Forget Yourself

Can one forget oneself by neutralizing the ego?

Neutralize the ego? Who should do that then? The ego itself?
The ego can be compared to a king or president, the ruler of the personality. Have you ever seen a ruler voluntarily give up his power? No way!

The ego wants to maintain its power and position unless it voluntarily and spiritually consciously decides to step back in favor of a whisper-quiet voice of intuition. The ego consciousness then chooses an observing role in the background. Only an individualistic and robust ego can let go of control with confidence and surrender to the guidance of intuition.

There is no elimination of the ego in spiritual development!

“Forget yourself” seems impossible; how can one forget oneself?
Yet self-forgetfulness is also a (logical) consequence of spiritual exercises. Meditation, concentration, and shifting focus enable you to develop meditative attention in the now and to hold it longer through practice.

You always have a choice in the focus of your attention.
Either you focus on the action and liveliness of your surroundings, or you adopt a more observant attitude. You then observe all actions but only intervene when necessary. When that is, you learn to estimate better and better through insights into self-awareness: Wu Wei, The Art of Acting Without ego-intention.

An observing meditative focus is done for yourself and indirectly for others. You are already a unit and will experience that through this exercise! It makes you aware of the intuitive senses. It sharpens intuition and gives an intimate relationship with yourself that allows you to function as a unit and thus be an inspiring example to others.