Spiritual Service through Soul Group Work

Essential changes on the earthly plane have their origin in the metaphysical sphere. Spiritual service is group work from the Cosmic Soul.

The higher self is connected to the ego of individuality.

The artificial ego is connected to the archaic akashic field in the oversoul.

The Soul is (equal to) the Cosmic Soul and in a spiritual-religious sense free from any archaic charge. It is the consciousness that identifies with religion or some form of spirituality. For the ego this identification is “essential”, it constitutes its spiritual identity and the associated meaning of life.

The identification of the ego with the artificial ego is the underlying motivation for that ego to distinguish itself competitively from other egos, and this distinguishes “identification” as the primary cause of segregation within humanity. The ego’s need to distinguish itself dates back to prehistoric times.

The Cosmic Soul is omnipresent and unconditional, actually, there is no meaning to ‘Being’ other than that.

The collective experience of Oneness in the Cosmic Soul enables the group to function as a spiritual group master through energetic frequencies. Hereby is the energetic group field, the Cosmic Soul, the spiritual Master. The functionality is based on the intuitive sensing perception of the energetic vibrations present.

The intuitive perception of the individual Soul and the group Soul extends worldwide.

Individuality in spiritual group work is essential.

The Path of Soul is guided by the intuitions of the Soul in the heart center. The Path of the Group Soul is guided by the intuitions of the Cosmic Soul in the heart centers of the devoted and unconditionally affiliated individual Souls to the Soul group field.

It means that the individual Soul can largely stand on its own in a spiritual sense and realize deeply what the purpose of the group is; function in a transcendent sense as one entity. One solidarity Group Soul in which the vibration of the Field develops higher and higher frequencies until a non-bodily bound flow of catalyzing transformative energy with Kundalini-like properties arises. The “conduction” of the high-frequency subtle energy is done by universal life energy carried by benevolence, compassion, and unconditional acceptance (love).

The self-contained Soul has an intuitive connection with the awakened heart center, the center with which that Soul is also connected to the entire Field. Intuitive contact is always present. Whether it is also perceived, depends on the focus and consciousness of that individual Soul. Most Souls will need to become familiar with the intuitive mechanisms of communication within themselves and within the Field. The “electrical charge” of the Field increases through actual, spiritual-service related group communications between the participants themselves.

The Field is a living Field; every personal charge that is sacrificed and released is absorbed by the Field and dissolves. The transcendent “Hierarchy” is in the Field and in every Soul associated with the Field.

The challenge of each Soul is to find an inner attitude of willingness to sacrifice, these are sacrifices of a purely personal nature and to find surrender to the energies of the group field. Willingness to sacrifice and surrender are closely related.

Any attachment to “Form” forms a blockage. “Form” not only has to do with the appearance of matter but also with the emotional and mental “familiarity” with reality, especially that of the inner spiritual “Form,” the artificial Ego. Archaic akashic remnants all kinds of inner beliefs and convictions about the nature of spirituality, God, and the spiritual Hierarchy. “Form” can also be translated with “control”.