A New Era, A New Paradigm

Transcendental Connection

The Aquarian spiritual paradigm is transcendent community spirit. The hidden Spirit reveals Itself between initiated Souls. The hidden activity, the fire of transformation, steps out and works in the Field itself as well as in all Souls associated with the Field. This is the specific spirituality of the adept (disciple) in the Age of Aquarius and serves all of humanity.

Devotion and Focus on the Path

Transcendental community spirit can only emerge and be viable through complete spiritual equality and personal freedom. The new spiritual influx brings with it a different energy. Aquarius energy stimulates the exchange of transcendent energy, both telepathic and technological (internet) communication and cooperation through active participation.

Complete spiritual and transcendent equality

The Soul, Over-Soul and Cosmic Soul are equal. Soul interconnectivity is -by definition- equivalent and ubiquitous. Within the Transcendental Community, only that which connects us exists. Transcendence connects and transcends worldly society.

We were created in God’s image, but that doesn’t mean we are God. We are a microcosm in a macrocosm, an ego in a universe of good and evil. As spiritual workers, we should refrain from choosing between these two subjective qualities; Judging good and evil is a secular and social affair and belongs in court.

Personal freedom

That which connects us transcends religion, hierarchy, status, doctrines, and dogmas. The Transcendental Omnipresent Field is in the here and now, independent of place. It doesn’t matter if you live in a busy city or in the countryside, in the West or East, North or South. The connection to the Field only depends on your inner connection to your heart center and how receptive (inner empty and still) you can be in the here and now.