Soul vs Higher Self

Soul and Higher Self differ like day and night. This article is about everything you always wanted to know about them but were afraid to ask.

The Higher self is connected with the ego consciousness of the personality. It has a broader sense of the essential needs of the self and serves to maintain or restore balance to the foundations of the personality. The Higher Self’s instinctive intuition is connected to the 2nd chakra, the gut feeling.

Self-knowledge is to have a broader understanding of the instinctual psychological mechanisms of the self. These mechanisms are aimed at maintaining the “dominion” of the self, the ego. They can be successful in the short term, but in the long term, they can undermine ongoing personality development.

The Soul is a transcendent life-giving principle. The Soul has no self-consciousness. In an intuitive sense, the Soul is linked to the centrally located energetic heart center. A baby is a pure Soul. A baby has not yet developed a personality and “I” consciousness and therefore has no higher self.

The intuitive connection with the Soul fades and is replaced by the development of the I-consciousness and the personality. The “incarnation” of the personality stretches over many years.

Spiritual development can lead to a restoration of personal balance and self-knowledge. Balance in the four planes of existence, the physical, the emotional, the mental, and the spiritual plane of the whole human being. And balance in the energetic centers, the chakras. The endocrine gland system is the “carrier” of the personality.

Any balance established by inner work can potentially lead to a “fusion” of opposites and generate a shift in consciousness and awareness.

The Artificial Self

Why is spirituality so attractive and enchanting? Because the vibration of spirituality hits the deepest and oldest field in the psyche, an artificial ego, a spiritual identity. Any contact with this semi-collective Archaic field is fascinating or even hypnotic and enchanting to the ego consciousness. The I-consciousness thus falls under the spell of the artificial self and becomes a faithful follower.

Archaic fields are semi-collective. Each field has its own characteristic vibration that affects a specific spiritual or religious group. Archaic fields divide humanity into groups.

Spiritual service consists of recognizing and letting go of the spiritual hierarchical sensitivity that still resides in the Archaic psyche. It is this sensitivity that stands in the way of spiritual individuality, autonomy, and authenticity and thus makes fruitful spiritual Soul group work impossible.