Starseeds and Walk-ins

“And many false prophets will appear and deceive many people.”

Matthew 24:11

The present opportunity for starseeds

Q. I have now read Servers of the Divine Plan and am in unison with you, apart from the chapter on Judgement Day and The Great Risk. I have been teaching similar concepts now for about 8 years and have assisted many starseeds in remembering who they are. I am a starseed myself and as such I am authorised to say that there are some serious errors in your book regarding the dark forces and this mythical ‘Judgement Day’. Starseeds (Servers in your terminology) are here today to help humanity Ascend. They are enlightened beings who have come to lead the way.

A. In SDP it is written:

“A far greater proportion of starseeds have been and continue to be attracted to this planet in order to learn from the Earth experiment, to balance their own karma, and some arrive here for far more sinister purposes! Therefore, many starseeds actually contribute towards the problems on Earth due to their own ignorance, even though that ignorance may be of a uniquely extraterrestrial or starry nature! Our term, ‘Server’, refers to a soul who has been charged with a specifically beneficent assignment upon the planet that is in alignment with the Divine Plan, and who has also successfully managed – perhaps during numerous Earthly lifetimes of serviceful activity – to remain free of becoming ‘Earth-bound’, i.e., karmically tied to the ordinary rounds of human incarnation. A starseed, therefore, is not necessarily a Server.”

All starseeds are here on Earth today, not so much to teach or lead others (which, before the attainment of Divine Consciousness or Supreme Enlightenment, may be just another case of the blind leading the blind), but actually to take advantage of what is being offered to Earth-mankind at this unique time on the planet: Ascension, to use a New Age term, which means ‘Deliverance’, ‘Redemption’, ‘Liberation’ or ‘Enlightenment’ in some of the older spiritual traditions.

Starseeds have been given permission to be here on Earth at this very special time by the Christ Hierarchy partly due to karmic reasons but also because they expressed an interest in learning from the opportunities that are present today on the transiting Earth; a learning that can best be made in selfless surrender to the Cause of the divine Spirit.

At this end of a world cycle we are living in times of Grace. This is the time (leading up to 2012 or so) when the Christ-Consciousness (divine Love) is returning to Earth in order to ‘open up the Way’, the Way that leads back into the divine Universe. Whenever the Christ Consciousness reappears on Earth, a very special opportunity for liberation is given to the race of men, but such grace can only be received if we give up everything that has not yet led us to liberation; if we drop everything that has not worked for us with regard to attaining Holiness; if we give up all ideas, hopes, desires, convictions and notions about the spiritual life in order to simply receive the Grace that is being offered, and so to ultimately attain Holiness and divine Accomplishment.

This is a very hard thing to do for many ‘spiritual’ people today, especially those in the West who ‘know’ so much due to their long-cultivated intellect! (The more we ‘know’, the less we grow.) However, it must be done if starseeds are to fulfil the purpose of their incarnation here at this time and so know success. The requirements of the Path do not change just because a candidate happens to be a starseed! Anything less than humble surrender (including leading blind humanity over a precipice with good but unenlightened intentions) leads to ‘failure’, or at least postponement until the next Harvest Time on some other 3D planet. And I hasten to add that between now and the next Harvest Time a great deal of trial and error and therefore suffering upon the physical plane will be known by those who fail to take advantage of the opportunity of an age; the opportunity that is here with us today, but which has its time constraints.

Starseeds, like humanity, may take advantage of today’s great spiritual opportunity by remaining open and humble. By doing so, and hence in being lifted up into the Body of Christ themselves, they may take back to their respective civilizations the experience and grace that they have received by being here.

Yet if starseeds do not go the Path of the Divine Mysteries in humble surrender and in love (as all candidates for ascension must do, whatever may be their ‘origins’), then not only will the great opportunity upon their visit to Earth be missed, but they will also, in the vast majority of cases, accrue new karma, which is so very easy to do here on this fear-ridden Earth, and so take back to their worlds with them a heavier burden than that which they brought here to resolve in the first place. This is happening today with starseeds who presume to know something, anything at all! For if we think that we know something before attaining Supreme Enlightenment, then that ‘something’ is sure to prevent us from entering the divine Universe, as it simultaneously attracts to us further painful lessons in order that we may eventually be coerced to surrender our foolish egotism to Divinity. 

I have met many starseeds and walk-ins who clearly demonstrate neurosis, occult obsession (possession) and even psychosis. Frankly, in all their deluded speculations and projections, they are often much more fearful, proud or resentful of life (and often all three at once) than the ordinary man in the street. Many starseeds here today are actually in a much worse condition than many non- starseed human beings! And the quote of Jesus comes to mind: “The meek shall inherit the [new] Earth”.

