Opposing Forces

AS GREATER LIGHT CONTINUES TO ILLUMINATE THE PLANETARY CONSCIOUSNESS, darkness is necessarily accentuated, for where there is light there must exist its corresponding shadow, or contrast, for in a dualistic universe one cannot exist and is meaningless without the other. More specifically, there has existed for millions of years a great protective barrier of spiritual force around our planet that was instigated and has been dutifully maintained by the Earth’s own planetary Hierarchy. This ethereal bulwark regulates the incoming flow of various energies, forces and souls to Earth, while it also functions as a shield from cosmic evil. Without such a measure humanity would have experienced much greater oppression and hardship than that which it has known heretofore. In this time leading up to the birth of the New World, certain doorways are being opened in the barrier in order to allow for a larger influx of benign entities into our Earthly spheres where their aid may be rendered. However, these doorways are presently also being used for access by entities who are rather less than friendly, even though such wayward souls have the karmic right to be here on Earth.

The Divine Plan for planet Earth has to date been greatly retarded by the opposing forces. Today, however, the deadline for an intermediate consummation of that Plan is nigh, hence the present intensified activity of the dark forces everywhere upon the planet. In being aware of the expanding light upon the horizon of the old world, the forces of darkness are today redoubling their efforts against all that is good and righteous by trying all kinds of new, devious and desperate attempts to further delay the unfolding Divine Plan, and to take for themselves as much of the new light coming to the planet as they are able to snatch away from humanity. Servers are high-priority targets for the dark forces, of course, due to the inherent threat that they pose to the dominion of evil upon Earth, and consequently Servers will find that they generally receive attention from the brothers of shadowbefore that of Divinity. Characteristically, those of the dark side are most unscrupulous and merciless in their actions; they are ever keen to utilise absolutely any method that may further their insidious plot to inflict the greatest damage possible upon those virtuous souls who are regarded by these short-sighted antagonists as adversaries.

Individuals with any trace of selfishness, e.g., fear, pride, etc., and even those bearing genuine goodwill but possessing weak, indecisive or rigid and thus impressionable minds, are the easiest and, therefore, favourite victims of the opposing forces, and certain awakening Servers who have yet to reconsecrate their lives in service to the Divine Plan are today being successfully victimised from the inner planes in order to minimise their chances of responding positively to their wake-up calls. As a result, these unsuspecting Servers may suffer a variety of emotional, psychological and even physical afflictions, ranging from headaches and unnatural fatigue to advanced occult possession. As the planetary deadline approaches and as all conditions upon Earth – both good and evil, Truth and falsehood – intensify, Servers who in their forgetfulness may have become severely impaired as personalities will be presented with one of two critical choices: they must either search for and find a genuinely serviceful group, the common focus to which they should selflessly dedicate their lives (thus effecting their own healing), or they may choose to remain in the sombre gloom of selfhood and uncertainty whereby they will eventually be withdrawn from the physical plane having failed their assignment. It should be understood well by all Servers who have yet to reunite with other kindred souls for the purposes of furthering the One Divine Work upon Earth, that true, spiritual group communion creates an impregnable protective energy field, effectively warding off all evil so that higher spiritual forces may successfully enter the physical plane. Such a radiatory field will be an indispensable asset to any group during the approaching and inevitable onslaught of malevolent and blindly-destructive powers.

*  *  *

The opposing forces are certainly not estranged from the profitable advice contained in the proverb: “a stitch in time saves nine”. For ages the brothers of shadow have regarded the underlying designs and intentions of the Divine Plan for Earth, paying particular attention to this current and concluding phase of a major cycle, and consequently they have been long-preparing for that which has been termed Armageddon* in the Bible.

* Specifically, the word Armageddon’ means a final and conclusive battle between the forces of good and evil; an entirely befitting description indeed for our times, and a struggle which more and more aware and sensitive individuals are today recognising is already underway.

These materialistic powers, which are ever pitted against spiritual progress, always tread the path of least resistance, and so they begin their maligned attack upon certain personalities at the very earliest opportunity: when the foetus is still building its new physical body in the womb. It has been scientifically proven that an unborn child experiences to a significant degree whatever the mother experiences, and thus negative influences aimed at specific individuals (particularly Servers) begin before birth via the parents. Such wilful interference generally continues throughout childhood, and many Servers may recall particular traumatic incidents that occurred very early in their lives which, upon due reflection, they may discern are responsible for certain personal dispositions or impairments that still presently exist.

