The Origin of the Human Soul

The cosmic “egg” was there before the hen and rooster.

Each (new) creation goes through stages of development from immaterial to material. It first exists as an idea. In thoughts the idea develops into concept. From concept to design on paper or scale model and then to concrete implementation and manifestation of the original idea.

If you reverse this statement, it means that “everything” that we can perceive sensually must have been initially metaphysical (invisible) before it came to concrete manifestation.

Inherently this means that behind all biological physical forms lies a metaphysical, spiritual, or transcendent reality that can be seen as the “designer” of all biological life. And it means that the human soul is approaching or already present before physical conception has taken place. For the (re) incarnation, the metaphysical human being descends in the form of composite subtle energy to the human ‘spheres’ of consciousness.

It also means that the Soul, the essence of all living beings that ever existed and still exist today, is of metaphysical origin and descends from the beginning from the subtle energetic metaphysical realms.

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This is the first article in a series of three on Re-Incarnation.