Ascension and teaching others

Q. I am a starseed. I have been reading some of your material and agree that we do have grace in these times and that we are here to ascend. . .

APotentially to ascend, yes. Most human beings will not ascend in this round. Look around you. Do you not see fear and darkness growing everywhere in the world as the planetary vibration quickens? “Wars and rumours of war” are the order of the day. The psychic atmosphere of Earth has become much more toxic during just the last decade. Since the vast majority of human beings (and many starseeds also) have not purified their hearts by going the Path of Sanctification, by selflessly consecrating themselves in service to the Holy Plan, these psychic contaminants are infecting them more and more (like attracts like), and they are reacting defensively for self, thus compounding their struggle, creating new karma and becoming more entrenched in the illusion of duality. Old habits die hard.

Q. . . .I do not, however, agree that we are not here to teach or that anyone who thinks they “know” anything is defeating their purpose in being here. I believe, in addition to our own individual reasons, each of us – particularly walk-ins and starseeds – come into this lifetime with a mission. . .

A. To say “I believe” (as, for example, the ignorant fundamentalists do so often as they quote from their bibles) is to demonstrate that we do not yet Know for sure. And if we do not yet Know, then surely it is wiser to remain a Seeker and not try to be a teacher.

Q. . . .For some of us, that mission is teaching. For others it is healing or counseling or starting a website. I have been told, and I believe, that my mission is to teach and to heal. Teaching, to me, means sharing the truths I “know” to be real. “Know” not in an intellectual sense, but “know” in a soul sense. . .

A. Please look carefully again at my following remarks made earlier. I have italicised the key words of relevance: “[Starseeds] are here on Earth today, not so much to teach or lead others (which, before the attainment of divine Consciousness or Supreme Enlightenment, may be just another case of the blind leading the blind), but actually, and moreover, to take advantage of what is being offered to Earth-mankind at this unique time on the planet: Ascension.”

The sole purpose of all unenlightened life-forms is to Ascend, that is to say: to achieve Liberation from matter, from ignorance, from suffering, etc., etc. I hasten to add that starseed life elsewhere in this galaxy has also not yet ascended, and that is actually why it is here on Earth today: to take advantage of what is about to happen here on Terran.

Perhaps I might further clarify this last important point, which so many spiritual aspirants (including starseeds) overlook.

Before arriving here, all souls understood something of the wondrous opportunity that is being offered to all physically-incarnated human beings at this time on Earth, and it was this, above all, that impelled them to come here, for they understood well the ultimate Goal and also, due to today’s long-promised Grace, the very real potential for attainment of it at the end of this major cycle for Earth. However, many, perhaps most, of these incarnating lives have now forgotten what they knew before they arrived (due to the veil of forgetfulness that is necessarily a part of 3D existence), and they have instead got themselves caught up in the collective psychosis of Earth-humanity. What a pity to come all this way and fail to achieve what we came here to achieve!

In fact, most starseeds are not here today for the first time. They have been visiting this world for ages, and many of them have been waiting for and working hard towards this special moment, preparing themselves for long ages in order to realise the consummation of all their past efforts made on Earth and elsewhere, and to therefore ascend and go Home once and for all. Again, what a great tragedy if they were to remain lost for the harvest due to their wrong identification in this lifetime; what a calamity if they were to remain sleeping under the shadow of unresolved karma up until the cock crows to announce the Light of a New Day.

If the planetary clock were today to strike the hour, how many starseeds do you think would, in fact, be ready to let go of all their cosmic delusions in which they have invested so much of their time and energy (even just in this lifetime), and so allow themselves to be lifted up before the forthcoming cataclysms started? And who is to say that the final gong will not sound in the very next moment? For Divine Love will come to claim its own just as soon as the critical mass has been mustered.

“The wicked of the Earth shall weep when they shall see the Son of God come down upon the clouds of heaven, in power. Take heed you, O take heed, for you know not the hour nor the day when comes the Son of God. Let not your hearts be overcharged with sensuous things, nor with the cares of life, lest that day come and find you unprepared. Keep watch at every season of the year; and pray that you may meet the Lord with joy and not with grief.” – Jesus, the Christ.

If you remain objective here, you will find that you have to admit that were ‘Judgement Day’ to happen right now, today, there would be a very tiny harvest indeed in proportion to the planetary population. 