Surreptitiously then, a seed of fear may be planted within a Server’s personality vehicle during childhood, and this often occurs most profoundly at about the age of six or seven years old when the child’s emotional constitution begins to become integrated within the individual and so is able to be permanently infected. The basic intention of evil after it has struck its first blow is for the growth of its seed to be promoted within the impressionable child by its surrounding environment which, of course, includes family, friends and acquaintances, the negative influence of whom is often further assured by perpetual incitement by those residing within hidden quarters who strive, consciously or unconsciously, under the banner of the antichrist*. Emotional or psychological poisoning in the early stages of a child’s development may so easily create serious character disorders that, in turn, provide a doorway through which agents of evil may further infect the Server by negative occult impression. In so fortifying the personality weaknesses of the imitation ego, an attempt is made to render Servers incapable of fulfilling their spiritual duty later in life.

* The antichrist is not a single person or being; it is not the ‘Devil’ or ‘Satan’, neither of whom actually exist, although a great number of entities continue to derive satisfaction from impersonating the mythical Lord of Darkness. The term ‘antichrist’ refers to all evil intelligence as it is expressed in the universe in direct opposition to the plans of the Cosmic Christ – The Lord of the World – who is not the personality called Jesus, but an exalted field of divine Consciousness – a Great Being of Love and Wisdom – one tiny ray from whom shone through the lower vehicles of Jesus, as it did through those of the Avatar, Krishna of India, before him, as well as many other great Servers throughout human history, thereby bestowing upon these individuals the spiritual title of world-saviour. The word ‘Christ’ is derived from the Greek Kristos’ meaning The Anointed One. Those who work under the banner of the antichrist include a whole host of sentient beings, some of whom are very advanced in terms of their occult knowledge, their power to control certain lesser spirits, and their ability to wield various natural forces; others may be quite unaware of how they are secretly used by the brothers of shadow, but all of them have one thing in common: selfishness, while those of a more treacherous nature harbour an insatiable lust for power, personal aggrandisement and dominion over others. It is, in fact, their innate selfishness that prevents any real and permanent alliance among them, and this is why the forces of darkness are always ultimately defeated by the greater united power of those who serve the Divine Plan, and who constitute, therefore, the divine Forces of Righteousness.

A common pattern experienced by Servers is that of years of unreasonable persecution and abuse by others who may sometimes even appear to have a perfectly irrational personal hatred for them due to the provocation of unseen entities who are themselves at the mercy and command of masters of evil. Such violations over extended periods do little to nurture a positive and loving attitude in many Servers, and today a large number of them demonstrate various levels of psycho-emotional infirmity, which is, of course, exactly what was intended by the opposing forces. Yet it should not be forgotten that, prior to the voluntary adoption of the veil of forgetfulness in physical embodiment, the likely incidence of such negative interference was fully apprehended and accepted by each Server as being an intrinsic factor of their sacrificial mission. All Servers understood well how evil minds seek to incite fear, doubt, anger and the like in their victims, thus rendering them easy to control; yet they also knew how all damage to the lower vehicles of consciousness could be effectively healed. Today, it is time for Servers to recollect that knowledge in order that they may be better prepared to help a world in need.

However, as is so prevalently the case amongst humanity today, Servers may also subconsciously block painful experiences from their awareness in order to avoid dealing with distressful memories. Yet these memories must be recalled for resolution as part of the process of remembrance in order that understanding, acceptance and forgiveness may effect complete release and consequent healing. Servers who embark upon the path of purification and healing will achieve greater ability to help others in their healing process, and the unprecedented grace available to all humanity at this time, delivered courtesy of the intensifying waves of new Aquarian energy, assures that healing and complete restoration may, for each and every individual, be swiftly realised; unselfish service is the key.

As was mentioned earlier, at this climactic time upon Earth the planet is a very busy focal point of galactic attention. Both benign entities and those who are oriented toward evil are today contacting their representatives upon Earth for correspondingly divine or selfish ends. Many Servers are discovering that they are able to be mediums (or ‘channels’ as they are now more usually termed) for the receipt of communications from various sources. Such individuals should remain well aware that even if they are genuinely oriented toward service to others, nevertheless in less spiritually-inspired moments they may still receive messages and interference in the form of lies or, at best, distortions of the Truth from entities who are far from enlightened.

