One for all, all for One

The Cosmic Egg; The Origin of the Human Soul

Sometimes you see things better from a distance. A simple truth that everyone will recognize is that each (new) creation goes through stages of development, from immaterial to material. It first exists as an idea that develops into a concept in thoughts. From concept to design on paper or scale model and then to concrete implementation and manifestation of the original idea.

If you reverse this statement, it means that everything we can perceive sensually must have been initially metaphysical (invisible) before it came to concrete manifestation.

Inherently this means that behind all biological and physical forms lies an ethereal, spiritual, or transcendent reality that one can see as the designer of natural life.

And it means that the human Soul is approaching or already present before physical conception. For the (re) incarnation, the metaphysical human being descends in the form of composite subtle energy to the human spheres of consciousness.

It also means that the Soul, the essence of all living human beings that ever existed and still exist today, is of metaphysical origin and descends from the beginning from the subtle energetic transcendental realms.


Movement as the essence of being

The essence of being is cyclical movement, eternal cycles of birth, development, and death, to experience all facets of the inner man, including those of the spiritual and transcendent realms.
Like our solar system, all physical and metaphysical life moves in repetitive cycles. Unto the most profound spiritual depths, Humankind is tuned to the energetic frequencies of repetitive revolutions until the farthest and most distant planet in the solar system, showing the esoteric law: as above so below, as inner so outer.

Physical and metaphysical life on all levels of existence gets influenced by the repetitive development cycles.

The specific behavior and movements of objects in the universe, like the Sun, Moon, and planets, display the law of Karma, the law of cause and effect, and indirectly this indicates a specific mechanism: Reincarnation. The individual personality originated under the universal law of Karma.

Reincarnation is a rebirth and means a re-connection between the Soul and a new physical body, a newborn baby.
The Soul is a composed metaphysical and transcendental unity, an individual universe or microcosm. Reincarnation is a sheer, subtle energetic mechanism based on universal energy laws.


Energy shapes matter, and matter attracts energy (Gravity). Reincarnation is a cyclic energetic mechanism and is a highly complicated and dynamic process.

The entire incarnation process begins with subtle energetic metaphysical interactions in the most transcendent realms of two closely connecting souls. The two interacting energies of both partners eventually generate a conception.

The newborn baby inherits physical DNA from both parents; however, the energetic life field of this newly born Soul is a brand new combination of different charged energies in which one can recognize some aspects of both parents.

The bigger picture; Scaling up towards incarnation cycles

Reincarnation is a cyclic mechanism, and every new embodiment one can see as a singular bead (a link in a chain) in a sequence of incarnations. In this way, one incarnation is one day or 24 hours in a series of days.

Four stages can be distinguished in these 24 hours: conception (midnight), birth (sunrise), individual development (noon), and departure (sunset).

The personality gradually incarnates between sunrise and sunset. In the succession of incarnations, the merging of the energy fields of the parents can give rise to entirely new characteristics in the child.

Or, conversely, possibilities to bring old aspects to qualities or to round off and bring to completion. The completed sequence of a specific personal quality can be released, and this quality then ceases to be a source of energetic attraction (Karma) and dissolves into the All.

This process of individuation of the Soul advancing through the series of incarnations is holistic and extends over many lifetimes. The character of this process is the realization of Oneness and Unification of the Soul. And ultimately of all Souls.

Every incarnated life field is unique in its energetic composition. However, one may presume that body, personality, and Soul closely fits and belongs together.

Every single embodiment fits energetically closely into the series of incarnations. Both sequence and manifestation harmoniously fit into the Whole, and a specific “influential movement” within the unity of the One field serves. During embodiments, one achieves Personal and spiritual development.

In two ways, each incarnation crosses the borders of life and death.
In a personal way, over familial past and future sequence boundaries. And through the Soul by fitting into the series of past and future incarnations.

Life and death are within the incarnated Soul, which is all the more reason to test extrasensory perceptions for their validity and value.

The process of physical death is a reverse incarnation. The physical body dies when the universal life energy withdraws. The energetic life field is falling apart, and gradually all frequencies of subtle energy release and join their specific energetic frequency until needed for the incarnation of a new Soul composition.