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The online group as an intuitive transcendent entity

There is a big difference between traditional online spiritual group work and intuitive online transcendental group work.

Traditional online spiritual development and group work takes place in the 4th awareness field. The traditional groups are defined by docility. Docility and repetition are service to self and not to the group to which you ‘belong’.

Intuitive transcendental development and group work takes place in the 5th and 6th awareness fields.

In transcendent group work, the aim is to be faithful to one’s own intuitive perceptions. As significant part of the group it is important to let your own intuitive inner voice speak. This is service to the group as an independent unity and to the transcendent growth process towards perfect cooperation.

The step from 4 to 5,.. and 6

The 4th realm is the human field of awareness. This means an awareness of (oneself) and therefore also of the other. This level of awareness is astral focused on both day consciousness and dream consciousness.

In the astral human consciousness field one can become aware of mental planes of the 5th field of awareness. In an individual sense, in this case the 5th field of awareness is the ultimate range. However, in the Oversoul, this level is the lowest level of the 5th consciousness field.

To progress in the individual mental field, consciousness needs to expand further. You need another field of consciousness, another higher energetic frequency mirror to reflect.

Online Intuitive transcendental group work has a positive effect on consciousness expansion and on finding one’s own soul tone (soul resonance).

Once your awareness in tuned on the 5e field of awareness, the step to the 6th realm becomes clear to you.

As participants your freedom in the 4th realm is limitless. We are all connected in the 6th awareness realm which serves the All and is beyond the worldly plane.

Kirsten – Ⓒ Cosmic Soul

Transcendent Group Collaboration

The ego’s commitment to group collaboration is highly dependent on the various interests within its relationships, which makes its commitment to a project conditional; The ego judges through control, limitation, differentiation, and discrimination.

Global Soul Collaboration in the Cosmic Soul Field, how is that possible?

Firstly it is possible thanks to the ‘Principle of Unity’: All is One, all people connect in a transcendent sense. The (individual) Soul, the Over-Soul, and the Cosmic Soul are equal and thus the same.
Secondly, thanks to the threefold activity of universal life energy.
And finally, Global Soul collaboration in the Cosmic Soul Field is not a project but an intuitive way of living. Transcendent Group Work is intuitive Group Work.

How can you consciously use universal life energy? How can one co-operate with or surrender to this energy?

The answer is through intuitive awareness and confidence. From the Souls perspective, the four (all) life planes* are bounded to the Earth and subject to gravity, as is the spiritual focus. The Soul, as man’s transcendent principle, finds itself beyond gravity. It also implies that one cannot change the Soul (the transcendence).

Intuition; the hidden factor of grace.

You may think that you owe your spiritual successes and creations to yourself, but essential spiritual development is beyond the ego. We have forgotten that we live, move, develop and create thanks to universal life energy, Prana or Chi.

Universal life energy is the booster, the sustainer, and the healer of all existence, the immeasurable substance which connects all things from the four cardinal points. This energy can only be received and accepted.

Your deepest intention will take you where your deepest desire is! However, the ego also has a self-protective psychic survival mechanism. A form of animal instinct that all biological beings possess.

The ego consists of psychic energy. Psychic energy is personally charged energy. When intuition awakes, it firstly serves the well-being of the personal individual and spiritual development.

The phases of spiritual development go from the surface inward. The way into the depths is as shallow or deep as the ego sacrifices. Superficially, the ego is unique; in the depths lie the semi-collective layers. The ego seeks to distinguish itself and strives for uniqueness.

People essentially are gregarious beings. Within groups, however, the ego will strive for specialization and uniqueness.

In the semi-collective layers lies the barrier of the ego, the Archetype. When the ego consciousness reaches this depth, the self-protecting psychic survival mechanism will come into action and will urge the ego to strive for specialization and uniqueness here too.

Essential Spiritual Development

Deep self-knowledge and a purified intuition work together.

Universal life energy is uncharged energy. The purified intuition is at the service of finding the Path, of being absorbed in the All, the Tao. The purification of intuition takes place from consciousness and free will.

Tao, the All, You look at it but don't see it
Whoever listens to it does not hear it
You want to contain it, but it is elusive
Free to Lao Tse.

Letting go (from consciousness) is Love; focus on eternity. Cooperation with the Soul is cooperation with the eternal Cosmic Soul.

The veils of illusion are removed only through consciousness and free will; if you wánt to see, you wíll see. Then self-deceit in all planes of life* is removed from consciousness.

Universal life energy is a subtle form of electricity and has three hidden properties: Prana conducts the internal communication of the intuitive senses, clairvoyance, clairaudience. Prana restores the energetic balance in the chakras and the human energy system. Prana initiates the intuitive antenna and the spiritual development process.

Universal life energy is extremely subtle. This energy nourishes, restores, and frees from shame and guilt when one finds the right tone within.

She leads those who can receive her to consciousness expansion and Spiritual Enlightenment. She enables Soul Group Collaboration.

Kirsten – Ⓒ Cosmic Soul

*The physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual life planes are earth-bound life areas of man. They all, including the spiritual plane, are subjected to gravity.