Unity Consciousness in the Group Soul Field

The Soul = Oversoul = Cosmic Soul; that seems like a mystery, but it isn’t. The Soul is omnipresent, but your consciousness is not. What needs to be awakened is the awareness of the Presence of the Soul, and meditation is a suitable tool for that.

Keep one’s meditative attention in the here and now. The principle is simple, but the implementation requires practice. Everything that you practice with love, concentration, and care multiplies. Consciousness first learns to adopt a meditative attitude and then to hold it longer and longer.

The Soul is the universal life-giving part of all physical reality. In this sense, one can say that our individuality is ours personally, but we receive life and all other possibilities that our physical being have from the Soul. The Soul = Oversoul = Cosmic Soul; we live and move thanks to the Cosmic Soul.

The self, ego, and psyche consist of individualized psychically charged energy. Psychic energy is distinguished from universal energy by the charge of ‘meaning.’ In an emotional and mental sense, our individuality needs meaning; we derive our existence from it. Meaning is vital.

From ‘meaning’ to gratitude for Being

We don’t have to “earn” Consciousness; we must let go of meaning. The Soul has and gives no meaning, purpose, or sense, but we feel we do not exist without meaning and purpose. The Path of the Soul means becoming aware and letting go of all meaning individuality created and finding Surrender to the universality of the Soul.

Experiencing Unity Consciousness in the group field is a matter of resonance.

The individuality, you and me, finds many meanings within the experience of oneness in the frequency resonance of the various religious and spiritual group fields.
The experience of the resonant frequency of Unity Consciousness in the group Soul Field only takes place within (like-minded) Soul frequency, the group Soul.