Karma or the law of cause and effect

Why is the personality karmic?

The personality provides the tools with which we walk through the world. Each personality is unique in its complex composition. It is formed by a large number of characteristics that can be traced back to the 4 elements; fire, air, earth, and water that are related to each other in certain percentages.

Where does passion turn into obsession? Inspiration in a psychosis?

You can really only answer that if you are capable of self-reflection and that requires awareness.

Hurting unconsciously

Fun and enjoyment with each other can be beneficial to the development of the personality. Fun at the expense of someone can hurt. Do you know when fun can turn to someone’s disadvantage? Perhaps only if you know what lives in someone’s heart and that requires a developed empathy.

Consciously hurting

If you only have your own spiritual goals in mind and/or see the other as an opponent, you may be tempted to consciously hurt. The underlying goal is to weaken the other in a psychological sense, but in doing so you affect the unity integrity. Consciously hurting can thus create a karmic charge.

In Soul humanity is one and no personality or worldly ruler can change that. Any disturbance in the unity integrity of an entity, an individual, a group, or a country, carries a karmic charge.

One’s own spiritual goals can never be more important than knowingly violating the unity integrity of someone else with whom you disagree spiritually/religiously.

Consciousness leads to choices. Choices can lead to an expansion of the consciousness of the heart or lead to a whole new karmic charge.

Kirsten – Ⓒ Cosmic Soul

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