New Teachings and a New Way

ALL THAT IS NEW – PHILOSOPHY, RELIGION, SCIENCE, SPIRITUALITY, etc. – is today revealing itself in conspicuous contrast to the old and outworn standards as a major division develops on a grand scale. Unremittingly the split between the two yawns steadily wider and begins to evidence itself now prominently in the physical world. Such a division is apparent to those who are aware and who therefore recognise the current indications of what must ultimately transpire.

As Earth-frequencies rise, and as new, subtle yet potent forces pour into the invisible planes corresponding to our physical planet, a new order of life is emerging; a new awareness and a greater appreciation of the interconnectivity of all Creation is growing within the minds of humanity. Outmoded ways of the past are rapidly proving themselves unworthy of the new realities and thus are nullifying themselves through a process of atrophy that will eventuate in their complete and permanent eradication from planet Earth. The old cannot withstand the new, for such is the Divine Plan for our world. A brand new life-paradigm is dawning within the planetary consciousness today, and everyone who recognises and lives by the new truths will learn much from the demise of the old.

Those who are gravitating toward the emerging new world paradigm are presently seeking to find out more, and this search for new and greater understanding is something that absolutely everyone would undertake if they were not so immersed in the great plethora of worldly distractions. This is so because the impetus to seek and thus to grow is an essential quality of the divine Spirit, and so is also inherent within every soul. To become aware of the grand possibilities of spiritual seeking is to be onto something; to fail to be onto something is to live an empty life. It may be clearly recognised, therefore, that an open and inquisitive attitude is ever necessary if rigidity and stagnation are to be avoided and spiritual progress assured. Such is the inborn and natural instinct of a child, without which it would never grow emotionally, mentally or spiritually. Similarly, in adulthood, the seeking of greater meaning in life is essential to spiritual advancement. Refraining from seeking any higher purpose other than mere survival, pleasure and procreation is to experience spiritual death. Seeking, therefore, is synonymous with progress, and ultimately will reveal life’s purpose.

Like humanity, Servers will also remain incarcerated within the shadows of ignorance if they do not uncompromisingly seek the Truth. The very act of seeking sets forces in motion that greet the seeker in order to reveal certain secrets which that individual may be ready to behold; life responds as if to an invitation. By self-initiated efforts to move forward into grander regions of spiritual reality, the intuitive faculty is automatically stimulated and the seeker’s vibratory rate of consciousness is raised as awareness expands. Regardless of their cultural background, such is the fundamental understanding of all true prophets, seers and saints who naturally and spontaneously invoke Revelation by their humble inquiry into Existence, and the seed of every true religion or spiritual teaching has been produced in this way.

Now, the Great Jewel of Truth has many facets, all of which reflect the One Light of the Universal Mind. Spanning the vast expanses of time and shining upon all countries of the world through the hearts and souls of pioneers belonging to multifarious races of men, these reflections of the One Truth have been perceived in a multitude of different ways depending upon a variety of factors. These factors include social perspective, ethnic influence, the period in world history (and therefore the level of human development) or even the personal disposition of a single individual who may have been initially responsible for motivating the masses toward a new and brighter awareness. Consequently, and as long as the evolutionary current proceeds, new religions, cosmologies and spiritual philosophies will always arise, each one offering a distinctive presentation of the unchanging Ageless Wisdom: the Eternal Truth.

Humanity, however, in its habitual practise of tampering with those things that are already perfect just as they are, has repeatedly misinterpreted and consequently contaminated all of the true religious dispensations given out by various individuals or groups throughout history. This has been perpetrated, sometimes over centuries, by adding to, taking from, diluting, exaggerating or otherwise modifying the simple verities expounded within certain authenticated and established religious works. Such is an enduring fact, even though millions today might swear that their chosen doctrine or ‘gospel’ is pure and intact. It is significant also that these same adherents may often be just as quick to point out the flaws and falsities in other religions that are different from their own and so perhaps little understood by them. Such a psychology is, of course, responsible for provoking all religious tensions, segregations, wars and persecutions. Religion is not to blame, mankind’s short-sighted interpretation of religious doctrine is. Consequently, there is once again today an urgent need for fresh, true and undistorted spiritual teachings; teachings that will restore the sacred Essence of past religious dogma and so help to unite the various presentations of the One Universal Truth that lies at the foundation of all true religious dispensations, past, present and future.