Channelling, as it is widely practised today, is a low-grade psychic expression. It is one of the least demanding ‘spiritual paths’; it is easy and therefore of negligible influence upon evolutionary progress and does not in the least assist Servers with their most vital duty upon Earth, which is to invoke and transmit divine energy in the world. In stark contrast, divine contact has ever been the prime goal of the serious spiritual aspirant, and this rule is especially pertinent to awakening Servers. Being the most direct communication with the Spirit for humanity, divine contact grants one the privilege of receiving pure insight, flawless intuition and dependable wisdom, obviating the need to communicate with other beings for information. Conversely, channelling can be very detrimental to the individual upon the path of holy service for numerous reasons, and, once divine contact has been attained, becomes completely superfluous*.

* Due recognition is given to the fact that some accurate and very useful information is presently being received through bona fide mediums. However, it should not be overlooked that this is only information. Channelling, in and of itself, does not constitute a path of spiritual development.

All forms of mediumship constitute a distraction to real spiritual attainment, and for Servers today channelling is fraught with danger. Moreover, the trance condition that many lesser mediums effortlessly adopt, is a most undesirable state, especially in these times. It separates the medium from his own soul and relegates him to the realms of unwholesome and material forces that abound upon the astral plane – the realm of illusion. It is imperative that mental activity and purity of heart be rapidly enhanced so that intelligent and conscious channelling may be practised safely if at all, otherwise true spiritual mediumship will remain a rare occurrence during the birth of the New World. The naïveté and excited grasping of the majority of those who are interested in channelling today, together with the ingenuousness, pride and selfishness of so many mediums, exposes groups to very definite dangers as they continue to let loose upon the world forces and entities of an unholy nature.

It cannot be too strongly emphasised that all manner of guileful spirits upon the inner side of life are today proceeding to seek out and to contact sensitives in physical incarnation who evidence reasonable potential to become instruments for the execution of their ungracious plans, just as benevolent forces in service to the Divine Plan are searching for selfless and devoted hearts to help with the real divine Work upon Earth. As the lower psychic faculties of Servers – stimulated by the new energies – begin to expand, evil intelligences may eagerly rush in where angels will not tread. Wherever there exists even just a trace of selfishness in the consciousness of a medium, he or she becomes automatically prone to be deceived, used, victimised and even permanently possessed. Conditions are so ripe upon this eve of the New Day and humanity’s gullibility and desire so pronounced and prevalent that such unfortunate occult usurpations are being facilitated by a negative synergy actualised by unprepared groups of perhaps well-meaning people. This is resulting in group possessions and it is to be observed today that certain mediums, together with some of their loyal followers, are headed straight for the lunatic asylum!

However, loving assistance is always at hand and ready to confer complete protection, even upon the dark planet. Selfless invocative appeal (which a humble and serviceful attitude engenders) will always attract divine attention and aid wherever necessary, and psychic attack of a superficial nature is generally the worst that negative entities may inflict upon those who are earnestly and wholeheartedly dedicated to helping others spiritually. The success of any assault made by the dark forces is directly proportional to the degree of self-regard that the intended victim may express. Selfish thoughts and emotions only serve to lower one’s vibratory rate of consciousness, consequently rendering a person easy prey to the more gross frequencies of energy of the various planes that are utilised by entities with malefic intent in all their offensives.

*  *  *

It is evident that there has been an extreme patriarchal imbalance upon Earth for a very long time. The innate creative and intuitive qualities of the feminine spirit have been long-feared by distorted male perception, and as a result women have been repressed, dominated and persecuted throughout history. In order to bring equilibrium to a world that has known so much control by the male force, the majority of Server-souls upon Earth at this time have chosen to incarnate in female bodies*. As agents of change, these valiant envoys of the New Spirit bring to the planet a very high concentration of feminine power that will presently resolve the patriarchal problem upon Earth once and for all, restoring much needed balance and harmony that will benefit everyone in the New World, both women and men. During the time leading up to the Great Transition, however, and since male authority is still presently the controlling global power, female Servers will continue to experience something of the anguish of the collective persecution endured by so many women over the ages. Nonetheless, they are assured that their long-awaited time of liberation and victory is today at hand.