Therefore, starseed-souls, just like non-starseeds, forget here on Earth. In such a forgetful and therefore ignorant (of Divinity) state, are we really able to Teach anyone, do you think? Are we able to lead anyone toward the Goal if we have lost sight of the requirements of that Goal ourselves and have failed to attain it or, for most, even get close to attaining it? And if we attempted to Heal*, to teach and to lead others before we attained divine Illumination, would we not be in danger of leading the blind while remaining blindfolded ourselves?

* I mean Heal on a soul level, and therefore truly HEAL.

A personality can actually Teach* no one anything at all….. unless the divine Spirit moves through them (and for that to happen the ‘I’ must disappear). It is only the divine Spirit that can teach anything or anyone at all. In fact, it is only the divine Spirit that can truly Heal a soul and so lead that soul back Home.

* There is an overabundance of spiritual teachers in this world but very few True Teachers, i.e., Holy Grails (emptied human beings) that can actually receive the divine Spirit and so radiate the energy of divine Awakening.

So, it is okay for us to ‘teach’, like a mother or father may ‘teach’ their child, for example, but who amongst us can actually Teach by channeling the divine Spirit itself, by removing self from Self, by dying as to the false idea of I, me and mine (which is but a manifest of ignorance and fear)?

You see, once an aspirant makes contact with the divine Spirit, he instantly knows that it is not he, his false self (ego), that Teaches and Heals, but the “Mysterious Virtue” of which Lao Tzu spoke; in other words the divine Spirit, the Tao itself, through him. Any thought of ‘I am a teacher’ or ‘I can heal others’ or ‘I know the way Home and can therefore lead others’ actually prevents the divine Spirit from working through us. Why? Because the ‘I’ is NOT the divine Spirit, it is an illusion, as are all separative entities. We then, and at best, can offer others a very distorted version of the Truth, and this is how the road to hell is paved with good intentions.

There is a biblical passage and prophecy for this time that warns: “False messiahs and false prophets will arise, and they will perform signs and wonders so great as to deceive, if that were possible, even the elect.” – Matt. 24:24.

This is happening everywhere in the world today, and many of these assuming teachers like to think of themselves as masters, starseeds, etc. Yet none of them radiate Holiness; none of them have emptied their cup to the degree required in order to receive and radiate the divine Spirit, and so none of them are True Teachers. And, in their presumed ‘teacher/leader’ capacity (arrogance), they are not going to be receiving that Spirit either. It is another case of the blind leading the blind.

Bearing in mind the wondrous Grace that we all sense is being offered today on Earth, it seems that to remain humble and open, to empty our cup of all preconceived notions about what we think we know, and to surrender in pure devotion and selfless supplication to the divine Spirit, is the only sane choice that we can make. When this is done we begin to experience the divine Spirit working through us (which it so much wants to do) and then we ‘become a Teacher’, yet not really because ‘we’ actually disappear, leaving the divine Spirit unimpeded by fear, pride and ignorance to do its Work in the world and so bless mankind.

Therefore, do you see how very dangerous it is to believe that you, or I, or anyone else can actually Teach, Heal or Lead others?

“Only upon God my soul waits in silence.” – Psalms 62.

If we earnestly feel that we can Teach, then there is one sure way of knowing whether or not we are deceiving ourselves: our inner Bliss will surely support our theory. May I then ask you, do you know the Bliss, the Ecstasy of the divine Spirit when you are teaching? If not, would it not be more expedient to Seek the Truth with all your heart, mind and soul before leaving the Path to become a teacher? It is actually such ‘noble intentions’ that prevent aspirants from attaining Deliverance, and such attitudes are everywhere apparent on Earth today. “….and Jesus wept.”

The question and the answer

Once there was a man who had been wandering around the Mount of Life for many lifetimes.

He had become weary of coming sometimes close to Glory yet never actually partaking in it. So he decided to give up all his notions and beliefs and simply pray to God for guidance.

He asked: “Lord, what would you have me do? What is it that I ought to be doing in this particular incarnation in order to please you most? Indeed, what is my mission here, my personal program?”

Since the man’s prayer was sincere and unconditional, God immediately answered, saying: “My beloved son. There is only ever One Mission for each and every life-form under Heaven; only One single Goal, One Purpose and One intelligent Activity. And that is to Seek the Truth and so Find Me; to come Home. All personal ideas of helping others in the illusion are but phantasmic creations of the ego-self that serve only to clutter the Way and obscure the simple Truth. And this is how you have repeatedly forgotten the One Goal over thousands of lifetimes.”

At this gracious response, the man once again remembered with the greatest felicity what he had set out to accomplish so very long ago, back beyond the great shadows of his past and ancient error. And he resolved again to simply and unassumingly serve God by seeking the Truth, relinquishing all of his own conceptions and beliefs built up over incarnations, and to leave the rest to Grace, the Law, in which he had again found his Faith.

