The Call to Service

THE TIME OF THE GREAT AWAKENING HAS COME. You who have chosen to lift your eyes from the darkness to the light are blessed to see the advent of a new day on the Earth. Because your heart has yearned to see peace where war has reigned, to show mercy where cruelty has dominated, and to know love where fear has frozen hearts, you are privileged to usher real healing to your world.

The Creator has chosen your hands to reach the lonely, your eyes to see innocence in the guilty, and your lips to utter words of comfort to the wounded. Let pain be no more! You have wandered in dark dreams for too long; now you must step into the light and stand for what you know to be true. Fear must be ended now, forever, and it is within your power to do so.

No one can find yourself but you. All of your answers are within you. You must now teach the lessons which you have learned. Your understanding has been given not only for yourself, but to guide a sore and tired world to a place of rest in a new consciousness.

Go forth then, and be a messenger of hope. Point the way to healing by walking in great fullness. Your brothers and sisters will follow, and as you pass beyond the portal of limitation you will be united and reunited with all who seemed to be lost. There is no loss in the Creator. Choose the path of forgiveness, and you will weep tears of joy for the goodness you find in all.

Go forth and live the life of the radiant soul that you are. You are important, you are needed, and you are worthy. Never allow the dark cloak of fear to hide the light from your view. You were not born to fail; you are destined to succeed. The hope of the world has been planted in your breast, and you are assured of success as you stand for the One Who created you.

The Children of Light, Alan Cohen.

Although awakened Servers – The Children of Light – demonstrate love and kindness to all, it should be remembered that they are also bringers of destruction, for they are charged with the responsibility of clearing the weeds of ignorance from the pathways of Earth so that new growth may blossom forth. The collective force of their awesome and fiery blessings will shatter and dispel the planetary gloom that today hangs over the spirit of mankind like a burial shroud. Servers “come not to bring peace, but the sword”, and all those idealists in the world who may have built up a preconditioned holy image of the character of the typical awakened Server today – perhaps modelled upon the joy-intoxicated saints of the past – may be disappointed! In fact, Servers who form the frontline of change in these times are necessarily a great deal more militant than outwardly saintly, for in order to achieve their goal they must, without reservation, charge forth to rend asunder that great veil of delusion that has been forged and maintained by evil minds and which, by means of vibratory imprisonment, has prevented humanity from knowing any real freedom, peace or happiness for so long.

It should obviously not be expected that the forces of darkness, having reigned upon Earth for so many ages, will surrender their dominion without great resistance. Consequently, the years that lie just ahead may appear awful and devastating to secular vision, yet seen by the eyes of the soul – which can truly see – they will be recognised to be pregnant with the power of justice and righteousness. The urgently needed cleansing of the whole planet will include a torrential inrush of divine light that will blind and overwhelm those who are unprepared, but will fill those who are ready with unsurpassed elation as they are glorified by the unveiled Truth. The one great enemy of Truth is self. Therefore, peril, regret, fear and dread lie ahead only for those who harbour the evil of selfishness, for mirrors line the way.

Adequate warning has been given to every soul repeatedly over numerous incarnations: “Prepare ye! O prepare! for the Kingdom is at hand” Yet still today humanity typically chooses pain as its teacher instead of love. Perhaps many will not believe the truth of the times until their familiar, comfortable but redundant reality begins to collapse all around them. Mostly, mankind will be forced to learn hard but necessary lessons during the coming upheavals, while those who see and understand will bide their time with discernment in usefulness and service as they await the Harvest Time in knowing anticipation. Their patience and fortitude in active service is certain to avail them of the tender-sweet fruit of the long-awaited divine Promise.

