Remembrance of Cosmic Consciousness – Time to Act

Without exception, all Souls come from the Cosmic Inspiration Field. At the threshold of the Aquarian Age, groups of Souls also incarnate who, in addition to their spiritual development program, also carry a group program and attuned personal qualities with it, Servers.

Servers are Indigos, New Age, or Indigo Children and Adults. They often see beyond the illusions of the values of the tangible world and the delusions of the subjective perception of the (physical) senses.

The veils of illusions divide the world and humanity, create distance and hierarchy, and Servers understand this at a young age.

Our term, ‘Server,’ refers to a Soul who has been charged with a specifically beneficent assignment upon the planet that is in alignment with the Divine Plan and who has also successfully managed – perhaps during numerous Earthly lifetimes of serviceful activity – to remain free of becoming ‘Earth-bound,’ i.e., karmically tied to the ordinary rounds of human incarnation. From: Rare Insights – Starseeds and walk-ins

When all cosmic and earthly beacons are set, there is an optimum opportunity in the spiritual development of each incarnated Server Soul. An ultimate moment in which the memory of that Cosmic Origin comes to the Consciousness, awakening a deep longing for the re-Connection with the group Soul and the cosmic state of “Being” that the Server (clearly or extremely dimly) remembers.

A moment of synchronicity of reality with cosmic conditions is rare in a Server’s life. Please take advantage of it; it will pass before you know it. Afterward, the jump gets more extensive, or you still lose yourself in the earthly temptations.