“Whoever will come after Me will have to die to all definitions of self . . . Whoever clings to his definition of self will lose his identity when that definition is no more, but whoever shall relinquish all definitions for My sake, and for the entry of My consciousness, the same will share in My eternal life.” – Ken Carey, The Starseed Transmissions.

To ascend or not to ascend

Q. We agree on some things and disagree on others, and it’s ok to do that.

A. Those who wish to go Home, to find the Truth, are not concerned with agreements or disagreements, for they only wish to find the Truth (which is beyond argument) and so to realise the sole purpose of life. “We all dance around in a circle and suppose, while the Truth sits in the middle and just Knows.” Therefore, to the intelligent and uncompromising seeker it may be “ok” (allowed under the Law of Free Will) to disagree, but where there is disagreement at all on important spiritual matters such as these, the uncompromising seeker recognises that either one or both parties must fall short of the Truth. This is so because, as all Enlightened beings have agreed: the Truth is One; they all see and bask in the same Reality. There is only One Truth and it is universal. Therefore the seeker of Truth is compelled from within to reconcile disagreements in his own mind and heart before moving on, and if it is seen that he is wrong, he will learn, adjust and move forth; if it is earnestly recognised that the other is wrong, then the seeker of Truth will leave the discussion (if it is deemed to be an unsurpassable deadlock) and continue his search alone.

All Enlightened beings throughout the ages have assured ignorant humanity that the sole purpose of their unholy existence is to find God, to find the Truth. If to seek and find the Truth is the sole purpose of existence, then, and if we have yet to find that Truth and so experience the Bliss of True Life, then we must still be ignorant. Even a child can understand this. So if we are not yet experiencing the Bliss of Reality and so remain ignorant, then we do not actually Know anything, do we? So please tell me how can we safely make any statements about what we think we know, as you do, together with nearly 6 billion other unenlightened human beings on planet Earth today?

And I hasten to add that I am not saying that I Know anything at all either: I don’t! No ‘I’ does! Yet in admitting that I know nothing and in earnestly seeking the Truth, like a baby… well, that is another story. Those with ears to hear, let them hear.

It may be that I have been pointing to something here that you are just not interested in. The reality is that the vast majority of people on Earth today – spiritually disposed or otherwise – do not uncompromisingly seek the Truth, and have definitely not realised it either! If they had, then this world would demonstrate a much greater yield of Buddhas and Christs, would it not? Indeed, it would have very many Initiates and Masters, too (i.e., true Seekers), which it does not. Now, one cannot know this by reading books; one has to actually travel the world over and seek in every corner, lifting every stone in order to see that there are actually very few Buddhas, Christs, Initiates and Masters in this world. And also upon that search one has to purify his heart and mind of all ideas, theories, beliefs and especially convictions in order to truly See at all.

Therefore, the Truth itself is quite lonely here on Earth amongst wayward mankind. It is lonely because hardly anyone is interested in it, or perhaps it is the case that hardly anyone has what it takes to go the Path, which all the Great Ones have done. This last statement is a euphemism! Yet very many people demonstrate by their unenlightened convictions that they think or believe that they are interested in Truth and that they are on the right path. However, the wise injunction over the Greek temple in Delphi is seldom realised in this world of delusion: “Man, know thyself”.

If we do not know ourselves, which we can only do by seeking Truth like a baby, then we are destined to fall into all kinds of delusions, especially when we have any conviction about anything at all. Perhaps in the unenlightened state the most certain conviction that we can have is that we know absolutely nothing! If we Knew anything about Life, then we would be able to create worlds and life-forms, as does God. However, if you check with your own heart right now, I guarantee that you cannot tell me – or better, demonstrate to me – that you can actually create even one cell in your own body, can you? So what do we Know, really?

Again, may I ask you: do you experience Bliss or divine Ecstasy every day (as saints such as Ramakrishna, St. Francis and Yogananda have exemplified)? And if not, then why are you making statements all the time instead of asking the very necessary Questions: what is Love? Where is God? What is Truth? And perhaps: Lord, will you not make me a perfect instrument in Your divine Service? etc.

Do you see the very simple yet critical point that I am trying to make here?

When we become again like a babe – open, empty and innocent – we shall Know ALL within, for God Knows ALL and God is a baby! Did you know that? God does not suppose that He* can heal anyone, for to God ‘any other one’ does not exist, and there is no sickness in Truth either. Here the use of words becomes very difficult in conveying the simple Truth (which is, of course, well beyond words and concepts because it a Living, Vibrating Reality; a Radiative Plenitude, which hardly anyone on this Earth has a clue about), so perhaps I will leave this rather lofty thread dangling where it is for now.

