Keys to Awakening

AS PREVIOUSLY MENTIONED, invisible divine Agents are reaching out to humanity in blessing at this important time upon Earth like never before, and so, courtesy of these Servants of the race, keys to awakening are now readily available to every aspirant who is earnest and persevering. When the portal of spiritual opportunity is beheld by those who are in possession of the keys, together they will be able to open the combination-lock and to cross over the threshold into the New World. So what and where are these keys? There are many, they are diverse and, for most people today, they remain concealed. However, there are just three Master Keys which, once discovered and employed, will avail the sincere aspirant of all the others, and these three will now be revealed.

The first Master Key for all those who are lost in the wilderness of this wayward world is an earnest and humble attitude of SEEKING.

The Truth may only be found if it is earnestly sought, and the search for the meaning of life is something that absolutely everyone would undertake if they were not so immersed in an overabundance of worldly distractions. This is so because the impetus to seek and thus to evolve is an essential quality of the divine Spirit, and so is also inherent within the heart of every human being. To become aware of the grand possibilities of spiritual seeking is to be onto something; to fail to be onto something is to live an empty life. It may be clearly recognised, therefore, that an open and inquisitive attitude is necessary if rigidity and stagnation are to be avoided and spiritual progress assured. Such is the inborn and natural instinct of a child, without which it would never grow emotionally, mentally or spiritually. Similarly in adulthood, the seeking of greater meaning in life is essential to spiritual advancement; refraining from seeking any higher purpose other than mere survival, pleasure and procreation is to experience spiritual death.

All genuine spiritual teachers today will endeavour to stimulate a process of seeking in their students. These teachers will offer such aspirants truth, but without proof. The true seeker does not request proof from his mentor, for such an attitude is not concurrent with the spirit of genuine seeking; the spiritual thirst of the sincere seeker is both sufficient and necessary to drive him onwards unyieldingly. “Surely it is the greatest miracle that an ordinary person may become a saint” – Lord Buddha. Such saintliness is latent within all sleeping human beings and, in never being content to compromise upon half-truths or fleeting experiences, the serious aspirant for Knowledge and Wisdom constantly seeks the Truth, and upon its discovery is enlightened by it. The earnest candidate for spiritual understanding, then, possesses a burning and uncompromising passion to know the Truth, and thus his own process of seeking will be self-generated.

The foregoing point is vitally important because motivation along the spiritual path must, in every case, arise from within the individual, and this necessity pertains to the Law of Free Will under which human progress proceeds upon Earth. The very act of seeking sets natural forces in motion that greet the seeker in order to impart certain ‘secrets’ which that individual may be ready to behold; Life responds as if to an invitation. By self-initiated efforts to move forward into grander regions of spiritual reality, the intuitive faculty is automatically stimulated and the seeker’s vibratory rate of consciousness is raised as his awareness expands. This process of spiritual advancement is significantly hastened if one’s search is made with an unselfish attitude, i.e., not for oneself alone, but for the benefit of the world. Rapid progress is assured upon the Path of Service, which intrinsically requires an unassuming attitude of seeking, and this Path of Returnhas been marked out by all the great Teachers who have successfully trodden the same Way before, and so to follow their trail is to go forth to reunite with the Divine.

The search for Truth is the most wonderful and magical journey in the world and constitutes the essential first step toward revelation and spiritual success. Earnest and intelligent seeking is an especially indispensable quality during the birth of the Aquarian age, and is also an integral and inseparable part of the New World Consciousness. It engenders inner contact with divine Agents and the Greater Self, who shall willingly offer their impeccable guidance to ensure a safe journey into the New World.

Those aspirants who will know victory during the times ahead do not seek to, and neither do they wish to be seen to do great things, and for just this reason and due to their natural humility, they are able to accomplish them. From their dedicated seeking and harmonious alignment with universal law, they gain an unshakeable confidence in the perfection and invincibility of the Divine Plan to which they consequently pledge their whole-hearted allegiance. Therefore, they share the patience of the Spirit, being without the eager, grasping haste of personal desire. Nonetheless, the successful seeker is no fool and will persevere upon his quest intelligently; he will utilise all available tools and aids along his chosen path. One such aid, and a very useful second Master Key for some, is MEDITATION.

Contrary to common misunderstanding, meditation is not merely a formal sitting practise of concentration. When the focussed mind is fully and steadily directed toward any object, idea or activity for a due length of time, thereby piercing the veil of illusion and uniting with the inner or hidden reality – the Greater Life to which the mind belongs – then meditation is performed. Therefore, one accurate definition of meditation is: focussed attention upon life.

