Spiritual Hierarchy

Hierarchy of awareness within the One (Unity)

Awareness can be mathematically divided into sets in a concentric order. A collection of sets that each reside in each other; a set in a set in a set, such as a Matryoshka doll or as the concentric rings that form in water when you throw a stone into it. The sets are realms of awareness. The center set is the physical mineral set. The mineral set (1st realm) is part of the vegetational set (2nd realm). The vegetational set is part of the animalistic set (3rd realm) the animalistic set is part of the human set (4th realm) and the human set is part of the Over-Soul of Mankind (5th realm).

All realms are part of the Spiritual Unity of the Cosmic Soul, Unity consciousness, (Christ consciousness) (the 6th realm). The 6th realm has no content; it is free of any religious/spiritual dogmas and value judgments. In an energetic sense, this realm is uncharged and neutral; it includes and serves all there is. The 7th realm is the all-encompassing energetic Singularity; the 6th and the 7th realms form the spiritual “Trinity”. The Singularity is neither feminine nor masculine, ‘It’ has just 1 dimension.

The human consciousness can be on several levels of awareness:
– conscious
– subconscious
– lucid dream
– dream
– instinctual; the natural inborn urges to eat, sleep, procreate, and to survive
– intuitive.

Intuitive awareness essentially is inner microcosmic reflective communication that is possible due to the concentric nature of awareness within the Creation of the One.