“Let us not fear to reject from our religion all that is useless, material, tangible as well as all that is vague and indefinite; the more we purify its spiritual kernel, the more we shall understand the true Law of Life.” – Tolstoy.

Tseng Tse expresses a similar sentiment: “One should not think that a religion is true because it is old. On the contrary the more mankind lives, the more the true Law of Life becomes clear to him. To suppose that in our epoch one must continue to believe what our grandfathers and ancestors believed is to think that an adult can continue to wear the garments of children”.

Times change, and so does consciousness. It is a most worthwhile and indeed necessary measure today to prepare our vessels so that they may be worthy to contain the new wine that is being poured most liberally upon everyone alike from the heavens. A full or closed vessel cannot receive any new wine, and the children of the New World therefore remain open and stand ready for the instant recognition of that which is new and true. They are eager for the immediate grasp of the truth of the times and they are in preparation for the treading of the New Way in the unfoldment of the pioneering human consciousness, and for the revelation – steadily and constantly presented by the emerging life – of the new and superseding ideas. These ideas possess a dynamic expulsive power and are, therefore, the natural adversary of the old and obsolete, as all dedicated Servers will testify, but they do meet human needs more than adequately in the new cycle.

In the words of Thoreau: “How astonishing is this that of all the supreme revelations of truth, the world admits and tolerates only the more ancient, those which answer least to the needs of our epoch, while it holds each direct revelation, each original thought for null, and sometimes hates them.”

The attitude of all awakening individuals today is set for the prompt relinquishing of all that is futile, unnecessary and inadequate to the need of the hour, and for the reception of that Power from on-high which necessarily breaks and destroys everything that has become crystallised, that has served its purpose fully, and which is consequently redundant. Awakened Servers are therefore ready to work as dedicated servants of the Divine Plan in accord with all that is new and relevant, reaching out compassionately in service to humanity by holding up the true vision of the Aquarian age for all to see, and by thus living earnestly in accord with their purpose on Earth.

Resulting from the beneficent influence of the Aquarian energies upon mankind’s consciousness, much new inspiration is today being experienced by those individuals who have been actively seeking the Truth as it applies to the present level of world development. As has already been intimated, Truth reveals itself to the sincerely-seeking mind and heart and, like the prophets of yore, new and creative insights are being received at this time all over the world by those who have learned (or recalled) how to successfully harmonise their lives in accord with universal law, and particularly with the new and adjusted laws of the Aquarian age for Earth. Such discoveries are today evoking positive action in the lives of these harbingers of that which is new and better for the planet as they embrace the responsibility of meeting the requirements of the present, and of serving humanity by sharing the truth that has been revealed to them.

The spiritual needs of our times are today being widely broadcast by such heralds as they proceed to honour their duty to mankind. While conscientiously acting as agents of the New Spirit, these servants of the race are helping to birth the New Way of conscious spiritual progress upon Earth. This New Way incorporates inspired and practical methodologies that duly accommodate the New World Consciousness, the adjusted laws of the new era, and all the various modern conditions that will continue to manifest in the Aquarian age.

As the expanding awareness of humanity is beginning to regard life in the light of spiritual values, new teachings have commenced their foreordained precipitation around the planet, and certain elements of these new teachings are now being offered to mankind everywhere in the world by awakening Servers. These seeds of the New Way will eventually grow into a verdant garden bearing many fruits, one of which shall be the forthcoming new religion* that will offer tomorrow’s humanity a fresh and truer understanding of the Divine Plan, together with a living insight into the great lives and minds of those who implement it upon Earth, and who are the engineers of mankind’s future.

* The word ‘religion’ is derived from the Latin ‘religare’ and means to re-link or reunite. True religion offers a dependable spiritual system for alignment and unification with the Divine. It lucidly and unequivocally presents the truth of universal law and, unlike most existing religious dispensations, is not formulated or utilised to control people. Therefore, the new religion should not be compared to those extant today which are actually but shades of their pure and original form.

The best of the virtues and advantages of past religious dispensations will be brought forward into the New World and updated, taking due consideration of the new realities. The new religion will be a world religion. With the spread of unity consciousness as well as the rise of greater intelligence and awareness generally upon the planet, no longer will mankind be so disposed to segregate itself by multifarious and complex presentations of the One Universal Truth, as has been the case in the past and to great disadvantage worldwide. Free of dogma and distinguished not by doctrines, the New World religion will not be exemplified by theological psychologies or through organised sectarian groups and churches, but by an earnestly loving inner attitude and a natural orientation toward the truly spiritual life.

