About Astral Attacks

Supposed Astral Hostility

You’ve probably heard about it before; astral attacks. These are energetic (metaphysical) experiences that intuitive and sensitive people experience as very difficult and taxing. Where do these attacks come from? And, by whom or what are you getting attacked?

The relationship between the body’s endocrine glands, the nervous system and the psyche is very complex. How these physical-psychic elements are attuned to each other, how you were raised, where you live and what you believe influences all our perceptions and thus also the astral attack. This makes such an attack a very personal and subjective experience that can only be interpreted by the person concerned.

The astral field, the mental field and the causal field are energetic parts of the human dualistic universe of the personality, the psyche. An intuitive perception becomes an astral attack when that perception activates fear hormones that make you want to fight or flee.

Shared intuitive perceptions are energetic perceptions that take place in the same charged energetic field and have a telepathic element. This can occur in groups with a specific suggestive body of thought. One then intuitively perceives the fantasy/belief of the other and appropriates it. Shared experiences in past lives during group therapy sessions do not have to be proof of authenticity! Telepathic group resonance is more likely.

Why do you perceive something intuitively?

That depends on the person making the observation, what kind of observation it is and what value he or she attaches to it. In general, nice perceptions are embraced and nasty ones are immediately rejected or projected onto someone else.

Some people fantasize contacts (and attacks) with metaphysical entities and invisible tormentors. Perhaps they really believe in their imagination or their fantasies are a symbol of something.

You may assume that in the unity of the Soul, no games are played, and no energy is wasted! You receive intuitive perceptions to heal, grow and develop a ‘working’ relationship with the Soul. Usually, intuitive perceptions indicate deep emotional needs and resistances one may become aware of, and this awareness contributes to more profound and broader self-knowledge.

In any case, you don’t have to be afraid of it, have faith, in an astral sense nothing will happen to you.