IN THESE EXTRAORDINARY TIMES people are awakening all over the world to the need for co-operation upon a rapidly changing planet. Some are joining hands in a true esprit de corps in order to help effect the healing and upliftment of planet Earth and of all life thereupon. A growing number amongst humanity today are seeking to assist and support one another in preparation for the imminent major planetary transformations, which shall precede the foretold dawning of a much brighter world-awareness and consequently a new and more harmonious way of life. There are many more people today consciously seeking answers to philosophical and spiritual questions than ever before during Earth’s history, and their search is perfectly in accord with the evolutionary stage at which the human race has arrived and the corresponding expansion of consciousness that is presently evidencing itself all around the world.

The information disclosed in this book highlights and expounds the essential causes, purposes, and short and long-term consequences of the ongoing planetary changes. These details are hereby offered to all awakening individuals and interested persons in order that timely and important information may be shared, and the gravity of its implications recognised. Thus informed, embarkation upon a process of investigation and needed preparation for that which approaches mankind may be chosen.

There are absolutely no coincidences in an intelligently-governed universe; every effect has its cause. This book has found its way to you for definite reasons. It remains privileged, however, under the Law of Free Will as to how each person will respond – or fail to respond – to this urgent Call. In order to progress and evolve upon a free-will planet, every man has the responsibility for using his own initiative. The vital information contained in this book provides an opportunity for you to make expedient choices and to elicit the appropriate action that is necessary in light of the facts.

It should be mentioned that the compilers of this book bear no allegiance to any single religious persuasion, creed, organisation or society. Occasionally throughout this treatise certain historically-established quotations or key-phrases are employed from existing faiths, and this is done for the purposes of elucidation only. No single idea belongs to any one individual or group, but originating from the inner or spiritual planes, they are a universal gift and the property of no one mind. It is recommended, therefore, that due impartiality be applied by the discerning reader to the enclosed facts and explications in order that clear perception and unadulterated comprehension may ensue.

In order to attempt to circumvent further unnecessary confusion, we wish to reveal the plain truth to humanity. The sincere seeker of truth has no interest in considering anything less than the relevant, dependable and authentic facts. In being dedicated to the truth, we do not care to allure supporters of our vision by disseminating pleasing half-truths, attractive and fashionable exaggerations or vague euphemisms that may encourage misguided zeal and excitement, or which might contribute toward misunderstanding. Esoteric knowledge may become a curse for one who is only partially informed and who may subsequently become impelled to exhibit their fragmentary learning with a hasty passion fired by self-interest. This is everywhere evidenced today as the real and important facts underlying the global transitions are being either whimsically diluted or glaringly embellished, seductively packaged and casually marketed to and by the uninitiated like so much common merchandise. This is most definitely not the way in which we seek to be of service to our human family.

Religious or spiritual idealism and hype have for ages been used to suppress or to avoid the whole truth. Ideals crystallise most rapidly, are quickly distorted thereby and may easily become a barrier, separating the idealist from reality and from the realisation of a true vision of the coming age. That which is new, vital, liberating and pregnant with meaning and purpose is so ready today to precipitate within the consciousness of mankind and so be actively realised on Earth, but is being hindered from so doing by the idealists of the world, and far more in fact than by the ordinary person. Those eager and excitable individuals and groups around the planet, with their subjective perspectives, personal desires and neatly-formulated ideals are so often blinded by the future promise of glory but remain oblivious to the very real and presentopportunities.

Most people in the world at this time respond positively only to teachers and teachings that arouse their imagination and stimulate their illusions. The unadorned truth, however, does not do this; if it did it would only present yet another impediment to real spiritual progress. This book is the result of an earnest and one-pointed endeavour to unveil the complete and unpretentious truth of that which is relevant during today’s dawning Aquarian age. It does not only highlight certain selected fragments taken from the larger picture in order merely to please, to confer a false sense of security or comfort, and, therefore, to win acclaim. The elucidations herein expose both the sinister side of that which has been termed the New Age movement as well as its divine promise, for if true understanding is to be attained, then it must be comprehensive, and therefore all the facts must be considered side-by-side: the light and the dark, the good and the evil. However, many people demonstrate a tendency to repudiate the reality of evil in the world and, therefore, to condemn as negative any factual message that seeks to reveal the whole picture. Such a subjective attitude often gives occasion to the complete and unreasonable rejection of an important or even essential truth which, nonetheless, may appear as ominous and affronting to the brittle, reactive and unprepared mind. Yet it is only by shining a light into darkness that we are able to see clearly and so deal with the shadow side of life in a positive way. It is understanding that transforms us, not merely the desire for change, and until a man obtains a thorough understanding of the nature of evil and so becomes equipped to respond wisely to its challenges, he will necessarily be detrimentally affected by it. Until we truly see, acknowledge and accept what is, we cannot move forward from where we are; such is a basic law of life.

Truth is a correspondence with Reality, and when words of truth are heard by the open ear and perceived by the receptive heart, they elevate one’s spirit and may even bring about permanent and positive transformation. In a world where fear and denial predominate, however, and where the simple truth is still regarded as an unwelcome intruder to the barricaded minds and hearts of many, the bare facts may seem like a curse. Those who choose to remain attached to their illusions are, therefore, unable to benefit from that which is true and liberating.

The impersonal truth is often resisted by the ego which, for its own security and comfort, clings to and thrives upon falsehood. Therefore, certain parts of this book are bound to prove unsettling to some. Be aware, then, that the facts detailed within these pages may appear astonishing or perhaps even entirely unbelievable and unacceptable to certain individuals; they may evoke ego-reactions as challenge, which may threaten established belief systems. But it has been said that before the eyes can see clearly, they must be free of tears; before the heart can truly understand, it must have lost its tendency to react. 

This book contains indispensable keys to spiritual success during the forthcoming years. It is recommended, therefore, that careful reflection be given to the facts and principles presented, for everything that mankind needs to understand in order to be prepared for that which lies just a little way ahead for us all is contained herein. 

*  *  *

“Truth is like a great rock which offers support and strength in a world of turmoil. All life yearns to know the truth, and it is the truth alone which can cure all mankind’s anxieties and diseases, bestowing the peace and certitude of righteousness in exchange for unrest. All the worlds in all the universes – past, present and future – have been created so that the truth may come and make its home there.” – Lord Buddha.

It is hoped that this exposition of the plain truth of the times will inform and inspire its readers to venture forth from the drudgery of typical Earthly existence in order to find the portal that leads from the old world to the New, from death to Life, and from separation and suffering to the Final Liberation – or Deliverance – which was promised to mankind ages ago, and which can today be realised by every sincere and intelligent person.

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