* I use the word ‘He’ for simplicity’s sake. God, of course, is both male and female, yin and yang.

Q. I think the focus should be not so much on who’s “right” or “wrong”, but on allowing each person to be at their own level of understanding.

A. Yes, let us allow, but let us also not overlook the vital fact that many souls are here today who might ascend… if they remembered the requirements of the Way in time. If we are not interested in going Home yet, then that is okay in a free-will system (as foolish as is such an attitude), and free will should never be interfered with.

There is no ‘right’ or ‘wrong’, only choice, and so opportunity taken or missed. The cards are on the table, the final Call for this cycle is going out today, and time, space and all suffering are about to disappear for those who make the grade.

Q. I have enjoyed our talk, and I hope that we are both learning from each other.

A. Firstly, hope is a desire and so is ego-based and invites frustration as well as creating more karma in the illusion. This just means more suffering – for the world – while we necessarily have to try to untangle the confusion that we have made at a later time.

Secondly, there is nothing to “learn” because God already Knows ALL and is already perfect. If we believe that we need to learn anything, then we will naturally seek to learn more in our illusioned reality about the great illusion, and so necessarily become more enmeshed in it. What a waste of time and energy! And let us not forget that we are our neighbour’s debtor, for everything is interconnected. Remaining ignorant augments the illusion for everyone. Therefore, the only sane thing to do is to Seek the Truth NOW and to become Enlightened. Anything less than that is just foolishness, the tragic perpetuation of ignorance.

Good and evil

Q. I do agree that a lot of us may not ascend. However, I prefer to look on the positive side of things.

A. If there is a positive side, then there must also be a negative side, for one is meaningless without the other.

The Sage sees both because his perception is balanced (ultimately he sees neither, for neither actually exist).

Why do you prefer only to look at the ‘positive side’? Are you perhaps afraid of the dark? However, did you know that in a dualistic universe (the undivine part) if we swing to the positive side, then we will also necessarily be coerced at some time to swing back to the negative side.

The New Age groups mentioned in the ‘Human Love/Divine Love’ article also prefer only to look to their interpretation of the positive side, and in doing so they unbalance themselves, guaranteeing for themselves a karmic visit from the dark side. This is the Law; a Law that so very few people in the world understand at all; an inescapable Law: the Law of Cause and Effect.

Both dark and light, negative and positive, arise from the ‘tree of knowledge of good and evil’: duality. If we eat of that tree at all, either evil or good, then we create karma.

Evil is the antipole of what mankind calls ‘good’. Many human beings, judged by society’s standards, are considered to be good, very good, humane, cultured and loving. However, such goodness might indeed be very good if only it had no antipole! All truly wise individuals have ever absolutely denied the Goodness of ‘good’, due to its black shadow, due to the dualistic nature of things. “Good is the smallest part of evil.” – the Egyptian Avatar, Hermes Trismegistus. Yet the vast majority of human beings, even today in our modern and cultivated society, have no comprehension whatsoever of this reality. The following statement of fact, therefore, will constitute a major revelation for most people if they are able to see its veracity: THE GOOD OF THIS WORLD MAINTAINS EVIL, JUST AS EVIL MAINTAINS GOODNESS.

Consequently, if humanity does not change, does not break through to a totally different spiritual attitude far above all commonplace and dualistic ideas of goodness, and if it does not achieve a fundamental rebirth in a new sphere of existence separated from this world of polarity (“My Kingdom is not of this world”), then karma will continue to be created and so the hell-realm of duality will continue to exist; as long as man perseveres in his exploitation of his biological and primitive ‘goodness’, evil will ever accompany him. If man does not totally revolutionise himself spiritually, then he will remain bound to the world of illusion despite all his solemn declarations of goodness, love and friendship. For worldly goodness has its shadow, and man maintains that shadow just as he maintains his very own undivine self. “There is none good; no, not one”. These words were once spoken by Jesus, the Piscean Christ, in reference to humanity on Earth, and they are among the most profound and true ever uttered.

Q. Years ago, I had a vision of looking down into a valley that I ‘knew’ represented the world. All was dark, inky blackness. Then I saw bright, white pinpoints of light moving in the darkness. I ‘knew’ that I was one of those pinpoints of light, and I also ‘knew’ that, in time, all the dark would be transformed into brilliant, white light. I don’t see fear and darkness growing. I see light growing. If we concentrate on the light, we will see the light. If we focus on the dark, we will see the dark.

