The All-Spirit, God, does not pat you on the back.

Spiritual awakening is about the awakening of unconditional love for the total creation and that begins with love for and acceptance of yourself, of your incarnation, in this era, and on this planet.

Unconditional means “without conditions”. Conditions such as meeting norms and values ​​or meeting certain personal characteristics.

Unconditional love seems easy, but it isn’t. This is primarily due to our social culture, which is based on barter, for what goes for what, and in itself that is an excellent starting point. However, progressive spiritual development builds on Passion, unconditional devotion, and love without expecting anything in return.

Spiritual awakening takes place in the heart and is a service to yourself. With this, you lay a solid personal foundation for further development. In the heart center, two elements come together: the love for fellow human beings and the love for yourself and the All. If you can completely balance these two love currents, then you take the first step.

How do you balance those two love currents? By always choosing the balance in attention; outward and inward attention. What you pay attention to, multiplies.

With outward-facing communication, you focus on your fellow man. With this, you practice yourself in the subtle balance in the relationship between yourself and your fellow human beings. Subtle, because in that relationship you are always looking for middle roads between extremes, for example between slavishly letting everything come over you versus aggressively standing up for yourself. In society, always look for the communicative middle way in which you and the other “do justice” to each other, win-win situations. “I’m okay, and you’re okay.”

The awakening of the heart can be the beginning of a profound intuitive relationship with the Soul.

Then look for dedication to expanding the inner stillness and emptiness through meditation and focussed attention. With a meditative presence in every moment, you become receptive to the spiritual intuitions – the inner senses – of the Soul. The Soul is the transcendental part of man. Society always gives you feedback on your relationship with other people. God does not give you any feedback on your relationship with the Soul. It is now the Soul that is giving you the intuitive feedback you need to face, acknowledge and let go of any spiritual or non-spiritual illusions you still harbor. It is also the Soul that will point you to the Path to merging with the All-Spirit. It is the Soul returning to Divine Unity.