Collaboration with the Soul

Overcoming the inner conflict

The individual Soul is equal to the Oversoul. Reconnection with the Soul connects with all humanity, in contrast to the ego and personality that feel (only) at home and can be in harmony with one’s own family or community and can (only) follow the group identity of a specific religion or philosophy.

The human urge is to focus on connecting with and following the group. The ego-consciousness, however, is sensitive to the recognition of, and emphasis on, the uniqueness of the personality. It is in conflict with collectivity and thus divides and limits every emotional unity. Ultimately, the ego becomes aware of its conflicting role and chooses to search to surrender to the universal Unity of the Soul. The first step is the most difficult and will not bring peace but will provoke a new conflict with the group identity of the established collective order.

Impersonal and inclusive

Universalization of the personality, the content of the microcosm, is a twofold process. This process shifts the individual perspective from personal to impersonal and from exclusive to inclusive. This inner work brings a close intimate connection with the life-giving and life-sustaining transcendental Soul and deepens self-knowledge. The ego continues to look after and defend its interests, its raison d’être, until the very last moment before the total surrender to the Soul.

Following the Path is a pure transcendental Soul matter; the ego-consciousness learns to cooperate with the Soul. The usually outward focus needs to turn inward. An inward focus activates the intuitive senses and opens an inner communicative telepathic channel. A meditative consciousness makes it possible to maintain an aware, centered, serene, and focused consciousness, to perceive the most subtle intuitive impulses of the Soul.


Restoring energetic balance is always a restoration between Yin and Yang charges in the chakra system. This system is the subtle expression of our personality and is our karma. By choosing the right charged energy at the right time, dharma, you create a movement within the chakra system. First, the more superficial character traits come into balance and then deeper psychological layers.

Thoughts are charged energy and have an impact. You may have a plan and purpose, but are they aligned with your profound intent? What is the program embedded in your Soul?

The two-fold process of universalization is initiated and propelled by inner intentions and motives and supported by meditative attention and presence. The intent directs, and the attention connects. Intention and attention combine to form a powerful call to create an inner sanctuary to develop an intimate relationship with the Soul. Intuitive impulses are expressions and guidance from this relationship.

Kirsten de Groot, (updated) October 2021