The highest goal of formal meditation practise, through the establishing of a calm, mental receptivity and inner spiritual contact, is to gain an empathic understanding of life and the realisation of at-one-ment with it. Once such awareness is achieved and retained, a person will be most adequately qualified as well as compelled to reach out to his fellows and to lead them from the darkness and confusion that their separated selfhood has imposed upon them, back into the light for which their souls yearn. Therefore, it may be recognised that meditation is ultimately performed for others, and should this understanding be the prime motivating factor for one’s practise, so much the better, for such a noble and truly spiritual attitude will enable a person to attain his goal most expeditiously.

Formal meditation begins with the practise of concentration (or focussed attention), bearing an attitude of detachment from results and a passive acceptance of whatever presents itself to the mind of the observer. One’s practise need not be anything grandiose or special, in fact the greater its simplicity the better. Calm, one-pointed attention upon a single object, mantra, idea, principle, quality or even a bodily process such as breathing is sufficient.

By regularly practising simple techniques of meditation, daily and not necessarily for a long time, the answers to life’s mysteries may be received from within. Indeed, in true meditation all questions ultimately dissolve, leaving one extremely simple yet profound universal verity, namely that Love is the greatest aid to spiritual emancipation which, in turn, is the purpose of life. Once this truth has been realised, the meditator will be ready to embark whole-heartedly upon the path of selfless giving and to joyfully serve, just as other great souls have served and are now serving upon the planet. Regularity and detachment from results, then, are the keys to success in meditation.

Meditation is a tool, a means to an end. Prior to the meditative state of consciousness becoming natural and constant, its formal practise should not be the sole focus of one’s existence to the exclusion of the other many opportunities and duties that abound in life. Meditation, like any other obsession, will become a curse to the clinging mind, and every serious aspirant should always remember well that balance is the prescription for and the gift of the truly spiritual life.

It should be noted that not everyone requires a regular or formal practise of meditation (although nearly all will benefit from this in some way). There is a very simple formula that may ascertain the appropriateness of meditation for each individual: if meditation yields some benefit, e.g., a greater level of contentment, insight, serenity or even more restful sleep, then the practise is well-suited. However, if one’s practise tends to elicit adverse effects in any way, then such an exercise should be discontinued and perhaps another technique found. Each individual should always do that which makes him feel happy and uplifted. Never should any practise be coerced at the expense of well-being and amiability, as is so often evidenced among the anxious, self-seeking or idealistic.

During the coming upheavals, free time will be much restricted, and formal meditation for long periods will become both impractical and inexpedient as active and co-ordinated attention to the needs of each moment will be demanded by the surrounding tumultuous circumstances. This will inevitably engross the full attention of every meditator alike, be they a priest, mystic, monk or yogi. The dynamic changes in the near future will absolutely coerce each individual to become very practical, which means that going within as a meditative habit will necessarily shift to an attentive external focus. Remember, however, that the definition of meditation is not merely the withdrawing from the exterior world to look solely to inner realities. The outer world is an equally worthy object of concentration, and even though it is generally much more challenging, accomplishments in terms of superior benefit for all may be proportionally greater than those that may be gained by practising in isolation.

It is useful to note that the world’s most accomplished meditators have always emerged from their solitude in order to extend their meditation in service to the world, and theirs may be said to be the most supreme meditation of all, for it reflects the one great and eternal Meditation that endures within the Heart of the Universe itself, and has done ever since the blueprints for the Cosmos were conceived, i.e., even before its creation: a very long time indeed! Thus, the meditation of service appears to have been quite adequately tried, tested, successfully demonstrated and so verified as being a most pre-eminent practise, and this certification has been made by a rather Higher Authority than any teacher upon Earth.

Seeking and meditation, then, lead to the all-important understanding that shall consequently reveal that active SERVICE is the most significant of the three Master Keys, and of greater importance to the aspirant even than dedicated formal meditation. This is so because it is the earnest and truly selfless activity of the individual that evokes the powers of the Spirit, brings about the intensification of the divine life, and leads, in a graded series of steps, to the Great Renunciation, which sets the server eternally free from the illusion of matter.