* The process of seeding the New World Consciousness requires far fewer male Servers in incarnation than female. It may be recognised that this is a pervasive design of Nature; it is exemplified by multifarious species of life around the world, and operates under the Law of Reproduction. A vast number of different classes of animals, fish, birds and insects (as well as humanity itself) demonstrate that during one single sexual act, millions of spermatozoa are released for potential fertilisation of the female ovum. The birth of the New World Consciousness is, of course, an esoteric phenomenon, but nevertheless follows the same natural pattern as that of many physical-plane life-forms. In other words, it takes just one male Server to produce a profusion of life-sparks bearing the potential to spiritually inseminate many female Servers, and to thus conceive the New World Consciousness.

Female Servers often possess an inherent sympathetic attraction to mates who are in great need of love, healing and personal attention, yet who also harbour negative personality traits that may or may not include the syndrome of male dominance. There lies great potential danger within such attached compassion in relationships, even though the personal program is often designed to lead some women into direct experience of this kind. Blind anxiousness to be of service may result in very deleterious partnerships whereby the female Server is in danger of becoming completely overshadowed and vampirised (drained of life-force) by her partner due to debilitating chakra interplay and auric contamination as she earnestly attempts to help a man who is unable to receive her love. Evil influence operates effortlessly and efficiently through males who harbour tendencies of the lower self, and victimisation is a very common outcome of the typically submissive disposition demonstrated by many female Servers in the world today, and may easily inflict much psycho-emotional damage. Lingering for too long within harmful relationships that are not progressive may be fatal to the Server’s mission, and many women will find that they shall have to terminate their relationships, leaving their partners behind during the forthcoming transitions.

*  *  *

Today, as mankind is awakening in accord with the approaching Harvest Time and the greatest spiritual opportunity ever upon Earth, members of the opposing forces are, with remarkable alacrity, stepping forward to inaugurate themselves to the general public as spiritual leaders and healers. They are well-practised at skillfully masquerading their true intentions with a veil of inspiring melodramas and emotionally-appealing deceptions of all kinds. It is one of their favourite and most frequently employed ruses to pose as holy messengers, for they know well how to appeal to humanity’s gullibility, desire and pride. They often impersonate the qualities and missions of true Servers of the Divine Plan, proudly announcing themselves as ‘walk-ins’, angels, starseeds, etc., publishing exciting and authoritative books, giving lectures and workshops to large groups of people, and even effecting what might seem upon the surface to be truly humanitarian works. Many of those who are offering false teachings in the world today are all the more convincing to the unaware due to the fact that they themselves actually believe what they teach, and may therefore possess genuinely sincere motives. Yet while they forge ahead with the notion that they really are serving the Divine Plan, in their myopia and essentially selfish orientation and ignorance they are in fact little more than human marionettes for the brothers of shadow. Other contemporary teachers are quite conscious of their own ulterior motives, which are always aimed at engendering craving, attachment, blind obedience, subordination and so on, and these imposters delight in creating the lure of that which is attractive to the personal self as they deliberately attempt to block the influx of anything which is true and holy.

These devious antagonists of all that is real and good and true are especially keen to divert Servers from their path. They know well that awakening Servers are presently seeking to understand their new and unfolding consciousness, and so they are making great efforts to effectively distort the truth of the awakening process and to thus lead as many Servers astray as possible. This is accomplished by offering impressive yet false and often complex philosophical systems and substitutes for Truth that may appear to be helpful and authentic to many, but which are in fact designed to induce a passion, however subtle, for self-gratification, thus lowering the vibratory rate of consciousness and leading to disempowerment, blindness and dependency. These shrewd deceivers amongst us today seek to at least neutralise the Servers’ mission, while their preference is to utterly crush and destroy anything that is in alignment with the Divine Plan for Earth. They are disseminating all kinds of very interesting information in their campaign to ensnare and distract as many individuals, groups and organisations as they are able from the most simple, unchanging and spiritually-sound message of love and service. They may also perform miraculous healings and demonstrate psychic powers in order to inspire faith in the masses, and to subsequently win the adulation and allegiance of the naïve.

