Embracing the inner Light

“The Grand Canyon”, you can look at it, you can see it, but the actual measurements and depth of the canyons cannot be estimated by eye. Likewise with clairvoyant, visual, auditory, or emotional perceptions of spirit guides, (arch)angels, or other disembodied entities, you perceive something, but what you perceive may be different than you initially think and have a different meaning.

The ego-consciousness is limited to its reality; it cannot oversee the Whole.

What if in a spiritual sense everything, but really everything incorporeal that one projects outside oneself, is in fact within us and not over there?

For someone who wants to know the truth about the origin of disembodied entities, there is no other option than to investigate them, but why go to all that trouble? Because it can lead to the unconditional and total Self-acceptance you need for further spiritual unfoldment.

Language is an extraordinary medium; by labeling perceived energies as divine individuals, the thinking mind immediately places such energies outside the human system. By doing this, one banishes the Light from Humanity and so from you.

The spiritual way is the way in. An inner way of stillness, humility, and purification that no one can show or explain to you. Maybe one knows the path to the entrance of the inner sanctuary, but how you come to inner humility and purification is up to each one of us.

What and when should you do and/or not do?

This is a difficult issue for the human thinking mind. It thinks in opposites, high-low, good and evil. It believes in the power of distinction and rank (status) and having power in relation to the outside world.

The thinking mind sees only itself and another and distinguishes between good and evil entities. Thought has never been in contact with the immaterial reality before and naturally places the immaterial outside itself and its sphere of influence.

We are completely at the mercy of ourselves in a spiritual sense, and that realization can be intimidating and overwhelming, but also carry a promise of unconditional Self-acceptance and spiritual autonomy.

Initially, the way in is an uncertain and lonely one. You choose this of your own free will, but the I-consciousness discovers in all humility that it is the Soul that awakens the desire, and it is the Soul that leads.


Kirsten de Groot