A Cosmic Perspective on Soul Consciousness

A new era, a new Field, a transcendental Ark

Over many millennia, multiple steps in the development of consciousness of the Soul Field, the Soul Ark, can be discerned: (1) One single Soul that maintains contact with the transcendent Field and acts as a spiritual leader for a people. (2) The development of a self-contained Soul as a spiritually autonomous individual in touch with the transcendent Field. And the latest, (3) a group of self-contained Souls functioning as One transcendent spiritual leading entity, a transcendent Master group field.

Leading up to the Age of Aquarius, some free souls incarnated to induce an entirely new level of Soul development, a transcendental Ark. With this initiating shift in Soul consciousness, all areas of consciousness are changing within the Oversoul, the group Soul of Humanity. There have been shifts in Soul consciousness before, and they are related to scaling up and have an impact on Humanity and the Earth in several ways.

NB: The Cosmic Soul has always existed. The awareness of the Soul consciousness of human beings is evolving in Man and Humanity. That development proceeds from individual subconscious attention to individual aware Soul consciousness and aware Soul Group consciousness.

The Akashic field contains archetypal memory, all the spiritual and religious knowledge that has arisen in the consciousness of Mankind from prehistoric times. New-Age spirituality continues ancient spiritual wisdom but in a new guise. The Cosmic Soul includes Soul Memory of transcendent Unity.

The formation of the Akashic field: Initially, spirituality was regional and linked to a tribe or a people through the guidance of shamans, medicine people, or the leader himself assumed divine status.

The Soul field’s formation begins with the heart center’s awakening and its link with consciousness, a big step in spiritual awakening and human individuation. With this step, spiritual development encompasses the entire individual (transition Aries-Pisces). The final step, Pisces-Aquarius, impacts all of Humanity and the Earth.

Today the Akashic Field forms a ceiling in personal consciousness. This intoxicating layer distracts consciousness and thus prevents direct contact with the Cosmic Soul, the Source of remembrance of transcendent Unity. Through this remembrance and application of the Divine Plan, the Soul transfigures (transforms), receives Soul Liberation, and gets absorbed within the Field of the Cosmic Soul.