A few words ought to be mentioned here regarding what service is not. Lacking true spiritual understanding, which is gained only by earnestly seeking, some who may like to think of themselves as philanthropists proceed to serve based only upon a theory of service, which is, however, deeply covered by their own personal interests, desires, ambitions, etc. and is therefore fuelled principally by ulterior and selfish motives. This is perfectly demonstrated by those who cling self-righteously to some ideal, dogma, system or organisational decree, and who seek to impose their beliefs upon others in the name of charity. This they do under the guise of selfless service, yet upon closer inspection it may become apparent that their real and underlying motives are not altruistic at all, and that they serve perhaps only to gain confirmation of their beliefs, for self-satisfaction, to establish some level of influence or control over others, or merely to appease their own conscience. Such pseudo service can and does produce much harm and confusion in the world, for people often attempt to force their ideas of service and their personal techniques upon others who may blindly follow the more commanding, yet erroneous, conviction of those who appear to know better.

‘Love’ for the majority of people today is not really Love at all, but a mixture of the desire to love and to be loved (or acknowledged in some way), plus a willingness to do anything to show and evoke this sentiment, and consequently to be more comfortable in one’s own life. It is this pseudo-love, based upon a theory of love and service, that characterises so many quasi-philanthropic endeavours and human relationships; yet neither theory, personal aspiration nor desire will or can ever make of a person a real server. In past, much emphasis has been laid upon that which is interpreted by most as ‘Love’, and not enough has been placed upon Wisdom, which is Love expressing itself in service. True service is determined only by the pure motive that prompts the server’s activity. True service is rendered by the spontaneous outpouring of a loving heart together with the direction of an intelligent and dedicated mind. It is produced by the inevitable inflow of spiritual force from the Greater Self via the soul due to the unconditional goodwill of a person, and not by strenuous physical-plane activity or by the studied effects of the server’s words or deeds. It may be thus recognised that all true spiritual service is rendered by the Spirit, not the temporal personality through which the Spirit seeks to express itself. True servers work in self-forgetfulness, offering up their vehicle of consciousness – the personality – for use by Divinity; they give no thought to the magnitude or the reverse of their accomplishments, for they are genuinely concerned for the well-being of others. They bear no preconceived ideas as to their own value or usefulness, but live, work, serve and aid, asking nothing for themselves. In fact, the thought of reward is completely unnecessary, and the aware servant of all knows this as he works under the infallible auspices of the Law of Recompense, whereby all is awarded and balanced perfectly and appropriately.

As yet few people realise that as far as the ego is concerned, genuine spiritual service is often destructive. This is necessarily so because old attachments, erroneous belief systems and false securities must be effaced in order that the light of a new and greater truth may illuminate the awareness. Consequently, true servers are frequently misunderstood upon Earth, for the love that they express differs widely from the sentimental, affectionate and personal interest of the average person. They are necessarily occupied mainly with the spiritual prosperity of all humanity as a race, as well, of course, as all life. They are not primarily concerned with the petty interests of individuals who are predominantly occupied with their own little problems and concerns. Such impersonality regularly brings servers under the criticism of others and, consequently, they may find that they possess very few friends. However, they will always know who their real friends are, for upon the spiritual path in the Aquarian age, genuine servers of the Divine Plan will stand as one in group-formation, looking out (of the personal) and upwards in the same direction. 

When a man discovers the spiritual life and truly begins to live it, seeing all as equal and ceasing to identify with the illusions of duality, e.g., good and bad, better or worse, pleasant and undesirable, etc., he necessarily become impersonal. The eyes of the Spirit, which can truly see, are utterly impersonal. Now, it may be recalled that like attracts like, and when a man becomes spiritually aware the world of ego is bound to reject him. This illustrates a universal principle that functions under the Laws of Attraction and Repulsion. As the path becomes narrower and steeper, so the numbers walking it diminish. However, provided they live by what is true and maintain it to the glory of the divine Spirit, the devoted server will be entirely indifferent as to whether he personally loses or gains everything, for the one who in all things is truly bold in his allegiance to the Divine Plan will be as ready to do the one thing as the other, and always with joy, for he comprehends well the wonderful Law.

There is a major issue to consider at this time, which is of the greatest importance for all those who have yet to commence some serviceful activity, but who decidedly wish to enter the New World, and that is the matter of preparation for service; for all who would cross the threshold between the old and the New and emerge into the magnificence of the Aquarian age on Earth must possess a genuine love of others and, therefore, an attitude that  naturally impels their wish to be of service. Today, those who seek to render such service must recognise universal law, the significance of the period in which we live, and its adjusted requirements for spiritual success during the challenging times ahead.

