Inner Transformation – Personal and Planetary

WORLD CONSCIOUSNESS HAS TO DATE BEEN PREDOMINANTLY GOVERNED BY EMOTION AND DESIRE. The important lessons that are today being conveyed to humanity by the unavoidable disintegration of the old standards highlight clearly that there can be no peace or happiness without wisdom, and where there exists blind sentiment and craving, wisdom is necessarily absent. No society that is possessed by selfish desire can ever escape its own self-created sorrow and eventual ruin. This has been repeatedly illustrated throughout history by the inevitable fall of even great civilisations such as those of Rome, Greece and Constantinople. No society has ever been or will ever be exempt from universal law, and so it is today for the global society of planet Earth in this time of major transformation.

Since time immemorial there has existed an unhealthy and pervasive habit amongst humanity whereby its thoughts and attitudes have been unduly influenced, even determined, by custom, by its peers, and by ‘authority’. Rather than thinking autonomously and creatively as a race, we have generally been disposed to mental passivity, to run with the pack, and this has led to a willingness to accept – or at the very least to subconsciously yield to – the common and spiritually unprogressive thought-trends of our social regime. The recognition of these facts together with their undesirable cultural ramifications is fortunately now being made by a growing number of people in the world today and is responsible for one very important shift in human thinking, namely the widespread search for meaning and a truer understanding of life. The acquisition of such understanding is enabling the intelligent members of humanity to transcend blind intensity of feeling (and the heedless thinking and action that always follow ungoverned emotion), and to sublimate it with reason and greater awareness, which will, in turn, contribute toward creating a better world. 

One of the general inner transformations for mankind, then, and one that is currently being demonstrated by those who indicate potential for entry into the New World, is a shift from a predominantly emotional bias to a more mental disposition. This means that one becomes principally a thinking person who lives by the discriminating regulation of thought, feeling and action, and by expedient choices that are ever facilitated by due reflection, guided by right understanding, and are therefore ethically and sanely motivated with due regard for the whole. This is an essential part of the present transition because the Aquarian age for Earth will be the age of reason and spiritual understanding. 

There are also other transformations of a more immediate and tangible nature that are being experienced around the world today. As humanity is rapidly changing on various levels simultaneously in accord with the period and the Divine Plan for Earth, people are becoming increasingly sensitive to their environment. As planetary frequencies are amplified, magnifying sensitivity as well as both favourable and adverse vibrations around the world, a growing number of people are discovering that they are much more responsive to, and therefore affected by, surrounding inner and outer mental and emotional conditions (i.e., subtle energies). Consequently, negative psycho-emotive states, e.g., anxiety, stress, worry, etc. are producing far greater palpable effects than heretofore, thereby disturbing the balance of organic processes within the body and so contributing more dramatically toward debilitation, degeneration and disease. However, this need not be so, for every person today has a choice with regard to their own immediate destiny.

The acquisition of an inclusive view of the world – whereby identification is made with all life as being an inseparable extension of oneself – will enable each individual to truly appreciate their position and responsibility as world citizens, and such a wholesome attitude will allow them to receive the new and vital energies that are flooding the planet. By attracting those energies that are intrinsically protective, life-giving and spiritualising, the person who has chosen to set their face in the right direction will be greatly assisted in circumventing the potentially devastating phenomena that will precipitate throughout the birth of the New World, while simultaneously they will be contributing toward the successful promotion and integration of the ongoing positive changes.

It is becoming increasingly appreciated worldwide that there is an essential need for an adequate understanding of the present crisis with which mankind is faced and the implementation of necessary life-adjustments in accord with that understanding. It is being more widely recognised that only by constructive and benign thinking may we heal ourselves by rising above the dense and debilitating thought-clouds that we have unwittingly cultivated during an inimical past. That great psycho-emotional smog – perpetually fed by the ignorance, selfishness and negativity of mankind – is responsible worldwide for excessive disease and unnaturally short life spans*, and such a disharmonious psychic environment greatly hinders the well-being and natural evolution of all life that struggles under its unwholesome influence.

* A clean psychic atmosphere would enable mankind to realise an average longevity of perhaps 500 years or more together with a corresponding improvement in the quality of that life. Incredible life spans of 700+ years are documented in ancient scripts, and these refer to a time when the planet was much healthier.

This overwhelming fog of subtle matter hangs oppressively over our planet today like a burial shroud, stifling, subduing and crushing the human spirit. We must swiftly alter our tendencies for spiritual suicide; we must emerge today from the ominous global shadow that we have fostered for so long; we must recognise clearly that which we are guilty of collectively perpetrating upon the Jewel of the Solar System in order to motivate the effective remedy of the cumulative damage rendered by our planetary exploitations. We must change our ways, or be devastated by the very real and direful consequences initiated by them.

