The Call to Discipleship

Dimension or field of consciousness?

This article is about dimensions and consciousness and their relationship with discipleship. Discipleship means the transition from the 4th consciousness field through the 5th towards the 6th consciousness field, in the 3rd dimension!

The 6th field of consciousness is the Path. This is a transcendental field and is a different state of consciousness than the mental or astral field. But before you get here you first encounter the distractions in the 4th and 5th consciousness field.

If you assume that a point is 1 dimensional, and a flat surface 2 dimensional, then man is a 3 dimensional being that moves in a 3-dimensional world.

Dimension appears to be a physical quantity. Consciousness seems to be a consciousness quantity. Dimension and Consciousness cannot therefore be exchanged one to one.

Man exists because of his self-consciousness. Without self-awareness, man is a purely instinctive being in the 3rd field of consciousness in the 3rd dimension.

The 4th field of consciousness is the human field of perception and is astral in nature. The 5th field of consciousness is mental in nature. The first 3 consciousness fields are those of the animal (3), vegetable (2) and mineral (1) consciousness fields.

Group dynamics – Telepathic Transfer

In the 4th and 5th Field of Consciousness, all spiritual group work is hierarchical, it needs a leader (5th Field of Consciousness). The 5th consciousness field is a mental knowledge field and consists of theoretical esoteric knowledge of specific religious or spiritual signature.

In the 4th field of consciousness, astral personal and spiritual awakening takes place through mirroring and communication with other people. This creates an astral/mental group dynamic.

Every human being moves within all frequencies of the 4th Field of Consciousness. You don’t just live in your head. Within the 4th realm of consciousness, the entire human energetic system is sensitive to energetic attractions and telepathic transmission across ALL chakra frequencies. This reinforces feelings of ‘belonging to a certain group’ and can prevent you from moving forward!

Within the human system, the range of frequencies extends from the base chakra to the crown chakra. Every person is both a sender and a receiver. The lowest frequencies have the shortest range and the highest the greatest communication range within the 4th realm of consciousness with sometimes resonances in the 5th field domain.

Astral energetic transmission in the 4th field is distance dependent and plays a role especially in physical groups.

Mental energetic transfer in the 5th field is mainly dependent on signature resonance and plays a significant role in online groups. The theoretical esoteric religious or spiritual knowledge appeals to you (resonates) or not. With this, “unconditionality” within the 4th and 5th consciousness planes of the human world is limited to its own bubble (circle). This resonance with limited unconditionality can also prevent you from continuing!

The Path of Aquarius Discipleship is the path of Spiritual Service and consists of leaving behind the 4th and 5th fields of consciousness to enter the 6th field of consciousness, the transcendent field of the Soul in a Soul Collective. On this site you can learn more about Service Through Transcendent Group Dynamics.

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