A. It is not what we focus upon that counts, it is the why and how of what we focus upon. If we avoid looking at the shadow side of life (which can only be intelligently and effectively addressed by shining the light of discrimination there), then we are in denial and therefore fear, and so are actually creating more darkness by way of our charge.

Ascended masters

Q. There are many starseeds/walk-ins here who are already ascended masters in other star systems. They have volunteered to come to Earth at this time primarily to help humanity ascend.

A. It really doesn’t work that way. Your concepts are false and are misleading you entirely, for you are still thinking in terms of space and time, which are both of the illusion.

Please let me explain. Christ Consciousness is the very lowest level of enlightened Consciousness; the very first rung on the Heavenly Stair, if you like. Everything below Christ Consciousness is unenlightened, i.e., of the illusion. That is why Jesus demonstrated the Way to True Life that must pass through the Christine Gateway.

In order to help another ascend, one must have ascended oneself and so hold the Keys to Life (as Jesus did, for example, and there have been many other Christed ones before him), and so be able to open up the Way for others. Now in Christ there is no time or space; Christ is the timeless ONE – not past and then, not here and there. Therefore, do I need to say more regarding your interpretation of the Ancient Wisdom when you speak of ascended masters (individual, separate beings!) who, if they have ascended must be One. Do I need to, therefore, explain why Christed Consciousness does not come from all over the galaxy (space) in order to help others ascend?

No. Christ – or Divinity – is preparing to enter the fields of darkness (Earth) today from within; it does not come from anywhere else but right here and now. And it is ONE, not many masters.

The so-called ‘masters’ that we may have read about are still on the Path leading to Deliverance; they have not yet entered through the Christine Gate, for if this was so then how could they be individual men with names and personal characteristics all their own?

The vast majority of ‘masters’ who ‘channel’ themselves through mediums today are actually unenlightened imposters who may well believe that they are Home (which, at best, may be just the ‘home’ of the spiritualists’ summerland) and even convince the gullible public that this is so, but they are not yet in Christ Consciousness and so also Know nothing.

Christ is One and It is about to transmute this Earth and bring Home all who are ready to surrender everything to Christ and so dissolve in Christ. It is that simple. To complicate the simple Truth is to create more illusions for everyone.

An individual being, be it a master or anything else, is actually just a bundle of karma, which has no true Substance, no Reality. A separated being is an illusion. Therefore starseeds and walk-ins are also of the illusion, i.e., un- Christed.

Time, space and illusion

Q. How do you know that starseed life elsewhere in this galaxy has not yet ascended?

A. Because if it dwells in time and space, if it is a ‘starseed’ and not Christ, not One, then it must be of the illusion, i.e., unenlightened, still fallen, not ascended.

Q. How do you know what the motivation is for each starseed who comes here?

A. Because the sole and true spiritual impulse within every bundle of karma is the same: to balance itself, to transmute its illusions and to merge in Christ (Divinity), to return Home where the Real Journey of divine Evolution begins.

Did you know that there is no true Evolution in an undivine existence such as that which Earth-humanity knows? There is only development of the illusion.

Mostly, humanity learns through the painful experience of what is not Real; it learns from what is not. This is called the path of ‘neti, neti’ in yoga philosophy; the path of ‘not this, not that’. Eventually, after who knows how many revolutions on the wheel of birth, suffering, death and reincarnation, humanity begins to recognise its folly and surrenders to Christ in order to re-merge with Divinity, to go Home. This is the wondrous opportunity being offered to all mankind again today worldwide via the reappearance of the Christ Consciousness on Earth. It is an opportunity that is given at the end of every major cycle on Earth when it becomes far more easier to ascend (re-merge) for all.

However, so few are taking this opportunity today because their adamant belief systems – the delusions in their minds – prevent them from moving onwards and upwards; their convictions born of ignorance prevent them from going Home. Yet free will must not be interfered with. That is why I stated previously that the only sane choice for each of us is to simply receive the Grace of an Age and go Home. This is also the greatest way in which we may help others, for all of life is interconnected.

Q. Also, I think you overlook the fact that many starseeds come from planets that are spiritually, as well as technologically advanced, and they chose to come here to be of service, not just for their own advancement.

