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The Call to Discipleship

This article discusses self-initiation, dimensions, and consciousness and their discipleship relationship.

Discipleship means the dedicated path of discovery and experience through the different fields of consciousness. The Call represents the desire to return to the source, a merging with God, the All—the path of discovery of self-initiation and revelation.

Dimension or field of consciousness?

What is spoken of within spirituality as dimension is more a field of consciousness that arises from man’s self-consciousness. Man can only recognize and acknowledge himself through his self-consciousness.

Thanks to the I-consciousness (ego), one is aware of oneself. The I-consciousness has complete freedom to choose its thoughts and actions but makes little or no use of it; it prefers to follow that which benefits. His choices are opportunistic and ego-driven.

The physically focused word ‘dimension’ arises from the physically focused consciousness in which everything has a limitation and a hierarchy and, thus, contains a judgment. The measurable only contains a judgment if it is ‘measured’ by consciousness because where does the 4th dimension end and the 5th begin?

What is a Field of Consciousness?

A field of consciousness has no clearly defined boundaries; it has a composite energetically charged content with a particular vibrational frequency. An example of a field of consciousness is a family field of consciousness in the work of family constellations; the field here is charged with specific astral and mental subtle energies that all family members carry somewhere within them.

There are countless such fields in which people share energetic charges with each other, from tiny, a field shared by two people, to very large, with energetic charges shared by large groups of people, peoples, or nations (f.e. patriotism). A field obtains ‘its’ power through the resonance of the participants in and with that field.

Man in himself also forms a composite field of many energetic charges called the ‘personality.’ The word ‘personality’ refers to energies, traits, and qualities that are more or less known to oneself. The term ‘psyche’ refers to the more unknown energies that lie beneath the surface and may still be (partially or entirely) unknown to the individual, the personal unconscious, the even deeper semi-collective unconscious, and the deepest collective unconscious shared with all living people.

Discipleship and the relationship with fields of consciousness

Discipleship means the dedicated path of discovery and experience through the different fields of consciousness. The human field of consciousness is the 4th field. This field includes the mineral, vegetable, and animal fields but is included in the 5th or group field of consciousness. This 5th group field is included in the 6th or universal field of consciousness in which the All is included. Discipleship means the inner journey into the universal field, the inner cosmos, and begins when one becomes aware of the goal and makes a clear choice.

Fields of consciousness (the new name for dimensions) are located IN the consciousness and subconscious of humans! Every person, therefore, has access to self-initiation and discipleship!

The semi-collective unconscious is a group consciousness field. We feel irresistibly attracted to a resonant (familial) field. The energies in this field are recognizable; it feels like a spiritual and religious family, and one is at home here. Self-consciousness feels safe and connected here; it surrenders completely voluntarily to the vibrational frequency in that specific group, but then, unfortunately, it also ceases critical thinking and attention in the here and now weakens! The 5th field of consciousness poses the greatest challenge to the initiated disciple.

Energetic awareness

Why is the 5th field of consciousness challenging to pass through? Several factors can be distinguished. First, because all spiritual and religious institutions arise from this field, and because every person also has a corresponding 5th field in their subconscious. Our society is built on the spiritual conscience, the norms, and values that arise from the fifth field. In a psychological sense, the 5th field forms a limitation, a glass ceiling. How one deals internally with the 5th field and the extent to which one is aware of it depends on one’s personality and its psychological condition (karma), the degree of insight into group dynamics, and the extent to which one is aware of telepathic transfer within the 5th field.

The aspiring disciple’s self-consciousness (ego) tends to test all his assumptions against spiritual and religious theories, thus feeding himself with knowledge. This is more likely to lead him astray than to create clarity. The Call to Discipleship he senses does not come from the 5th field of consciousness; therefore, he will not find the answers to the how and why in that field!

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