A hidden factor of significance

Kundalini is a fiery spiritual energy that is connected to the base chakra and thus physically and earthly bound. Even a teeny-weeny fragment of this energy has an effect on the nervous system and the endocrine glands. It affects for positive or for negative the “temperament” of the chakra system, the carrier of the personality, and the sensory perception of reality.

Ockhams razor, sharp as a blade

In spiritual development, Kundalini is the hidden factor to take into account with the help of reality checks. Is that what is perceived intuitively based on reality or on the “wish that is the father of thought”, wishful thinking.

Kundalini is both cause and effect of spiritual misunderstandings, disharmony, and inequality in spirituality, religion, and society, and between man and woman.

It is both an accelerator and an ignitor, a destroyer, and a creator, a disturber and enhancer, and a means of both enlightening and blurring the awareness.

How Kundalini works out within the nervous system depends on the spiritual purity of the heart.