20/20 Hindsight

The primary illusion is ‘Form,’ tangible reality and derivatives thereof. That is why one of the oldest books of spiritual instruction, the Bible, begins with Creation’s origin, nature, and structure. The texts in this book take on a different meaning when read from an energetic and transcendent point of view rather than taken literally.

Matter and the physical are forms, and form is meaning. Man’s primary focus is on the meaning one sees in a form.
The illusion of form is compelling and is not only about the visual illusion of forms but also of all derivatives. One’s expectations about something and spiritual rules, rituals, or religious dogmas are all derivatives of the illusion of form.

Giving energies a defined destination outside of oneself, for example, by translating them into angels, extraterrestrial or spirit guides, or ascended masters, means that emotionally, mentally, and spiritually, one is still trapped in the form and thus in the illusion of separation. ‘Form’ provides support and guidance, and letting go of any form is a leap of faith in the Source within yourself.

20/20 Hindsight Genesis

Each new creation goes through stages of development, from immaterial to material. It first exists as an idea. In your mind, the idea develops into a concept. From concept to design on paper or model and then to concrete implementation and manifesting the original vision.

In the Creation of Man, as described in Genesis; Adam and Eve, the serpent, the apple, the trees and rivers in paradise, and the ban from it is a purely spiritual instruction intended primarily for spiritual adepts.

Q: How can that be stated so firmly?

A: Because the creation of man is told in three stages in Genesis 1 and 2. First to man and woman in God’s image (Gen. 1), then AFTER (!) the seventh day to perfect into a living Soul and to give instructions about the nervous system and the energetic expression of the universal masculine and feminine and how to use it. Indications for the aspiring disciple on how to attain true spiritual life and avoid spiritual death.

Genesis tells us that form, physical life, and matter have been the source of all illusions from the beginning of time. The positive and negative attract each other, and the soul of man is no longer pure through the illusion of form. The challenge for the spiritual adept is to resist the temptation to judge the outer dualistic world and become detached from all inner forms. That man was created in God’s image is repeated at least twice more (Gen 5 and 9)

Q: How can one begin to detach?

A: It starts with becoming aware of and experiencing the connections with the outer world of form. By learning an observational attitude that remains involved but does not allow yourself to be drawn into the drama, you will be better able to maintain a calm, present attentiveness in the here and now. This is the first step. Focus inward, and learn to trust your inner intuitive perception.

The Path begins behind the world of forms; One can only walk the Path intuitively.