A. Yes, it is so, or at least that is their belief. But these well-intentioned but unenlightened (because still individual) beings from elsewhere in time and space cannot truly Help anyone else, for they themselves are still in the illusion: deluded, ignorant, even though that ignorance may be more “spiritually and technologically advanced”. There is Earthly delusion and there is stellar delusion, and then there is interdimensional delusion. One kind of delusion might regard another as superior or wiser than its own, yet all delusion is still delusion! It is of the same ignorant nature as all delusion. So instead of the blind leading the blind, today it may be a case of the starseeds leading the blind. However, there is no real difference. 

Q. Nothing is ever wasted. Everything we learn goes into our soul’s memory bank as a building block for future learning.

A. It is true that (in the illusion) the reincarnating karmic bundle (microcosm) retains a memory of its past experiences; experiences that may have been gleaned from thousands of painful lifetimes of walking the path of ‘neti, neti’. So, yes, while in the illusion, nothing is lost. However, when a person eventually finds and surrenders to the Truth, everything of its karma is transmuted (transfigured) and so dissolves (is lost) completely. For why would God, in all His Perfection, choose to take into Himself that which is not True, not Real, an illusion? Indeed, this ‘learning’ of which you speak is not Real either, for it consists at best of merely undivine mental, astral, and physical convolutions, rotations of the wheel of illusion, which turns on one plane; the wheel of illusion does not spiral. This is why there can be no true Evolution in the illusion.

Therefore, Christ has simply been watching and waiting for us to go Home for a very long time indeed; watching in forced silence and in not a little dismay as we corrupted our consciousness more and more by choosing to believe in an illusion that we ourselves created. And today Christ is praying that the harvest will be greater than before. In a sense, it is a very painful movie for Love to watch! Especially while we thrash around in illusory quicksand believing that we are progressing spiritually when we are only ‘learning’ about the infinite facets of an illusion!

So why does nearly every spiritually disposed person believe as you do? Because all scriptures have been disfigured, changed, falsified and misunderstood. And the vast majority of commentaries on the Universal Doctrine, the Ancient Wisdom, have been written by unenlightened men who believed the same as you do, who tried to interpret scripture while lacking the Key to its true meaning. That Key may only be found in the pure heart and uncluttered, open mind, and when ignorance seeks to grapple with sacred and often veiled, written revelation, is it any wonder that confused conclusions are made?

End of cycle purgation

Q. Also why view Earth-humanity as a collective psychosis? Why not view it the way it is meant to be, thereby helping to bring it into being?

A. Because it is not how it is ‘meant’ to be (could be), and that is the reality. Are you suggesting that we should all just pretend, like so many New Age people do in their unconscious fear of the truth of these times? Was Jesus being unwise, do you think, when he compared human beings to vipers and snakes?

Compared with divine Consciousness, human consciousness is utterly psychotic, just as it is rather psychotic to state that we know something – anything at all – before we are in Christ Consciousness. 

If we forge ahead with our ignorant conviction that all is well and so deny that humanity is deranged, then what are we actually doing? We are perpetuating and augmenting the great lie, fortifying the illusion = new karma = more suffering = end of cycle cataclysms in order to again purify the life-field of the planet so that karma may once more have a fresh chance to resolve itself in a new and relatively uncontaminated world: a Garden of Eden. And again, in the new world, the new humanity will be warned: “Do not eat of the fruit of the tree of knowledge of good and evil”, which is of duality, the unholy illusion, “for if you do you will again end up in the same mess as 21st-century mankind!”

Life, for ignorant mankind, is an ever-accelerating process of crystallisation, until death mercifully offers an escape and a fresh opportunity via reincarnation. “As above, so below”, as the Hermetic maxim assures us. Therefore, if this periodicity exists in the life of the individual in one lifetime, then it must also exist for the human life-wave as a whole.

In fact, many end-of-cycle cataclysms (karmic purgations) have already occurred both on planet Earth and upon numerous other worlds in this galaxy, and these are applications of the divine Law of Mercy. They have occurred to the planetary field of life as a whole in order to protect it in its entirety from destruction (evil always eventually turns in on itself and, if left alone to run its course, it destroys absolutely everything, like a cancer). The culmination of these necessary cyclic phenomena have been termed ‘Judgement Days’ by certain prophets and seers.

It has happened many times – during the Hyperborean era, the Lemurian era, the Atlantean era and also thirty-two times during the present Aryan era – that a kind of separation has taken place between the ‘righteous’ and the ‘unrighteous’, between those who worship the spirit of Earthly things and those seeking the Doorway to the Divine Kingdom, in order to enter through the Gate of Christ into the Blessedness of Eternal Freedom.

Those with eyes to see, let them see.

The vital choice offered to all

Q. Don’t you think there have been other planetary ascensions since the beginning of time?

A. Of course there have been. The undivine universe is very large and contains virtually infinite unenlightened (undivine, non-ascended) life.