As Servers procure the life-raft of love and goodwill for the family of humanity, they will remain afloat during the coming tidal floods of planetary cleansing. Servers may take further comfort in the incontrovertible fact that the vast collective intelligence that is their group-soul lovingly watches over them always. Although these great guiding and protecting entities may remain just out of range of ordinary perception, should Servers look deeply within their hearts, past all doubts, and should they really trust their innermost senses and so heed them well, they will perceive the reality of the existence and proximity of their spiritual family. Indeed, divine response to the need for guidance and protection in demanding circumstances is often magically instantaneous, and to this fact a growing number of faithful individuals today bear witness. Even though their eyes may still be partially veiled, directed and protected by hidden yet ever-present divine Helpers, Servers will be surely guided toward the mountain top that marks the final attainment of their long pilgrimage. At the appointed time everything will fall perfectly into place, and every awakened Server will know what to do. All loving hearts are assured of a safe passage through the oncoming tempest; by following the inner polestar that glimmers always, even in the darkest night, every Server will find his way home.

However, the spiritual ‘home’ of the indwelling life is not a location, but a state of Grace; one which is earned only by loving others. Once Servers have awakened and consequently reconsecrated themselves in service to their fellows who have become lost in a world of painful illusions, they will realise that they do not need to go anywhere at all, and that they are actually able to bring their home-vibration to Earth in order to share its healing solace with all.

In thus selflessly dedicating their unique gifts and talents to the present divine Cause upon Earth, Servers form an essential world infrastructure of educators, artists, healers, seers, planetary stewards, new scientists, etc. They teach the Law of Love, of Harmony and Health; they understand and live by the Law of Creativity and, therefore, that of Evolution. They assist in the removal of all that obscures clear perception of these laws and which, therefore, diminishes the experience of divine Reality. Awakened Servers understand well that the present world crisis demands not workshops, courses and lectures, but active participation in the creation of the New World. Many of these Servers are presently still working underground – silently and occultly – for they have recognised that so many words have been spoken and recorded for the masses throughout history by spiritual teachers, yet still selfishness, disease and immorality prevail upon Earth. Nevertheless, they understand well the need of the hour and, as a group, they are today beginning to break their long and necessary silence with a New Song.

That Great Song of the Spirit, which is ever new, has in past been heard by certain privileged members of the human race singing through those precious few devoted hearts filled with the joy of righteousness in holy service. Such rare and compassionate individuals have earnestly endeavoured to take onto their own shoulders the various burdens of mankind. Usually rendered alone and little understood by most, their task has been a formidable one, yet in maintaining a dutiful attitude, the divine Spirit helped to lift their load, dispel their pain and ease their forward passage. Thus, throughout long ages of willing toil and struggle upon Earth, they have diligently sought by example to show the Way to humanity in the hope that a few might follow. As solitary wayfarers – tiny points of light in the darkness – their load has been a ponderous one of loving sacrifice. Yet such sacrifice will soon be rightfully recognised by all successful Servers as nothing less than the greatest honour, for the concluding phase of their great journey has arrived, and the fruits of their labour will shortly be revealed to all as they rise up in unprecedented numbers in order to ensure the success of this present and most important phase of the Divine Plan for planet Earth. All awakening Servers today are beginning to recognise that their long, hard and often painful labour of love for this world is almost complete, and that the Aquarian age will not be an era of sacrifice and suffering, but a time of joy. It is they who shall take down the Piscean cross of crucifixion and rejoice in the new way of spontaneous love and harmonious, purposeful co-operation on Earth. Presently, a magnificent experience of déjà vu will be known by every wearied pilgrim as the long-awaited moment finally arrives, dispelling all fatigue, evincing the imminent verdict of countless lives and lifetimes, signifying the end of a long cycle, and ushering in a bright new era for mankind.

All unawakened Servers are now called to remember, to take up their positions and to use their innate abilities for helping others in order that in so doing they may become conscious agents of the New Spirit and an active part of today’s expanding consciousness around the planet. Karma is created by what is done or neglected to be done based upon what has been understood. Therefore, Servers are duty-bound to act upon the highest truth that they have recalled. Knowledge is a responsibility as well as a gift and, as keepers of the keys to New Life, Servers are exhorted by the Lords of Evolution who oversee the Divine Plan upon Earth to apply themselves wisely in world service. They are today urged to wield the hidden forces that are available to them in order to generate positive causes for the common good, thereby bringing an end to the illusion of separation by manifesting the New World Consciousness.