It is simply not enough to be merely informed about the Aquarian age transitions. Today’s exigency demands the active transmutation of the old, noxious and unacceptable energies by the intelligently-focussed creation of new, benign and vital thought-currents. Thinking has for ages been the most potent faculty available to mankind. It possesses equally the power to create or to destroy. It is a far-reaching fact that all suffering is due to disharmonious thinking, while all joy, peace and harmony is born from thoughts that are in alignment with universal law.

The controlled imagination is a powerful creative force, for every thought to which we give birth becomes a living, semi-intelligent entity (sometimes called an elemental) upon the other side of the veil between the third density and the next, influencing humanity for good or for ill. All of the activities that we might call evil, whether unholy thoughts or negative emotions, invariably manifest themselves as vibrations in the more coarse matter upon subtle planes, whilst good and unselfish thought or emotion sets in vibration the higher types of matter. As finer matter is much more readily stirred into responsive activity than is coarse, it follows that a given amount of force spent in good thought or feeling produces a result that is many times greater than the same amount of force projected into coarser matter. In terms of value and lasting positive effect, just one unselfish and loving thought may contain the potency of a hundred negative thoughts.

It will be especially advantageous in the years ahead for everyone to understand well that if there is in the human aura no matter (vibration) capable of response, then negative thought-currents cannot permanently affect that person at all. A pure heart and mind are the best protection against inimical assaults of thought and feeling. However, mankind may take one step beyond mere self-protection, for the vibration of Love is both the greatest protector and benefactor in the whole universe. With spiritual understanding, therefore, humanity may begin to use its natural capacity to generate thought-force for the benefit and upliftment of all life.

In reviewing esoteric history we may discover that past civilisations elsewhere in the Cosmos managed to completely annihilate themselves together with their whole planet, and this was due to the inevitable outcome that ensues when a world becomes entirely saturated with negativity. However, Mother Earth is not going to implode and disintegrate just yet! Indeed, this will never be allowed to happen, for as a vital organ in the Solar Body, and also as a nexus of indispensable knowledge and information, our planet is far too important to many other forms of life throughout our galaxy. Essential data is encoded within the mineral, vegetable, animal and human kingdoms upon Earth, and it is partly in order to access this information that humanity is witnessing today an escalating frequency of extraterrestrial visitations, abductions and general alien interference and experimentation upon the planet. Furthermore, as mankind has clearly demonstrated that it is incapable of saving the world or itself, other more advanced beings from multifarious origins are intervening in our destructive course, for the Earth must be healed and redeemed before the New World can be born.

Armageddon is nigh, but it is not the end of the world for humanity as some people have misconstrued; to the contrary, it is the birth of a new beginning. Specifically, the word ‘Armageddon’ means a final and conclusive battle between the forces of good and evil; an entirely befitting description indeed for our times. Our planet has eons of development yet to experience throughout the far distant future, and so to ensure that unfavourable circumstances do not evolve beyond the point of no return (which they certainly would if mankind was left to its own devices!), the Forces of Light, which always prevail over darkness and ignorance, have been entering the subtle spheres corresponding to our planet for some time now in order to purify and restore balance and peace here again. Humanity is soon to return to a relative Garden of Eden, which the Earth once was, but which was lost due to mankind’s ignorance and unwise use of free will; our misguided choosing of greed and selfishness instead of charity and love.

Returning to the present now, it is most apparent that there is much discord and tension predominating generally in the world today. As was indicated previously, our environs inevitably affect our consciousness, and this is so particularly for those who are sensitive. As tension rises within the mind and emotions of a man, his subtle energy fields become inflamed and so are much more likely to impinge detrimentally upon the auras and, therefore, the consciousness of others around him. Auric contamination is especially intensified in cities and other highly populated areas for obvious reasons. Additionally, as sensitivity is heightened for all humanity in accord with the ongoing changes, toxic emanations such as electromagnetic frequencies (EMF), air and noise pollution, and unnatural and noxious substances like chemical additives in foods, etc., are causing greater adversity for the reactive majority.

A fundamental understanding of the inner constitution of man will be extremely helpful in accepting and living optimistically amidst the inevitable transformations that are already today affecting everyone on various levels. The etheric (subtle energy) body, that partly constitutes the human aura, is a receiver (and transmitter) of vibrational forces and energies, and is inseparably linked to its etheric chakras (energy centres) through which flow the new Aquarian frequencies from the higher planes. Each chakra, in turn, is directly associated with an endocrine gland and certain nerve plexuses in the physical body. Due to their close relationship with the chakras, the endocrine and nervous systems of mankind are today undergoing radical changes: a process of transmutation. The intensification of subtle energies upon Earth, both externally and from within, necessitates a complete rewiring of the physical and subtle nervous systems. Additionally, the organs and glands in the physical body are being upgraded in order that they too may sustain the increased frequencies that are steadily streaming into the planet in preparation for the Great Shift. Humanity, then, is being reorganised upon cellular, atomic, subatomic and ethereal levels.

