Online Service in Practice

The online group as an intuitive transcendent entity

There is a big difference between traditional online spiritual group work and intuitive online transcendental group work.

Traditional online spiritual development and group work takes place in the 4th awareness field. The traditional groups are defined by docility. Docility and repetition are service to self and not to the group to which you ‘belong’.

Intuitive transcendental development and group work takes place in the 5th and 6th awareness fields.

In transcendent group work, the aim is to be faithful to one’s own intuitive perceptions. As significant part of the group it is important to let your own intuitive inner voice speak. This is service to the group as an independent unity and to the transcendent growth process towards perfect cooperation.

The step from 4 to 5,.. and 6

The 4th realm is the human field of awareness. This means an awareness of (oneself) and therefore also of the other. This level of awareness is astral focused on both day consciousness and dream consciousness.

In the astral human consciousness field one can become aware of mental planes of the 5th field of awareness. In an individual sense, in this case the 5th field of awareness is the ultimate range. However, in the Oversoul, this level is the lowest level of the 5th consciousness field.

To progress in the individual mental field, consciousness needs to expand further. You need another field of consciousness, another higher energetic frequency mirror to reflect.

Online Intuitive transcendental group work has a positive effect on consciousness expansion and on finding one’s own soul tone (soul resonance).

Once your awareness in tuned on the 5e field of awareness, the step to the 6th realm becomes clear to you.

As participants your freedom in the 4th realm is limitless. We are all connected in the 6th awareness realm which serves the All and is beyond the worldly plane.

Kirsten – Ⓒ Cosmic Soul