The responsibility for appropriate action and effort to reach others with important and contemporary information rests upon the shoulders of all awakening Servers today. Additionally, dedicated assistance from mankind is a prerequisite if the approaching planetary upheavals are to be attenuated, and Servers must do everything in their power to inspire and elicit that assistance. It is our time for which the great spiritual Hierarchies are today calling; it is our practical activity and skill that are required to aid all those who can be assisted; it is our charity and love that are so vitally needed, not only as a balm for the wounds of mankind, but also, and more importantly, for the dissemination of required and contemporary spiritual education and truly helpful guidance. It is our service which is demanded by today’s intensifying world conditions in order to facilitate contact with all those who are interested in joining together to contribute toward that which must and will be achieved. It is our selfless meditationinspiration, inner and outer devotion and invocation that will construct the channel through which the New Spirit may enter this world. Great pain and suffering may be avoided in the immediate future by the acquisition of a true understanding of today’s climactic circumstances, and the intelligent application of that understanding in daily life.

Generally upon Earth, it is only when we experience, through ample suffering, that there is no happiness to be found in this world of desire and self-seeking that we turn wholeheartedly to the divine Spirit and call sincerely for help. When we convince that Spirit that we wish to live, as we are able, in alignment with the purposes of the Divine Plan, then assistance is conferred from the unseen worlds. Sincere and selfless invocation guarantees an inflow of spiritual force, and divine succour is to be found upon the True Path in the most unlikely places.

*  *  *

All awakened Servers are realists, they do not possess the quixotic and dreamy psychologies that are so prevalent today within the New Age movement, and which give rise to the vast majority of imitation spirituality by furnishing grandiose but false promises of paradise, free for all. Someone once said that there is no elevator to success, we all have to take the stairs. No New Age healing method, religious doctrine, technique of self-improvement, enlightened guru, or salvation by extraterrestrials in spaceships, will liberate or make a person more spiritual. Individuals may rise up from where they are only by using their own past and present experiences as a springboard into greater understanding and awareness, by giving of what they have in service to the world, and by loving others, no less and no more.

Applicable throughout the birth of the New World, and in accordance with the new laws of the Aquarian age, the following statement of fact should be afforded due attention by all serious aspirants for harvest: should an individual be unprepared to happily and spontaneously give of everything that they are able in order to serve the common good; if there is any measure of fear, self-regard and, therefore, reservation in that person, then they necessarily exclude themselves from the ranks of the true servants of the world, and so they cannot be a part of the One Divine Work upon Earth today; there can be no compromise in genuine spiritual service. Furthermore, in the times ahead, all that which is held to oneself, anything that is not offered selflessly in service to others, and everything which is not contributed toward the One Great Cause will be taken away.

Those who do not genuinely love and therefore seek to help humanity cannot gain entry into the New World; those who live only for self will be unable to receive the Aquarian grace, while those who willingly give their life for others will be lifted up by the New Spirit. Let all Servers, therefore, remember always that there is but one sure road ahead, and once they have found that road and seen where it leads, may nothing trouble, shake or disturb them from following it homeward. Treading the Lighted Way brings rewards that are everlasting. There is no need for doubt. Doubt is the enemy of progress, and should Servers meet a foe at some point along their path who appears too formidable for them, they need not falter, for all the Hosts of Heaven will stand in their defence. Due to the inherent divine solidarity that is always present amongst those who live in harmony with the benign Forces of Good, the person who sincerely treads the True Path is automatically aided and protected throughout life’s vicissitudes by the invisible benevolence of ever-attending divine Guides. Conversely, the person upon the path of service to self is much more prone to random ‘accidents’ and setbacks; they may find no haven from the gales and tempests of life’s often seemingly cruel conditions.

