The Path of Kindred Souls

Discipleship, Spiritual service, and freedom

Do spiritual service and freedom go together? They seem contradictory, service also presupposes dedicated involvement and commitment to the cause.

Online intuitive transcendent group work requires dedication, focus and presence in the here and now. Dedicated participants are all connected in the 6th realm of consciousness, so where is the boundless freedom?

In the 4th awareness realm, all spiritual group work is hierarchical, it needs a leader (5th) to guide a group. The 5th consciousness field is purely mental and consists of theoretical esoteric knowledge of specific religious or spiritual signature.

It is the self-contained intuitive spiritual worker who enters the Path. The Path is the 6th field of consciousness, the field of the Soul.

The Path is a purely inner path and can be walked beyond the human 4th and 5th consciousness fields of the world. The internet has not only enabled global transcendent group service. The worldwide web has also led us to understand the planet and all its different planes of consciousness as one coherent entity.

Intuitive group work in the 6th consciousness field is genuine Aquarius work and always has been. Here is Unity in friendship and this resonance raises the frequencies in the field. The 6th field of consciousness is the realm of the Soul and extends across time and space.

Boundless freedom AND Spiritual Service are based on one and the same (Aquarius) principle: “All people are like you”.

All you really need for this work is a loving and awakened heart that feels called to walk “the Path” together. Our working language is English. The Soul needs no language to express itself.

Group contacts take place via the internet. The essential connection to the 6th awareness field is through the heart center and is transcendent energetic in nature. One is then no longer part of the group dynamics in the 4th and 5th awareness realms and that is liberating.

The 6th awareness realm, The Path – Beyond the world guided by the Soul

The 6th awareness field includes all “lower” planes of consciousness, but also lies beyond (outside) the 4th and 5th mundane consciousness fields.

The 6th field of consciousness is the realm of the Soul. So, every incarnated Soul resides outside the worldly realms. The Transcendental Group dynamic takes place within the Soul and is thus of service to all embodied Souls. In addition, the collective of aligned individual Souls can reveal itself as functioning as “ONE Cosmic Soul Entity”. A planet-encompassing transcendent symphonic orchestra in harmony in which each Soul has its own tone. A Soul orchestra that produces more than one Soul tone.

The omnipresent aspect of the Soul (the Cosmic Soul) manifests between cooperating Aquarius Soul Mates.


A New Era, A New Paradigm

Transcendental Connection

The Aquarian spiritual paradigm is transcendent community spirit. The hidden Spirit reveals Itself between initiated Souls. The hidden activity, the fire of transformation, steps out and works in the Field itself as well as in all Souls associated with the Field. This is the specific spirituality of the adept (disciple) in the Age of Aquarius and serves all of humanity.

Devotion and Focus on the Path

Transcendental community spirit can only emerge and be viable through complete spiritual equality and personal freedom. The new spiritual influx brings with it a different energy. Aquarius energy stimulates the exchange of transcendent energy, both telepathic and technological (internet) communication and cooperation through active participation.

Complete spiritual and transcendent equality

The Soul, Over-Soul and Cosmic Soul are equal. Soul interconnectivity is -by definition- equivalent and ubiquitous. Within the Transcendental Community, only that which connects us exists. Transcendence connects and transcends worldly society.

We were created in God’s image, but that doesn’t mean we are God. We are a microcosm in a macrocosm, an ego in a universe of good and evil. As spiritual workers, we should refrain from choosing between these two subjective qualities; Judging good and evil is a secular and social affair and belongs in court.

Personal freedom

That which connects us transcends religion, hierarchy, status, doctrines, and dogmas. The Transcendental Omnipresent Field is in the here and now, independent of place. It doesn’t matter if you live in a busy city or in the countryside, in the West or East, North or South. The connection to the Field only depends on your inner connection to your heart center and how receptive (inner empty and still) you can be in the here and now.