Those who are already guaranteed of a successful graduation during the coming Harvest Time know well from experience that upon selflessly and appropriately sharing with others that which has been revealed to them, more is given from within. Such is just one blessing bestowed upon those who attune themselves to the Law of Service, the utmost law for mankind’s spiritual progress in the new cycle.

The three Master Keys to awakening during the birth of the New World, then, are: sincere and intelligent spiritual SEEKING, MEDITATION for the greater good, and, most importantly, active and selfless SERVICE. Additionally, many minor but essential keys will be discovered upon the path once the Master Keys are utilised well. These will include: the comprehension of and attunement to new, adjusted or existing natural laws and vital Aquarian energies,  which are intrinsic to the spiritual life in the new age; the reaping of invaluable advantages from freshly-presented knowledge, teachings and wisdom; the participation in the joy of spiritual sharing and, of course, the new and vitalising realisation of harmonious and meaningful new ways of living. All these keys and many more are accessible to every intelligent person today, and will ultimately lead the serious aspirant to a good understanding and application in their lives of the new way of conscious spiritual growth which, in turn, will permit them successful entrance into the New World. In addition, those in possession of the keys to awakening will be awarded the most gracious honour of our times, namely that of assisting others in attaining success at the Harvest Time.

*  *  *

An all-important key-attitude for adoption today embraces the realisation that it is time to become very fluid, like a stream that completely accepts and yields to its surroundings in order to flow unimpeded as it meanders onward in a smooth and uninterrupted movement. Such a resilient disposition will highlight the expediency of discarding as many desires and plans as possible, and of fostering trust in the guiding wisdom of the Spirit in order to effortlessly follow its sure direction in each new moment. A recognition of the whispered messages from the Spirit within can be assured by remembering one very elementary fact: one’s state of consciousness will rise upon doing something appropriate and good, or deteriorate when doing something that is at least potentially detrimental to the greater good, and thus unfavourable for the individual also.

Useful habits to establish for the great journey into the New World are those that inspire joy and which feel natural, ever bearing in mind that philosophically-sound ideals that might have worked well yesterday may today be inappropriate. All serious aspirants are strongly recommended to trust their own feelings and higher senses much more than they may have done in the past, and also to be true to themselves, for the still small voice within is necessarily growing louder in these important times. During the approaching critical period, the birth-pains of the emerging New World shall be known to all, and we shall certainly flounder without our divine Shepherd to guide us safely and appropriately. Therefore, we should learn now to listen well to our own, often subtle, yet infallible inner guidance.

Further keys will be entrusted to humanity depending upon its positive response to those opportunities that have already been offered. An important law of the Aquarian age decrees that more grace from hidden quarters will be made available only after that which has previously been given by divine Agents is seen by them to be utilised well by the recipient in service to others.

The full set of keys to awakening have been dexterously concealed by unseen Hands within all of life’s experiences, yet such tactical and clandestine measures present no barriers to the dauntless adventurer. The bold seeker is quite aware that the Secret Treasure Chest of the present golden opportunity lies awaiting discovery by the diligent, uncompromising and, therefore, worthy soul who has embarked upon the True Quest, found the all-important keys along his tortuous path, and who has finally reached the centre of what at first seemed to be an enigmatic and complex labyrinth. It is he who, unremitting in his thirst to know the Truth, shall unveil the Mystery of the New Age and unearth the most rare of bounties known to mankind. Bearing the rightful keys obtained through his toils, pains, sacrifice, experience and skilful passage, he shall be eligible to unlock the Ancient Clasp that binds and protects the Great Prize, thereby releasing new light into the world. In now being well-practised at following obediently the unfaltering guidance of his own inner voice, he shall, with a sprightliness born of true, spiritual inspiration, venture upwards from the great underground catacombs of his past trials, pushing forward far beyond his previous limitations, while watching in delight as all previous illusions dissolve. Bearing a gracious and loving smile reflected outwards from deep within himself, and imbued by a radiance and transcendental exultation unknown to him before, the hero will emerge from darkness perfectly in time to greet the blinding glory of the New Dawn, and to share his new-found fortune, with everyone.

Just so, the present period, with its magnificent opportunities made available to all humanity might be depicted in symbolic and mystical-fantasy form, yet it takes just a little discernment to recognise that such an apparently fanciful allegory is most befitting and clearly representative of the potential reality evidenced in these exceptional times.

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