Polarities of Armageddon

Service to self (STS) or service to others (STO)

Q: There are battles going on right now over galactic territory and liberty etc., and then there are “Servers-to-Others”. These Servers have to use force on the dark ones, because the dark ones have no respect for free will or anything else for that matter. 

So these warriors are here right now on Earth, and they are very much needed because “Service-to-Self” is taking as many as it can with it in these last days before the shift of ages.

A: You are in error. What you speak of here is but one side of the great battle of Armageddon. It is duality that fights with another aspect of itself in the realm of opposites. Divinity does not fight evil, and neither does Divinity do ‘good’, for both good and evil are dualistic illusions that vibrate outside Divine spheres. 

Now, ignorance has misinterpreted the pure teachings and teachers, and has fooled the whole world into thinking in terms of self and other. But whatever side one chooses, STS or STO, one is polarizing from the Middle Way, where the Truth lives. When one swings to the right, the law of duality ensures that a swing back to the left must occur, for balance is a universal decree. If there is any ‘other’ with which you battle, even in thought, then you are fighting an aspect of the dualistic illusion, and so are binding yourself to it. And the same goes for helping any ‘other’, which means that you are helping an illusion of ‘other’. Either way, karma is created due to an unenlightened focus. 

These ‘warriors’ of whom you speak are perhaps noble in their activites in one sense, but unenlightened all the same. Their actions actually constitute a part of the world-problem, similar to that of the evil ones themselves.

Q: But those who fight evil do a great service for the downtrodden and ignorant.

A: Like the majority of human beings, you do not yet see the Truth. Do you think that Divinity is so limited that it has to battle with evil? Divinity, the Truth, does not fight anything, it just IS.

Q: Eureka! I think the penny just dropped! If you do not even vibrate there, in duality, you become untouchable by it, yes?

A: Right. There is duality: good and evil, self and other, and then there is Divinity, Truth, which is altogether other.

Q: Christ consciousness is beyond both polarities.

A: Yes, Divinity vibrates beyond all man-made dualities; it has nothing to do with them.

Q: Okay, I understand.

A: As long as we are thinking of self or other selves, we are subscribing to the separative illusion of duality. Either way duality gets fed, karma is created and we become more bound to the illusion. 

You see how nearly all the world is deluded? Especially, perhaps, those who think they are doing good by serving other selves?

Q: I understand. This truth feels so familiar. It is in my soul-memory somewhere.

A: Both good and evil do not exist in Truth. All dualities are mind-born illusions.

Q: Right. Of course. Thank-you. I see! 

A: The dualistic mind is the cause of all problems.

Q: I understand. The mind is of the separative ego. It thinks in duality.

A: Yes. Whenever an impure heart or unenlightened mind reads about STO it will invoke the ego’s sense of doing ‘good’, and where there is good there must also be evil to balance it. Hence people who do ‘good’ works fuel the dualistic illusion and indirectly arouse evil. This is why the Buddha taught his disciples to walk the Middle Way between all the pairs of opposites, and why the initiate, Paul, in the New Testament wrote: “Each time I try to do good I end up doing evil.”

Service to others is a dualistic trap for the limited human mind. It is one of the most difficult snares to recognise because it seems so reasonably loving and selfless. But Divinity does not serve others in the very personal way that mankind thinks; Divinity, once contacted, just radiates out in all directions, blessing all alike. In Divinity there is no ‘other’ to serve! Do you see the very subtle entrapment set up for so many well-intentioned people today? “Do good, serve others and you will be saved!” It is a falsehood, which is just as binding as doing evil or serving self. The real prescription for success should be: “Seek God, love God and live only for God (not ‘others’) and all will be revealed to you.” There is a subtle but monumental difference here, yet so much pride and delusion are being created all over the world with this idea of ‘me serving others’. So many spiritual groups and humanitarian organizations proceed in their work equipped with a theory of service, but they do not understand that even though their services may be necessary and useful, they are not in and of themselves Liberating, and when they are performed with any premeditated deliberation, as in, “I am going to help this or that person”, they are actually binding. Ultimately they lead only to confusion, depletion and spiritual frustration. 

True spiritually meritorious and efficacious Service is the natural outpouring of Love and Wisdom from the divinely aligned heart and mind. It is not something that proceeds based upon personal planning or striving, however well-intentioned. 

