an animal, or even the living consciousness within the vegetable and mineral kingdoms. They will act as a transmitter of light in the darkness, naturally dispelling the illusions around them in order to let in the radiance of a brighter reality.

Awakened Servers, then, are practical occultists, and in transmitting positive energy they are able to bless those who are ready to receive it. The result of such beneficent transmissions will be dependent upon and directly proportional to a number of different factors. These are: i) the recipient’s degree of openness and sincerity, ii) their genuine willingness to surrender all belief systems and attachments that no longer serve their greatest good, iii) their thirst to know a higher truth, iv) their degree of fearlessness and trust in life and, therefore, v) their readiness to learn and change, and to consequently move forward into greater spiritual awareness.

Energy transmissions may ensue without even a word being spoken to or by either the served or the Server, for it is the silent invocation of the receiving soul that spontaneously draws spiritual energy through the devoted personality of a Server, who in turn readily channels and radiates light from the higher planes. The personality of the recipient may comprehend little if anything of such a very positive dynamic, and, indeed, may find the whole affair rather bewildering, even affronting, seemingly having no prior knowledge of or conscious choice in the event. However, one’s own inner consciousness, in being quite aware, certainly knows best, and it is this higher part of the recipient that decides whether it wishes to greet an aspect of the group-soul (the Server) on the physical plane.

The spiritualising transmissions evoked by an awakened Server are designed to catalyse expanded states of consciousness in others so that they may be assisted in their own awakening and preparation for the forthcoming harvest. This phenomenon has the potential to instigate an important process of transmutation in the recipient, and might be regarded as a kind of minor initiationthat may happen instantly upon meeting a Server or be realised at a later time when the seed planted at such an auspicious encounter begins to germinate amidst conducive mental and emotional conditions.

Such catalytic energy transmissions are an elementary demonstration of what might be regarded as white magic – a wielding of spiritual force for the benefit of others – in which most Servers have become thoroughly adept prior to their present incarnation. Today they are swiftly recalling these innate abilities, and, as might be expected, without the need for lengthy study or practise. However, Servers will ultimately recognise that they are only instruments of those metaphysical energies which they are able to conduct, as such transmissions are always effortless; they flow through the Server, not from them. The advantages received during such a vital interaction between two or more people are multiple, and all parties who have prepared themselves shall witness the wonderfully spiritualising energies of divine providence surging through their consciousness as vibrations of love and healing descend from the higher worlds in gracious benediction. Such an experience exemplifies a universal law which ensures that when one serves another selflessly with concern only for the other person’s greatest good, both parties are blessed, yet it is generally the servant who receives the most uplifting spiritual benefit.

Servers need to understand and remember always that if energy transmissions are to be maximally successful there must be a direct and unadulterated funneling of divine energy without significant distortion due to excitement, impassioned enthusiasm or inappropriate application by the person through which they are channelled. There often exist in the auras of awakening Servers certain unresolved personality imbalances that may inhibit or even corrupt the flow of pure spiritual energy which is available to them for helping others. However, such obstructions may be minimised and even completely dissolved when the Server remains calm, detached, humbly invocative, selfless and unconditionally loving.

As heralds, Servers represent the spiritual human being of the New World; they are the forerunners of the emerging new race upon Earth and are individually but tiny constituents of a great energy-distributing group. Acting as high-frequency energy transmitters, they are but tiny expressions of a vast process of transmutation that is currently underway within the galaxy, the solar system and upon Earth, and which is steadily expanding and intensifying. Servers thus offer, in advance, a stepped-down opportunity for purification and preparation to all those individuals who would ready themselves for the far greater inpouring of divine force, the advent of which is now so very close for our world. Such an early opportunity given by Servers has the potential to confer invaluable experience, insight and spiritual awakening. In light of that which now lies upon mankind’s horizon, the benefits of such grace cannot be easily overstated.

6. As they awaken from their slumber (a process that will be discussed later in greater detail), the consciousness of the typical Server will evince itself as a natural, rapid and sympathetic response to suffering, power to comprehend principles easily, quick intuitions and keen perceptions. Thoroughness, a good sense of justice and dedication to Truth and righteousness will be amongst their recollected virtues, as will natural happiness, a contemplative intelligence, a pronounced passion to learn and an eagerness to help others. The innate intuitive and psychic abilities of Servers will reveal themselves through an increasing sensitivity to the influence of people and places, in the recalling of fragmentary memories of dream experiences and service while asleep, in greater responsiveness to direct guidance from the higher worlds, in the power to recognise the degree of spiritual attainment in others, in the ability to correctly interpret messages from Nature, and so forth.

7. A special and distinguishing mark of Servers is their recognition of the great need for unity, that prime ingredient that enables true spiritual fellowship to be realised, and which makes for discrimination, compassion and self-sacrifice. All that is narrow and exclusive, all that tends to separate one from another, that emphasises differences instead of likenesses, is the antithesis of the Server on this, the eve of the birth of the New World. The essence of action by Servers is the union of many to achieve a single and selfless goal, not the dominance of one who is looked up to as a guru or saviour. Those Servers who shall lead humanity into the New World will do so in group formation and with empathy, insight and love, which will impel their philanthropic activity: “By their fruits shall ye know them”. Metaphysical knowledge and compassion have ever guaranteed spiritual success, and working with, rather than against others is the mode of operation of all Servers who have remembered their duty. Those awakening servants of the race who have incarnated to exemplify the New World Consciousness today display a synthesising spirit, being able to unite diversity of opinion and character, able to gather around them the most unlike elements and blend them into a collective, working whole for the greatest possible good.

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