What may be regarded as miraculous by some, however, is nothing but a metaphysical dynamic that is responsible for the harnessing of natural forces; faith acts as both a magnifier and a conductor, and makes this dynamic possible. Just as electricity – which is potentially present everywhere – becomes effective only in the presence of a conductor, so ‘supernatural’ power becomes effective only in the presence of faith, be it faith in a human teacher, in the divine intelligence immanent in Creation, faith in an ideal or even in one’s own spiritual nature. History attests to the fact that blind faith may be easily and promptly cultivated amongst the credulous, desirous or needy. If a true divine experience has yet to be attained, the exuberant and hopeful self-seeker may easily confuse lower-astralism and psychic phenomena for spiritual revelation and holy wisdom. Furthermore, those cunning entities who are sworn enemies of truth and righteousness understand very well how selfishly-motivated faith may be exploited and used like a kind of vacuum that draws certain surrounding forces into itself, thus endowing the individual or group with which it is connected with various etheric and astral energies that are naught but imitations of those higher forces in which the faith has been invested.

It is a fact that in order to instigate and maintain their power and charisma, spiritual and religious leaders depend as much on the faith of their adherents as their adherents depend on the initial inspiration which they may receive from their leaders. Once this mutually profitable affair has begun, it can easily expand to allure and subsequently influence many other aspirants who may be attracted (or magnetically pulled in) to the psychically-charged atmosphere that is so common within such groups. The subsequent magnification of synergetic potency will be in direct proportion to the degree of emotional charge peculiar to the group, as well as the will and manipulative abilities of the leader(s). Therefore, it is not difficult to see how the combined forces evoked by those whose faith is directed toward a spiritual ‘superior’ make him a centre of power that goes far beyond that of his own personality, while simultaneously also providing a convenient conduit for the brothers of shadow to enter and influence our world. Selfish spirituality is imitation spirituality, and is today epidemic in the world, both within the New Age movement as well as in more traditional religious circles.

Religious intermediaries and spiritual leaders are still employed today due to humanity’s ignorance of universal laws, and as long as such blindness persists in the world, black magicians, false spiritual teachers and bogus religions will continue to proliferate in response to mankind’s desire. A rapidly growing number of false prophets and unscrupulous mystics are presently rising in power all around the world. Due to the pervasive ingenuousness and craving of humanity, these sorcerers are successfully wielding occult forces not for the common good, but for their own selfish ends, and they are consequently leading many people farther and farther away from divine Truth and genuine spiritual experience by offering a cold light, which can be remarkably convincing to those who do not look to their own heart for verification. These mock-Servers are bringing about the fulfilment of the New Testament prophecy that at the time of the end “even the wise will be led astray” and that there will be much distortion of the truth concerning the spread of the New World Consciousness.

It is of vital importance at this late stage of the current phase of the Divine Plan for Earth that Servers hearken to their conscience: the voice of Divinity within. They should pursue only their highest and most selfless aspirations, trusting and following the urging of their personal program which will guide them forward safely amidst all the contrived allurements and snares that have been set along the path especially for them, but which cannot fool the person who has attained true Knowledge and whose sights are set on helping the world. Amidst so much world delusion and spiritual inertia upon this, their culminating Earthly mission, Servers who are struggling to uncover and reveal the Truth in order to free others and themselves, will necessarily receive similar blows to those dealt to and endured by the martyrs of yesteryear. However, man grows strong by the buffetings of life, and the steel of the soul is tempered in the fire of Earthly experience. The Servers’ challenging task demands that on occasion they stand apparently alone, yet to those who persevere to the end in faith and dedication to the One Great Cause – ever undaunted by the slanderous accusations and venom of the beast’s desperate and dying throes – success is assured.

“The storm of wrath comes on; you shall be maltreated by the scribes and Pharisees, the high priests and the doctors of the law. Without a cause you will be haled into the courts and cast into prison cells; you will be stoned; you will be beaten in the synagogues; will stand condemned before the rulers of this world, and governors and kings shall sentence you to death. But you will falter not, and you will testify for truth and righteousness. And when these times shall come let wisdom guide; do not resent. Resentment makes more strong the wrath of evil men. There is a little sense of justice and of mercy in the vilest men of Earth. By taking heed to what you do and say, and trusting in the guidance of the Holy Breath, you may inspire this sense to grow. You thus may make the wrath of men to praise the Lord.” – Jesus.

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