Soul vs Higher Self

Often the Higher Self and the Soul are seen as identical and interchangeable, but they differ as night and day. The Soul is a transcendent (uncharged) Field without personal, spiritual, or worldly meaning. The Higher Self is a spiritual (charged) field of personal, spiritual, and religious meaning.

The Higher Self as the conductor of the I-personality, the lower self

The Higher Self relates to the ego consciousness of the personality. It has a broader awareness (self-knowledge) of the essential needs of the self and serves to maintain or restore balance in the foundations of the personality (1st, 2nd, 3rd, and 4th chakra).

Self-knowledge is having a broader understanding of the instinctive psychological mechanisms of the self. These mechanisms are aimed at the necessary maintenance of the “dominion” of the self, the ego. They may be successful in the short term, but in the long term these mechanisms can undermine the ongoing personality development toward individuation*.

*The process of individuation goes through several psychological stages of increasing personal and spiritual autonomy.

The instinctive intuition of the Higher Self is connected with the 2nd chakra, the gut feeling. The intuition of the 6th or forehead chakra, the third eye, is connected to the 2nd and can give insight into what has been perceived intuitively.

The beliefs of the entire personality determine the insights of the 6th chakra. One perceives what one believes in through the 6th chakra: ghosts, angels, aliens, or the like. One can even observe an Archetype and assume it is the Soul or a deceased loved one. One sees what one wishes to see. What one imagines reveals an emotional need of the self that needs attention and healing.

The cooperation between the 2nd and 6th chakras is spiritual and guides someone safely through society (the world).

The metaphysical spiritual spheres of the personality are loaded with conscious and subconscious properties of the personality, all memories, and possibly experienced traumas. All these elements can be found in the Aura or the energetic appearance of each person and are therefore unique in composition! Every person is unique and so his or her Aura radiance is also unique and therefore attracts their own unique life experiences. This attraction is the law of Karma, the law of cause and effect.


The Heart Center as the Gateway of the Soul

The Soul is a transcendent life-giving principle and unconditional. The Soul enlivens all people, believers, and unbelievers. The Soul has no self-consciousness. The Soul is beyond the gravitational forces of the world.

In the individual, the Soul works in secret. The power of the Soul is only expressed when Soul consciousness can flow.

Soul consciousness flows through and from unconditionally loving hearts. Hearts purged of all worldly and supernatural sympathies and allegiances, including those of the self for the higher self!

The difference between the shared telepathic experience* and the shared mystical unity experience.

The shared telepathic experience occurs within the microcosm and between people close to each other when they experience an equally meaningful telepathic transference (based on resonance in phase equal frequency).

The shared experience of mystical unity, Soul consciousness, occurs between Souls. It doesn’t matter if they are close to each other or as far as on the other side of the planet. Soul consciousness transcends the microcosm and can therefore be experienced between two or more Souls worldwide. Extremely subtly or clear as day, they function together as one entity. As one heart and one soul.


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