Providence of Oneness

A comforting focus

Just beyond the tangible reality lays the subtle energetic reality of the Soul. The Soul, a causal, most transcendent, and cosmic part of the human microcosm, is bound to your being, your physical and psychological microcosm.

In lofty moments, one can glimpse the soul; this is not because this “Field” is so far away; there are no or very few contact moments because one’s attention is fully attuned to physical reality; overall one is focused on the illusionary but also satisfactory nature of society.

Society may seem like a coherent unity, but it might be better to call it a well-oiled machine, in which supply and demand are aligned. Society is primarily an economic entity. It is the personality that seeks his or her own path in this and takes care of the “well-being” of his or her own physical and psychological being in the four planes of existence; the physical, the emotional, the mental, and the spiritual plane. Church societies and spiritual institutions are also part of society.

The Call for Oneness

Man is much more of a psychological than a physical or spiritual being; the drive for our existence in society, the human mind derives above all from the meaning and significance of the role that people play in that society.

Once we were closely associated with the Oneness, but at some point, self-awareness arose and we discovered that there is “another human being” next to ourselves, and with this, we placed ourselves outside the Oneness. Now we and the Oneness have drifted far apart. We feel alone and abandoned and seek comfort from each other.

Without conscious awareness, Man divided his reality into contradictions, the most important of which is that of “Life and death” and which is not merely a physical opposition. We have developed a complicated psyche with multiple psychological dimensions and even an afterlife. We view all of these dimensions as very important or even sacred or divine, so we also developed a strong innate urge to protect all the “meanings of life” that we have created.

We continue to embrace and maintain the self-created psychological hierarchy and division until a moment of awareness arrives where we can perceive the real nature of the world in which we live in a clear light.

Until we deep within begin to feel the loss of original oneness and the divine plan begins to dawn, we will continue to wander through society to find in it the long-lost unconditional and carefree reliance on the providence of Oneness we once experienced.

The energetic unity of creation

The unity of creation is in the first place an energetic unity that you usually cannot perceive with the day consciousness, but sometimes with your feeling. Such moments are usually rare, and if they are there and you want to catch and understand them, they disappear immediately.

The energetic unity field is the Field of the Soul. This Cosmic Field is outside the gravitational sphere of Earth and society but is closer than your hands and feet. In essence, this Field is the direct “cause” that you and I exist, and in this sense, this Cosmic Field is the Field of real-life and existence. It seems out of reach because we see through the fogged-up glasses of our personal universe.

You can read countless books, take courses, visit psychics and spiritual teachers or gurus and the like, with which you can understand philosophically the unity of the Cosmic Field. However, the essential spiritual insights are gained in practice, integrated, and made operative through your actions and movements in cooperation with the immediate understanding of intuition.

Move your attention inward and find the spiritual entrance into your being. Find your spiritual authenticity and autonomy but remain open to an adjustment of your vision because the spiritual reality may be different than you might think and expect. This journey of discovery always starts at the beginning, close to your familiar personal perceptions, but eventually leads to the Cosmic Field of the Soul.