Let us take an example of how just one very popular and contemporary channelled teacher has misled millions today. This teacher’s distortion of the fundamental requirement for alignment with Divinity was made in the very clever way he detailed STS and STO: polarization. It has fooled multitudes into believing that they are on the sacred Path of Ascension just by being STO in their own minds! However, the teacher we are discussing has not attained Christ Consciousness. Therefore he is not spiritually authorized to open up the Way or, therefore, teach the Truth. This channelled entity created much karma when he similarly misled many in old Egypt, and he has done it again today, as millions, from reading his books, now believe that by being STO they will attain the harvest or ‘ascension’. They are going to be very disappointed indeed because ‘good’ keeps evil alive and creates karmic bindings to the wheel of birth and death. 

Let us be very clear: evil is the opposite of what mankind calls ‘good’. Many human beings, judged by society’s standards, are considered to be good, very good, humane, cultured and loving. However, such goodness might indeed be very good if only it had no opposite! All truly wise individuals have ever absolutely denied the Goodness of ‘good’, due to its black shadow, due to the dualistic nature of things. Yet the vast majority of human beings, even today in our modern and cultivated society, have no comprehension whatsoever of this reality. The following statement of fact, therefore, will constitute a major revelation for most people if they are able to see its veracity: the good of this world maintains evil, just as evil maintains goodness.

Consequently, if humanity does not change, does not break through to a totally different spiritual attitude far above all commonplace and dualistic ideas of goodness, then karma will continue to be created and so the undivine, illusory realm of duality will continue to exist; as long as man perseveres in his exploitation of his biological and primitive ‘goodness’, evil will ever accompany him. If man does not totally revolutionise himself spiritually, then he will remain bound to the lower worlds despite all his solemn declarations of goodness, love and friendship. For worldly goodness has its shadow, and man maintains that shadow just as he maintains his very own ego-self. “There is none good; no, not one”. These words were once spoken by Jesus, the Piscean Christ, in reference to humanity on Earth, and they are among the most profound and true ever uttered. 

The lack of this fundamental understanding is the cause of all the suffering in the world, and due warning was given back in the Garden of Eden days and is still to be found in the Book of Genesis: “…but you must not eat from the tree of the knowledge of good and evil”.

Q: I understand!!!!

A: So do you see what these ‘good spiritual warriors’ are doing in their noble efforts to fight evil?

Q: I do. We must rise above it all. Both good and evil. Have nothing to do with either. 

WOW! I clearly see how mankind remains in chains simply due to its lack of true understanding!

A: When we fight evil, we feed it: period. When we serve the opposite polarity of evil: good, we still feed duality and so karmically bind ourselves to the same illusion, which leads again and again to reincarnation and its inherent suffering in order to try to get it right next time. 

That is why many amongst humanity today are getting occultly possessed, for it is the time of The Quickening and the polarities are more rapidly swinging.

Q: I see this happening everywhere.

A: Do-gooders are getting caught up in the battle of Armageddon. They are contributing towards its now rising power by focussing upon duality.

Q: What a trap. It all revolves around duality.

A: And if a spiritual warrior should choose to continue fighting evil personally, he will eventually become overrun by unholy forces as down he goes. This is the nature of Armageddon, and the ‘service to other’ people are fueling the ‘service to self’ crowd. It is the play of opposites in duality that keep one another alive, and that at the end of a cycle culminates in Armageddon: the final conflict between dualistic good and evil. Both STS and STO are battling under the banner of the ‘antichrist’, i.e., that which is not of the neutral Truth: anti-Truth or falsehood. Good is a lie, just as is evil. Self and other selves are both lies. And to serve either is to compound the lie in our own minds. There is only God.

Q: It has been so ingrained, during past and present incarnations of wrong education. Is that what is meant by some who aver that “Satan is coming to eat all of humanity”?

A: Satan is coming to eat himself in humanity. Duality always turns in on itself. The dualistic sphere that has almost suffocated Gaia today is about to be neutralized by the approaching Christ Consciousness, the Light of Truth.

Q: Is that why starseeds and walk-ins have come here?

A: Starseeds and walk-ins – most of them – are here today for a karmic purge. Few are they who are here to go Home through Christ, for few are they who have not completely forgotten the Law: The Law of One vs the law of duality. 

So if we are seeking to better serve humanity instead of simply aligning ourselves with God’s Will, then we are embarking upon the rollercoaster of delusion, which will teach us via the pain of disappointment in the school of hard knocks. 

There is only one thing to do in this life, especially at this time of the end of a major world cycle, and that is to seek God. When we find God – the living Truth – we observe that it is only God that serves, not ourselves, and that no amount of personal striving to be good or do good to others will help us to become empty in order to receive the omnipresent Grace of God. To the contrary, attachment to any dualistic ideas will delay our inevitable Return to God and teach us needed lessons through suffering.

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