The light of the New World Consciousness will inevitably dawn brighter for each individual in direct proportion to the degree of which they give from their hearts for the helping of others. In so doing, the truth of the times will reveal itself to them from within: “And in these hours be anxious not about your speech; you need not think of what to say; for, lo, the Holy Breath will overshadow you and give you words to say.” – Jesus. To share the truth of the times with everyone is to begin to tread the True Path, each moment drawing nearer to the Portal of Liberation. Service, however, may only be rendered where and when it is requested; one cannot free others who are still engrossed in the limitations and conditions of the old world consciousness and its thought-forms by attempting to pull them loose through mere force of mind or emotion. A great many souls will – consciously or unconsciously – choose not to take advantage of the unprecedented opportunity offered them at the forthcoming Harvest Time. Such ones may be recognised by their vibration, and their free will must be honoured, however unfortunate or painful their choice may seem to be. Their turn will surely come around upon another world at some future occasion. When Servers are not heard or openly received they would do well not to tarry long, but instead venture forward to sow the seeds of Truth generously, for fertile minds do exist in the world that would happily court the light, serve the Divine Plan and so receive the New Spirit.

It is time for every Server in the world to deftly sweep aside all divisions, dualities and separative illusions, and to pool resources in order to embrace today’s great opportunity to assist Mother Earth in her rebirth. Planetary midwifery is a much needed and sought after qualification and service at this special time, and one that necessarily requires a perfectly united consciousness in order to assure success. No group of people may work as a unit unless they genuinely love and serve one another; divine forces cannot flow through the group if there exists any disharmony amongst its members. All Servers are hereby called forth to consciously resume their spiritual duty in the world, to step forward to be an example to others in these “testing times” as they assist in the unfoldment of the Destiny of Ages, for only together as One may we usher in the grace and glory of the New World.

Opportunity has been given by those invisible Servants of the race upon the inner side of life, and they now await the active and positive response to their call. They are watching lovingly, patiently and enthusiastically, and remain ever attentive to and supportive of all sincere efforts made toward aiding in the unfoldment of the Divine Plan, in the anchoring and diffusion of the new Aquarian energies upon Earth, and in the expeditious preparation for the imminent birth of a New Age. These Great Beings are today poised above the planet, as it were, and ready to activate the further inpouring of Love and healing force for the good of mankind. Receptivity is directly dependent upon a righteous and selfless attitude, and the prompt, positive and altruistic action of those who are aware and ready.

The new call to world salvage has gone out, and many today are responding in various ways. Motives are often mixed, and response is frequently inspired by a desire for personal safety, progress, recognition and aggrandisement. Servers must rise above such selfishness, for such reactions are at this particular time greatly complicating the call to service while simultaneously illustrating the contemporary veracity of an old admonition: “Many are called but few are chosen”. Today’s call to service stresses emphatically its invitation for appropriate action. The greater message to all Servers in the world is: seek, get understanding, remember, assemble, purify, prepare together, and be of service to your human family.

During their present and conclusive struggle for the establishment of righteousness on Earth, may all Servers forget not those precious glimpses of impending glory given them in past moments of divine contact, and may they seek always to inspire others by reminding them of the promised hour which shall presently open the door to the New World so that all who are ready may enter in. May Servers allow no obstacle to hinder them, but only strengthen their resolve to forge ahead with the virtue of renewed determination. May temptation, fear and doubt neither deter nor delay them from helping humanity to rise up into the New Light, and in so doing rise up themselves. “If fear should stop us in the middle of the road, we would hear only ridicule from the voices of the night, but if we reach the mountain peak bravely we shall join the heavenly spirits in songs of triumph and joy.” – Kahlil Gibran.

The headstrong winds of ignorance that thrash and buffet the seas of Earthly consciousness today demand a sturdy sail and sure navigation in order for Servers to keep their fleet on course. The success of their grand voyage depends upon the dedicated hearts of each crew member, their clarity of intent and unity of spirit. Each member of the group is a valuable asset to the party. With eyes fixed upon the rising Sun of the New Day and with hearts united, together Servers are assured of victory and the long-anticipated Final Liberation.

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