The New Way will be scientifically-based, i.e., it will elicit greater practical insight into the Ageless Wisdom and will re-present esoteric principles that will be proven by application and subsequent experience. When the Truth is seen together, the hearts of humanity become united. As inspired religious ceremonies and prayers take place at the same hour with common understanding and with identical spiritual intent all around the globe, the powerful collective invocation of the united family of humanity will penetrate far deeper into the hidden worlds and more than ever before will evoke a correspondingly profound response from divine spheres. In demanding attention and succour from the higher planes, such forceful and vertical appeal will assist in the reinstatement and preservation of “Heaven on Earth”, and this New Way will emerge fully when humanity is ready to really live its teachings.

The process of preparation for the healing, upliftment and liberation of mankind in the New World must necessarily incorporate new and practical guidance that will inspire an uncompromising inner search for true understanding. Blind faith, deferential belief and unthinking conformity will be mercifully absent from the New World Consciousness, and the intelligible comprehensiveness and conciseness of the New World religion will help to encourage and maintain such a lucid awareness during the Aquarian cycle. When humanity begins to appreciate and, therefore, live by the immutable laws of Life due to its own inspired personal enquiry into Reality, an unshakable trust in that Life will develop, and divine contact will ultimately result from the consequent intelligent surrender to and co-operation with divine Order. Such an alignment with universal law begets identification with the Greater Self in all, and thus gives rise to the experience of unconditional love, that most sublime expression of the divine Spirit which ever seeks to give of itself for the benefit of others. Since they will live for the world, individuals who attune to the New Way of spiritual progress in the Aquarian era will be naturally motivated from within to help their fellows, and so it is that the global community on Earth will be born.

The New World Consciousness will become fully established upon Earth soon after the critical mass has been assembled and when mankind is therefore ready to welcome and contribute toward positive change. The pioneering work of Servers will then swiftly increase and spread, this being reflected in an expansion of their breed and in the consequent diffusion throughout the world of goodwill, charity, altruism and worldwide selfless collaboration. The joint efforts of Servers will contribute significantly toward the clear discernment, comprehension, and active resolution of all injustice upon the planet, and will culminate in the permanent transmutation of evil and in the engendering of wholesome and symbiotic human relationships. Such a conscious alignment with the designs of the universe together with the intelligent application in life of its laws, will produce a conducive global spiritual climate that will facilitate the long-awaited manifestation of Divinity upon Earth.

*  *  *

Speaking of the “New Church” of the Aquarian age, the following prophetic vision for our time was left by the Cathars, the last known of whom were burned alive by the Inquisition of the Roman Catholic Church at Montsegur, Languedoc, France in 1244 AD:

It has no fabric, only understanding.

It has no membership, save those who know they belong.

It has no rivals, because it is non-competitive.

It has no ambition, it seeks only to serve.

It knows no boundaries, for nationalisms are unloving.

It is not of itself, because it seeks to enrich all groups and religions. 

It has no secret, no arcanum, no initiation save that of true understanding of the power of love and that, if we want it to be so, the world will change, but only if we change ourselves first.

It acknowledges all great teachers of all ages who have shown the truth of love.

Its participants will practise the truth of love in all their being.

It seeks not to teach but to be, and in being, to enrich.

It recognises the whole planet as a Being of which we are all a part.

It recognises that the time has come for the supreme transmutation, the ultimate alchemical act of conscious change of the world-ego into a voluntary return to the Whole.

It does not proclaim itself with a loud voice, but in the subtle realms of loving.

It salutes all those in the past who have blazed the path and have paid the price.

Its members shall know each other by their deeds and being, and by their eyes, and by no other outward sign save the fraternal embrace.

Its members will dedicate their lives to the silent loving of their neighbour and environment and the planet, while carrying out their task, however exalted or humble.

It recognises the supremacy of the Great Idea which may only be accomplished if the human race practises love.

It has no reward to offer either here or in the hereafter save that of the ineffable joy of being and loving.

Its members shall seek to advance the cause of understanding, doing good by stealth, and teaching only by example.

Its members shall heal their neighbours, their community and our planet.

Its members shall know no fear and feel no shame, and their knowledge shall prevail over all odds.

All those who belong, belong to the church of love.

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