Q. We don’t need to come to this planet to ascend. Other planets ascend when the time is right.

A. So why are so many starseeds here on Earth today, then? Like so many people, you do not understand the magnitude of what is actually about to occur here on planet Earth. The reason so many unintegrated seeds of life (souls) are on Terran today is because there is an extremely special opportunity for ascension being offered here, like nowhere else within the ring-pass-not of this galaxy.

Very briefly, planet Earth is home to a very unique experiment in the local galaxy; an experiment involving many different cultures from all over the galaxy and which is about to reach a culmination point of a long phase of its development. Stareeds from diverse sources in time and space are karmically tied to this world; they have been waiting for the now imminent moment for eons. I do not exaggerate when I assure you that there is no other planetary sphere in this whole galaxy that is undergoing what the Earth is today. That is why the starseeds are here: i) to balance their karma which, in their case, is inseparable with the Earth-experiment, and ii) to attempt ascension (if they can resolve their karma). No other planet is offering this kind of opportunity today in such a short time. Knowing this, would you not also rush to be here at this time? Indeed, is that not why you are here today!? Perhaps it may be best to remember the Truth, then, as soon as possible, which you may only do by becoming an earnest Seeker of Truth.

Q. It’s not a calamity if some people don’t make it this time.

A. No, not if you don’t mind waiting until the next major cycle on some other 3D planet elsewhere whilst experiencing a good deal of suffering over uncountable lifetimes. Do you like the physical plane? If you do, then it is my guess that you really cannot remember your expansive, liberated, divine origins at all! And neither are you going to unless you become a Seeker.

Q. Souls have all eternity to ascend, and each will ascend at the right time in the right place.

A. That’s a bit of a platitude. Tell me, is it the “right time” before or after eons of unnecessary deprivation, pain, misery, war, starvation, agony and suffering in all its multifarious forms?

Ascension is a choice, not a “right time”.

How to love

Q. Every lightworker should know that the primary requirement to reach the goal of ascension is to love as our heavenly father loves, unconditionally. If you can’t love unconditionally, then you are not ready for ascension. 

A. Another platitude, and this time an error, too. For, as lucidly described in the ‘Human Love/Divine Love’ article, a human being cannot Love. It is impossible for you or I to Love, for as we have proven, if we cannot even create one cell in our own body, then how can we do something divine like Love?

Only Love – God alone – Loves, and when that Love from God enters through us (which it can only do in selfless surrender, baby-like surrender) then we come to realise that the illusion is over, we are Home and, actually, we see that we never descended in the first place, but merely created an illusion, a dream in our own minds, which we then proceeded to become caught up in!

Therefore to think in terms of ascension, time, space, me, you, sickness, healing, leading, etc., etc. is to augment the illusion. 

Q. If you make yourself an instrument for spirit, you might be surprised at what comes through you.

A. But how can ‘I’ prepare anything to be used by Divinity? Surely only Divinity itself can do that? Only Tao can Love when ‘I’ get out of the way and stay out of the way.

The words we use and the ideas that we think, clutter our minds and colour our personal illusion. Words and ideas have power. Therefore, it is important to choose them carefully. Your thinking and hopeful conviction are preventing you from knowing the Bliss of your own true Nature right here and now.

Q. Many times, I have spoken without knowing what I was going to say only to find that I have said something very meaningful to the person hearing it.

A. Of course, there is a very illumined (relatively) higher self, which many people believe is their divine Self. However, it is not. If you do not know Bliss, then it is not your True Christ-Self that is speaking, for Divinity does not speak in words, it Radiates the Truth from Heaven; its Word is, therefore, a divine Vibration.

The lipika being, the higher self, has been named ‘Lucifer’ in the Divine Mysteries: the bringer of cold light. It is very insightful and loves to give advice that pertains to the illusion.

Q. As far as healing is concerned, when I lead a group healing, all I do is say, “dear God, please make us pure and perfect channels for your love to come through so spirit can heal as it knows best.” 

A. That is the brightest thing you have said today, apart from “when I lead”.

In summary

You are right, unintegrated life has an eternity in which to choose to go the Path and so to ascend, but it also has an eternity to suffer if it chooses, again and again and again upon the ever-turning wheel of birth and death in the undivine universe, where ceaseless unrest and death are the only certainties.

Without true Knowledge (which leads to Wisdom), but instead with false knowledge, we shall be like the blind man in the valley of the shadow of death at this very unique time on Earth, and so we will necessarily miss the opportunity of an age, which shall not again be presented to us for a very long time indeed.

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