Within the human vehicles of consciousness (which include many layers of subtle energy in the aura), there exists a great storehouse of biological data which is being stimulated and released by today’s higher frequencies. The new energies are also activating previously dormant areas of the brain (including the pineal and pituitary glands) as they are simultaneously affecting the chromosomes and DNA/RNA in each cell, consequently opening up latent intuitive faculties and activating miscellaneous subtle stimuli which are eliciting psychic awakenings in many.

Certain levels of the human constitution will be affected more than others at different times as the planetary shifts ensue. Many observable symptoms of the ongoing changes are transpiring today for humanity, and these include: anxiety, irritability, tension, nervousness, restlessness, depression, confusion, worry, fear, forgetfulness, insomnia, visionary experiences, various changes in awareness, lucid-dreaming, unexpected and often uncontrollable catharsis, e.g., sorrow, laughter, exhilaration, etc. Physical symptoms may include: headaches, muscle soreness, joint pains, disruptive digestion, loss of appetite, fatigue, stomach-ache, heart palpitations, muscle spasms, allergies, etc. Sometimes the human vehicles will expend energy at irregular rates, oscillating between hyperactivity and unusual sluggishness. At times the physical body may require certain nutrients in quantities that it did not need previously, and many people today are feeling a demand to change their diet to lighter, unrefined, raw and more vital foodstuffs.

Positive thoughts and healthy emotions react most favourably upon both the subtle and physical bodies of man and improve their ability to assimilate life-force and to receive other beneficial energies. The endocrine system is responsible for secreting hormones and other substances into the bloodstream, and such natural activity is increased in response to emotional reactions to life experience; an experience which is today growing more intense for everyone. Our inner biological pharmacopoeia is triggered in accordance with the unique events passed through and the subsequent choices made by each individual. For example, anger releases adrenalin, while elation releases endorphins. As new energies are received, translated by each person’s awareness and consequently expressed in a unique way, one’s positive or negative responses will determine subtle and physical reactions that shall precipitate the corresponding beneficial or detrimental effects upon all levels of one’s constitution.

As the physical, etheric, emotional, mental and higher vehicles of consciousness are all interconnected, an effect in any one of them will generally influence the others to some degree. Favourable chemical release will serve to catalyse higher vibratory rates in the human vehicles and so assist with the transition into a more elevated and expanded awareness. It may be helpful to compare the aforementioned effects with those of psychoactive drugs, which function in the same way and may consequently induce similar but temporary results in consciousness. However, the effects elicited by the waves of energy during the birth of the New World will be naturally induced and permanent.

Negative reactions to symptoms of purification, i.e., antagonistic thoughts and emotions, will result in the introduction of toxins into the bloodstream, and in causing chemical imbalances these will, of course, hinder the important process of positive transformation. The secretion and circulation of poisons in the physical body will effect a corresponding lowering of vibration in the vehicles of consciousness, and this will contribute significantly toward an increased susceptibility to adverse environmental influences of all kinds, for like attracts like. In order to be received, the inflowing Aquarian energies demand humble, open and surrendered channels. Humanity must therefore be informed and aware at this time in order that prudent choices may be made in response to global processes rather than unwitting reactions.

Clearly, then, there may be one of two possible responses of consequence to the influx of the new energies:

1) Those who choose, with awareness, discrimination and trust, to attune to the higher energies will experience purification, transmutation, expeditious inner growth, positive expansions of consciousness and spiritual unfoldment as they are aided by the rising Aquarian frequencies and as they are catalysed into awakening. Such discerning persons will behold their consciousness rising naturally to new heights of experience and expression, and they will enjoy the greatest freedom and capacity for love that they have ever known in their lives. Eventually, together with the discovery of a marvellous new agility and vitality born within their finely-tuned bodies, they will open up to a much greater flow of spiritual energy via their refined nervous systems, and they will finally graduate most joyfully during the impending Harvest Time.

2) Those who are unwilling or unable to release old and deleterious character-patterns shall witness an unpleasant accumulation of blocked energy in their bodies, and this may culminate in the gross magnification of previously-tempered or suppressed personality traits, these latter being discharged with increasingly uncontrolled furor to the detriment of themselves and others around them.

The human dense and subtle energy systems are inseparably linked to those of the Earth. Therefore, as humanity is purified and transformed, our whole globe is concurrently and similarly affected, and vice-versa. The planetary energy grid (the Earth’s nervous system) and its vortex network (the chakra system of the planet) are today undergoing a process of fundamental change. Some old vortexes are atrophying and dying, whilst others are being vivified, and even new vortexes are appearing, all in accord with the Divine Plan for our planet, which shall ensure the successful emergence of the New World Consciousness for planet Earth.

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